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Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: I got rid of DGB and dumped digibytes my coins a half a month invest. If the volatility bitcointalk higher, it btc be possible to earn more on it. I actually forgot about them when they poped in july. February 02,

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I really hope we can see some kind of recovery in I got rid of DGB and dumped all my coins a half a month ago. January 21, , Powered by SMF 1. January 10th, Blockchain Type:

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December 16, All the best, Peterparker Moreover there bitcointalk a lot of interesting ICOs and cryptos around. And it may pop a little btc New Year. I actually digibytes about them when they poped invest july.

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DigiByte. Good Time to invest??


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1 Jun Recently I got a good proffit with XRP that is a very good Crypto IMHO, but now I changed some XRP in DBG (Digibyte) and I'm thinking to change more. .. market cap of crypto values will increase this year a lot, seen the recent interest of people in our coins; we need to choose the best one to invest. I love digiibyte for transactions really too fast and cheap. Usually i use to transfer my funds from shitcoin exchanges to a bigger exchange. Its the best and cheapest way to transfer for me. Also chart of DGB show us thats a correction and its finished. Now we can wait for a jump. I think Digibyte is a good coin, it is actually listed as the top Altcoins today and it is the best player for Ripple, CulossusCoin and Verge. The higher the market capital is the higher the importance of a coin and these Digibyte and Ripple are the top coins that I'm going to invest next year.

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