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Bitcointalk up to since Annual took this snapshot. Glad to see you back man! This is much better than I clevermining getting on Myriad. It is one of the rigs that I run remotely. Yup, they don't like undervolting at all X11 doesn't seem that profitable in the last 9 hours I've been mining. While report make 1,2ltc per 24houras, and thats over 10usd.

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So I am mining 1. Unless you just switch to what ever pool I just left. D do you change away from using kalroths for nicehash? That is the reason for the higher mining returns. Once all ELIX coins have been mined to max mcap, well Now mining for waffles with the two office rigs.

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Even with the recent spat bitcointalk bad earnings, report at pool picker the last 28 days average, clevers average is. But you don't read The 3 weeks annual, waffle was actually ever so slightly higher. I switch to clever, they take a dump I'll give it another day. Thanks for the info I'll pull some of my uneexchanged BC from cryptsy and list a clevermining higher.

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Clevermining bitcointalk annual report

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Quickly after beginning the first loan period, he would like to pair C and D to mine even more tokens. The miner initially has tokens in the borrower account from the A-B pair. He moves those tokens into the C-D pair, and issues a new loan. The miner would like address C to charge address D zero percent interest over the loan period, since he can maximize loan reward by minimizing interest.

Interaction with the contract specifies the loan period the loan period, loan amount, and interest rate for the C-D pair. The loan period is set to half that of the first loan. Two weeks after both of the loans were created, the miner moves the tokens into the lending address in the C-D pair. He then holds the tokens for two weeks, and then claims his reward for the C-D pair. Four weeks after both of the loans were created, the miner moves the tokens into the lending address of the A-B pair.

Then the miner completes the four week holding period. Afterward, A and B generate token rewards. The reward for the C-D pair is half that of the A-B pair, since the C-D pair created a loan of equal magnitude but waited half as long to pay the loan back. After generating rewards, pairs are automatically disbanded. This procedure of issuing loans for half the repayment time of the next largest loan is how the clever miner maximizes reward.

Ideally, he would have simultaneously issued more loans for even smaller half intervals to maximize reward. This was a bit confusing to me - are you able to explain more simply the solution to the OP's concern?

TLDR -or- To explain 'more simply', there isn't a problem of "fake lending" unless you phrase it as one. Similar derogatory connotations ie. The mechanics of it's innovative time-based mining are straight forward.

All that matters is that the contract conditions, gas and time costs these are absolutely key are fulfilled to earn mining reward, if any. Once all ELIX coins have been mined to max mcap, well Oct 4, Whitepaper: How will fake lending be prevented solely for the purpose of "coin mining" and then selling for profit?

I have invested a little into this coin as the idea is so strikingly brilliant but these are some key issues that I think will bottleneck it's growth until they are addressed. Well this just seems to leave a gaping hole that can be exploited by any user of this service to mine coins for profit as opposed to actually allowing the service to flourish for what it was meant for.

Maybe I'm missing something to be seeing this as such an important issue I haven't read the whitepaper. It's already issued the 75 percent you can check it on the blockchain you would see how many addresses holding the token and each one with amount of tokens it has, sorry I made a mistake there is a whitepaper.

Anyway my current position is to treat it as scam. There is no reason what so ever for the developers to hide there identities, and if they decided to sell their tokens they would flood the market and the token would become zero. As others have said - we still don't know who created Bitcoin. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Last I looked mc was at 0.

Hotsauce on February 14, , Terk , you have by far the best looking site out of all the auto-exchanging multipools out there, yet somehow these other pools are gaining hashrate far more rapidly than yours, which is unfortunate. Now instead of it being the need to master some dark arts to get your hashrate up, I feel you should think about reconsidering your strategy and offer full transparency on the coins you're mining and the fees you're charging.

Your initial strategy of keeping things secret but still managing to keep miners based on the look and feel of your site clearly isn't working, people in the crypto community have been scammed in every corner they turn to and need full transparency and trust when it comes to where they point their precious miners, I feel you should respect that and if you want any chance of becoming the biggest multipool start rethinking your strategy. Just my 2c, I hate seeing other new multipools overtake yours because I really love your site.

TL;DR change your strategy and become fully transparent otherwise all your hard work will be for nothing. Hero Member Offline Activity: So anyone ran a parallel side-by-side comparison between clevermining and middlecoin? CleverMining - the best and most profitable coin-switch auto-exchanging mining pool, running since Dec forum thread.

I'm sure that you do, but are you considering unexchanged and immature in your calculations? Middlecoin often has tons of unexchanged and there may be a significant difference in a day; es. I'm using this page, and a dude that's has around MH. I did the calculation for myself on middlecoin for today, it's 0. Now 4 days later it looks like this: Pity as I realy like your design and all. Till that's resolved I'm at middlecoin. Besides getting the pool running smoothly and having the best algorithm for mining the right coin at a given time, I imagine that the mechanics of actually exchanging alts for btc's is going to be the biggest variable in profitability.

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7 May [ANN][AUTO-SWITCH] Profit-switch auto-exchange pool: wearebeachhouse.com Maybe you can do the same experiment and report your results? Total work should end up statistically the same. First PoS Smart Contract Token · PoSToken · ✓ Free Airdrop ○ No-ICO ○ % Annual Interest First Year. 8 Mar Working great for the last few days yes there have been ups and downs, but I am happy with the returns. One thing though, I seem to have an issue with the asia server, where cgminer will stop working in minutes, like it has crashed. Not so with US or Euro wearebeachhouse.com ideas?. Forex trend trading ea > This is good for Bitcoin exchange.

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