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I'll make exchange challenge back to you I'm mining as a hobby. This money I invest in primecoin mining for the long term. If it wasn't I could amd take that money and directly buy them instead of wasting it on electricity. Showing opteron with label primecoin.

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The Opterons go from Intel Core Duo 0. Fold Proteins, earn cryptos! Charles Full Member Offline Activity: A low price-to-performance ratio, or conversely a high performance-to-price ratio, will mean a shorter breakeven period.

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So if something is or will be profitable or not exchange knows I think there are a lot of Bitcoin owners primecoin all the amd to the bank on this topic. I see similar performance opteron my i and fx, which makes me somewhat impressed with the it's a pretty old and low end CPU. I exchange this video on amd. I tried out a primecoin mining calculator and it claimed it was pretty profitable don't opteron the calculator is very accurate however. Primecoin a few years

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Amd opteron primecoin exchange

Amd opteron primecoin exchange

Apparently, all the processing numbers change when the difficulty changes. I cannot tell if the relative performance displayed in the wiki would still be the same today with a higher difficulty. The wiki is still a good reference for relative performance. Just don't expect to get near the chains per day that the wiki lists. Hi all I have a doubt in my computer has a processor Core 2 Q looked in comparison tables me he would give me 0. Is it worth to invest in machine based on this cpu and expect some gain in longterm?

If it was free. The processor is on an older architecture, 80 watts, and only 1. It doesn't even have hyperthreading. It isn't going to be very profitable. Anyone mining with 16core VPS? What OS do you use and how many block can you get in 1day, 1 week? Lyddite on August 07, , Well, block payments just dropped below 11 and difficulty passed 9. Either that or I've been quite unlucky. I am a noob. Assume I know nothing until proven otherwise.

Powered by SMF 1. January 30, , If you don't believe that then at least accept that my setup has faster clock speeds and overall newer and faster processor architectures. Lets talk about the Opteron The Opteron and FX are both based on the Piledriver architecture. The Opterons go from At most it will have the same clock speed as the FX The FX with 8 "cores" is the slowest processor out of all my computers, except maybe the Core i7 QM, in terms of primes per second.

While this is contrary to the benchmarks above, remember my core i7 is overclocked and I guess AMDs do better in benchmarks than real world performance. That is just the upper limit based on these relative comparisons. That doesn't even take into consideration that the difficulty was lower last month. You might as well just buy them and you will come out ahead.

Their non-transparency and serious discrepancy between their costs and actual profitability indicate they are either scamming or incompetent.

Either way, you don't want to do business with them. They have the logs. They can easily figure out if it is profitable or not and publish them. Why haven't they done this already? Excuse me sir there is no scamming or incompetence, we've published all our hardware specifications and have made a rational case for why people should use the service. If mining is such an terrible concept then why are hosting companies that are charging FAR more than us selling out left and right to support the mining community?

I'll make the challenge back to you How about posting your monthly power bill to run them? Or the cost of your computers to build? How about your internet bill? Of course I don't like making assumptions on things, but I'd wager a single primecoin you're pretty far in the hole on your investment: Anyway, this is the first and last reply I am going to make to negative replies, people can make their own rational choices. If anybody wants to reach out to us directly we are contactable to answer any questions.

First, that article is from mid December when the difficulty was less than Not to mention, all of those services suffer from the same problem as yours.

They wont know if it is profitable until after they have paid for and used the service because they don't post any meaningful performance or profitability statistics. If anyone wants argue this point I would love to be wrong. I'm not making a case for mining on your own hardware.

I'm making a case on why your servers are not profitable. I wouldn't recommend buying hardware to mine Primecoins either. Yeah, without addressing my points. You've posted your hardware specs and I am telling you that it isn't profitable. Again, the fact that you wont or can't make the claim that your servers are profitable and back them up with evidence says something about your business. Great thanks for being nice ish. There are competing philosophies at work here. You're assuming everybody views the value of the world through government backed currency.

It would also appear you value your time in government backed currency sorry if I am making a wrong assumption. This is fine you're more than welcome to live your life any way you wish. For the other people on this planet myself included I am looking for alternatives to what appears to be a failed system. We are not your mother if you want a free ride you better go ask for an allowance.

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Please someone give me a short advice if mining with 4x AMD Opteron sounds reasonable with the current difficulty. Thanks a lot!. And knowing now what are the best hardware to mining primecoin the hardware that gets realy XPM. Because if you see AMD FX @ GHz . Please excuse my poor English, i'm a newbie in CPU mining, i intend to buy a few AMD opteron CPU to start mining because my friend gave me an dual socket G34 mobo. 17 Jan Hi bigradeon,. According to this wearebeachhouse.com?cpu= AMD+Opteron+ an Opteron is something about ~60% of an i7 performance. I'm getting today abt primes/s tests/s chains/d from an i7 @debian7 so, I think you should calculate roughly 60%.

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