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A new key is added to keypool the used key. I agree with jonasschnellithe keypool text needs adjustment. Make a new wallet, and get an address from it Backup your old wallet Delete the old wallet from the Bitcoin directory Start Bitcoin Core bitcoins create a new wallet. Here's bitcoins it works: The new encrypted bitcoins has keys, from the old wallet including used and unused keys, and more new keys. How do Keypool flush the keypool? What I ended up doing was more or less what Pieter Wuille suggests:

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Each time you use a key for change or receiving, there'll be one less key in the pool. Hero Member Offline Posts: When you encrypt a wallet. The size of the pool is configurable using the "-keypool" command line argument. Also, the transaction is showing as "Output index: I want to send all my coins to a new address with a freshly generated key. Stephen Gornick on September 30, ,

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The goal is keypool backups will be future proof to some extent. Bitcoin Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript bitcoins. FreeMoney on September 30, Keypool of a question here for learning purposes Quote from: Almost every time you send a Bitcoin payment, some change is generated and sent keypool a previously unused bitcoins. I have over addresses and I bitcoins never sent nor received any bitcoin.

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Keypool bitcoins

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Sign in to your account. It look as -keypool only work when creating a new wallet. Maybe some user believe that the have created a big key pool and believe that they have backup of the prv keys Let os hope that they don't need the backup Not sure if we should call this a bug. Also keep in mind, that wallets can be encrypted, auto-keypool-topup would not work for encrypted wallets users need to enter the password first.

But we could change the -keypool info text current: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Farghaly 3 Mar 14 '14 at Most people don't need to use keypoolrefill. Jori 1, 7 Refilling your keypool doesn't discard older keys in it. I'll delete this answer then, before someone uses it wrongly.

But, then what was the command to generate an entirely new keypool and discard the old one which could be used for a scenario like I described? Matt 1 9. Bitcoin tries to keep your keypool topped up at all times. It doesn't wait until the keypool is empty to regenerate.

If it did, that'd make the keypool completely pointless, since backups made right before the keypool was refilled would soon be missing some keys. If the wallet is locked it is possible to run through the available keys with getnewaddress without refilling.

Maybe this is legacy functionality that changed? When it finished, I notice that few coins were missing. I tried to recover the wallet. I hired a professional recover HD company but they were not able to find the wallet. Just for make sure you are not spending your time, send me a private message if you believe you can find a solution, and I will give more details about myself, so you have sure you will get paid the 2 BTC if helps recover the coins.

Thanks for your attention. Hero Member Offline Posts: Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. Full Member Offline Activity: BitcoinNewsBR on December 25, , Moderator Legendary Offline Activity: Your post is a little hard to understand.

So, just to be sure, what happened was you formatted your drive, reinstalled Bitcoin Core, restored your Jan backup, and then sent Bitcoin without being synchronized. So what did you do after that? If you still have the wallet file from when you sent the Bitcoin, the private key to the change address should still be there and you should still be able to access the Bitcoin.

Decentralized professional data exchange. I tried dumpprivkey and it don't return any result on the Bitcoin-QT console.

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Almost every time you send a Bitcoin payment, some change is generated and sent to a previously unused address. If you have a keypool, then each time a new address is needed one of the keypool addresses is used, and a new address is created and placed in the keypool to replace the one that was just. Bitcoin Core tries to fill the keypool to its configured maximum size whenever you take an address from the keypool. (It does not wait until the keypool is empty before regenerating it.) However, it isn't possible to add keys to the keypool unless the wallet is unlocked with walletpassphrase. So if you call. By default, Bitcoin Core creates addresses the first time it starts, and tries to keep not-yet-used keys in wearebeachhouse.com 'keypool' (when you unlock the wallet to make a payment it will generate more). So you do not need to backup continuously. The 'getinfo' RPC command will tell you the time when the oldest not-yet-used.

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