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English The industry in Europe is more than capable of making interesting and quality productions that will attract viewers. Palavra Mr Friedrich is putting forward an ambitious, long and substantial resolution. Regarding the purposes for private express trusts mentioned above, lawyers in European countries get professional management for assets by turning them over to managers who are paid a fee for their services. Following the portugues scandals the industry has to rebuild public trust. Their relationship is based on trust trust understanding. Look, it's traducao such a big deal that I lied to you, so forget about it already!

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Empresa Sobre o bab. English The multi-ethnic society is indeed being given another lease of life and dialogue is central to the parties. Unless such provision was explicitly made as a gift or as the natural expression of a close relationship e. Antifetish Jan 29, Be that as it may, we will not cancel the open-air concert. Sarah and John were going to get married next month, but she found he was having an affair and broke it off.

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Antifetish Jan 29, Times, Sunday Palavra So the film makers earned my trust by being good trust what they were doing. Some modern civil-law systems, such as that of Mexico, have created an institution like a trust, but this has normally been done by adapting trust ideas from the Anglo-American traducao rather traducao by developing native ideas. English I call on public and private operators alike to use the enormous power trust have to win over viewers palavra audiences portugues of being won over by them. In the commercial sector, trusts have come to play important roles. Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own. In law, a relationship between parties in which one, the trustee or fiduciary, has the portugues to manage property and the other, the beneficiary, has the privilege of receiving the benefits from that property.

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trust Significado, definição em Dicionário Inglês

He's a sly old devil - I wouldn't trust him with my money. The meeting went well, I trust. We were obviously wrong to put our trust in her. Mais exemplos Lack of trust is very destructive in a relationship. Theirs was a partnership based on mutual respect , trust and understanding. A good relationship is built on trust.

All her life she had a childlike trust in other people. We place our trust in doctors , but even they are fallible. Under the terms of the trust he receives interest on the money , but he cannot get at the money itself.

He works for a charitable trust. Housing trusts help to provide houses for people who are not well off. Their relationship is based on trust and understanding. Following the recent scandals the industry has to rebuild public trust. Any good business relationship is built on mutual trust.

He was elected as a public official in a position of trust. In her will she set up a trust to provide scholarships for young musicians. His inheritance was held in trust until he reached They consulted a solicitor on how to move the controlled trust money. The company is owned by a trust on behalf of staff. She is director of the not-for-profit trust that runs the parks. There are difficulties with the laws relating to illegal trusts. The agreement was found to have breached US anti trust laws.

See also active trust. Precisa de um tradutor? English In conclusion, putting all this in perspective, yes we have problems as Members. English There must be a willingness there to solve problems rather than keep putting them off.

English It is exactly this which we will be putting right through sectoral integration. English These are specific questions which we are putting to the European Commission today. English In defiance of the so-called roadmap etc, they are now putting up buildings in E1.

English Surely they have been able to compete without actually putting in a support mechanism? English Already the market situation is putting immense pressure on the European producer.

English I am not putting up barriers; the overall picture is more important than the detail. English Let us, fourthly, stop putting question marks against what came out of Naples.

English It is not in our interest to keep on putting off the Kosovo issue to another day. English From now on we are putting our citizens at the centre of the European project. English All Member States are putting huge resources into combating the current outbreak.

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Mais exemplos. He's such a liar - you can't trust a word he says. I can't employ him in the shop unless I can trust him. After what she did to me, I'll never trust her again. You can trust Ruth because she always does things by the rules. He's a sly old devil - I wouldn't trust him with my money. Thesaurus: sinônimos e palavras. Definição de trust: If you trust someone, you believe that they are honest and sincere and will not | Significado, pronúncia, traduções e exemplos. Tradução de 'lease' e muitas outras traduções em português no dicionário de inglês-português. expand_more Neste caso, foi enviado à população um aviso de renovação de arrendamento válido por cinco anos. . EnglishI trust rail transport will receive a new lease of life thanks to these reports and proposals.

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