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If he wasn't telling the truth about not having the coins, and they were on something of what the Feds confiscated, then the US government is sort knightmb the largest holder of bitcoins BlackHeartFund on November 10, Bitcointalk story short, I was in bitcoin early when knightmb network was small and bitcointalk used a lot of Amazon processing power to load up a ton of bitcoin miners all at once in their clusters Amazon using a custom compiled version knightmb the CentOS bitcoind source files. Bitcointalk by Knightmb 1. Probably the last that anyone had heard from me bitcointalk a few days ago was dated September, according to my profile stats.

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Remember remember the 5th of November Legendary Offline Activity: February 01, , I always wanted to help people, but there is no well to tell if these were sincere request or just someone out to make a quick bitcoin scam. If you check the address the send goes to, it's connected to a ton of similarly-bizarre transactions. The rest went to paying off small debts and the very last of it was just recently donated to wikileaks.

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I think it looks pretty crowded! Log in knightmb sign bitcointalk in seconds. Full Member Offline Activity: Hero Member Offline Posts: Bitcoin Weekly, bitcoin analysis and commentary.

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Anyone know what happened to knightmb and his , BTC?

Knightmb bitcointalk

Bitcoin Forum February 01, , Please login or register. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: So how many are aspiring to join this exclusive group? How many are already in it? Vladimir has stated that he thinks BTC coins is a good number to acquire going forward. It means the maximum number of members of this club would be 10, if it were formed years from now and all the coins were divided equally.

Right now it's not even half that. Unless we get a freak dip into the pennies I'm probably way too late on the scene to make it into those ranks. A few members of the club I would suspect: Satoshi maybe x10 or x pirate knightmb zhoutong?

The project floundered and then finally as a way to get out, they investors wanted to see what they could sell everything for. It had cost a lot of real money to produce that pile of bitcoins, so I ended up buying it for dirt cheap at least in terms that bitcoins really had no value to them.

Maybe after the 7 year NDS I signed expires, the world will know who it was, but for now I can't name anyone or business. Once the market value was shooting up to space, the pile of bitcoins was worth a small fortune in theory at least.

A lot of bitcoins were spread around the community to help people at first, but it kind of got out of hand. Ultimately, a large portion ended up being donated to wikileaks. The rest went to paying off small debts and the very last of it was just recently donated to wikileaks. I never had any intention of trying to crash the bitcoin market with a large sell-off as many theorized I would do.

So sleep safe that there is one less person like me in the bitcoin kingdom. So, no matter what legend has built up, nothing amazing or exciting has happened to the bitcoins I once had.

No buying a Country or purchasing Islands of the sort. Just trying to help out where I could instead. The only thing I have left is old screenshots and empty wallet files now.

A large portion of my past time has actually been invested in the creation of an alternate digital currency for the last few years because I always thought there was a better way to do it. So that's where I spend all my time now, at timekoin. I was great to catch up with everyone though, hopefully the story wasn't too boring. I was wondering the same thing. I sent him a PM a while back but no response. I think he wants to keep his identity a secret.

Hero Member Offline Activity: SgtSpike on April 30, , He could slowly unload like a week and essentially give himself a decent paycheck. Ulysses on April 30, , What if he died in a car accident? Whole economy has kBTC less But if he's alive, I'm pretty sure that he sold most of his bitcoins already. Oh, I'm still alive and kicking.

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Name: knightmb. Posts: Activity: Position: Sr. Member. Date Registered: July 12, , PM. Last Active: October 12, , PM. ICQ: AIM: MSN: YIM: Email: hidden. Website: Timekoin. Current Status: Offline. Gender : Age: N/A. Location: Local Time: January 13, , AM. Signature. wearebeachhouse.com?topic= .. Boy, did I screw up, albeit not badly: wearebeachhouse.com?topic=msg#msg Knightmb would have been a billionaire now if he had held on to his , BTC. Cheesy $2, X , = $1,,, In the last post KnightMB made here, in June this year, he claimed that his pile of Bitcoins was pretty much all gone. wearebeachhouse.com?topic= msg#msg It's probably worth remembering that he acquired the BTC under questionable circumstances and that there were.

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