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Hero Member Offline Activity: The governments know what they are doing scrypt Bitcoin, to suck you in and then slowly take control. Down just copy-pasted the topic from Cryptocointalk and put in a bitcointalk like SaltyPistoon asked for. Korbeny2k on January 03, bitcoin, Hero Member Offline Posts: Pulling features instead of pushing them. Did i see it?

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Mikey81 on September 23, , Milquetoast Legendary Offline Activity: Spoetnik Legendary Offline Activity: Bitcoin Forum February 02, , Calm down and ook forward to spots being nice to you for 1 full hour Spoetnik: Full Member Offline Activity: Powered by SMF 1.

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Currently 4 active connections are found, Down using Wallet v1. Bitcoin Member Offline Posts: Good bitcointalk with the revival, Scrypt bought this coin back in If you don't see you Bitcoin sCrypt coins, move your wallet. February 02,

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[ANN][BTCS][CRYPTOVOTER LAUNCH] Bitcoin-sCrypt | in techcrunch

[ANN] Bitcoin sCrypt | BTCs is BACK!

ASIC's put the power into the hands of governments, the rich and the powerful Manufactures. The governments know what they are doing with Bitcoin, to suck you in and then slowly take control.

Thank you for reading. BitcoinEXpress on October 26, , Screw this dumb coin.. I can find better people to deal with else where, expecting to have a mature adult conversation is too of an high an expectation i guess. Magnet since you were in the middle of it when i asked you.. Spoetnik on October 26, , Magnet why would you go to soo much trouble posting all that on BCTalk?

I'm an MSX-Basic dev, lol. I just copy-pasted the topic from Cryptocointalk and put in a warning like SaltyPistoon asked for. It's not the first "ANN" topic I started for a coin. Think of it what you like Spoetnik: BitcoinExpress already tested it: That's why it's allowed on Bitcointalk again. Jagrapolite adandoned his work? Since this is an EXACT copy of Bitcoin when you install the client it will attempt to use the existing bitcoin roaming windows folder. Calm down and ook forward to spots being nice to you for 1 full hour Spoetnik: Did i see it?

I didnt even notice he said duesch my bad Spoetnik: But it was a missunderstanding that caused the reaction lets just drop it moonshinekiller: I love cent MaGNeT: I hope you don't become a douche. I asked if i bought one for you if he would honor it and he agreed MaGNeT: Hashrate at the http: Your little Skype backroom clan of buddies spreading pump and dump coins and trashing on anyone that complains is obvious to many of us and many other people have said all ths same things i have a million times and guess what guys we have our own group and we trade info too I have some rather interesting proof to this too and i am stock piling it all to tear you little scammers off your cocky perch so ya please do play dumb all you want and please do post more chat logs or maybe i should, i have millions of them.

This isn't anything close to Bitcoin except the stolen name. First of all the difficulty schedule is totally different, as well as the block solve times. I'm sorry, but this isn't it. Amateur miners are unlikely to make much money, and may even lose money. Bitcoin is much more than just mining, though! Hero Member Offline Activity: Full Member Offline Activity: It's good to see that it has been updated after so long!

Bitcoin-sCrypt revival has officially begun. More details can be found here: Smokeasy on December 14, , Antietrader has put together some new BTCS logos to use. You can check them out on our Discord Channel: Smokeasy on December 15, , Bitcoin-sCrypt now has an online quiz. Get questions right to win free BTCS. Smokeasy on December 20, , Good luck with the revival, I bought this coin back in We just created a Bitcoin-sCrypt telegram channel for all the crypto people on Telegram:

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Sometimes the blocks get "stuck" after asic miners jump on and raise the difficulty and then jump off leaving the other mining pools to bring the difficulty back down so blocks can be found. This has been a known issue for Bitcoin-sCrypt since the last client update over 2 years ago. Fortunately, we have a. While the original Bitcoin (BTC) provides decentralized transaction exchange and confirmation, development follows a centralized top-down model. Bitcoin- sCrypt (BTCS) development is committed to decentralizing development by having users vote on development issues with vote weight based on coin. Community, We are pleased to announce that the official revival of the Bitcoin- sCrypt (BTCS) Altcoin has begun. As such, we have three important announcements to share. Announcement 1. As part of the revival, we have set up a Bitcoin-sCrypt Discord channel for the BTCS community to communicate.

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