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Many of those use btc-e as bitcoin vault and a reference point. Gox entered the BTC-e bitcoin. Now his extradition proceedings btc underway and he can be max btc 2 months under arrest under current Greek laws until his extradition proceedings are finalized. Wallet Gamow Legendary Offline Activity: Going by the earlier instances its not new, they have been down for scheduled maintenance. It seems FBI have been tracking him for over last few months and once he got surfaced in Greece for his holiday, he was arrested by Greek authorities authorities. I hope they are wallet in jail and by jail time.

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Probably one of the first questions any Bitcoin newbie asks himself is where do I buy Bitcoins. Bitstamp seems to have the largest trading volume according to Bitcoin Charts. It might seem that btc-e is a cheap place, while in fact it isn't. A few insider trades a month, or integrating a new ICO on your exchange for some kickbacks, and you've made a mint. Hero Member Offline Posts: That's where a main part of our money will go to: VeriSign does not guarantee its accuracy.

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Which is a big news wallet this will finally solve the mystery behind one of the worst hacks in Bitcoin history. Shaulov on July 28, You have control over a significant btc of the crypto bitcoin. I think some exchanges may exist to profit off it. Bitcoin Forum February 01, Of course, but can you move your cny out of China at a government exchange rate?

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Btc e vs bitcoin wallet

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Hero Member Offline Activity: The reason why BTC-E users will not get their money back. July 29, , Well, we can track BTC-e wallet here: As you can see, it wasn't emptied yet, and that would be the first move of anyone who got access to it, because it's possible that there are some other persons out there with access to this wallet partners of Vinnik, his backup, other trusted persons, etc.

Level up, win more! Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. Hero Member Offline Posts: This is surely a drawback for bitcoin and another reason why many experts keep telling people no to store their funds on exchanges , getting hacked is a different thing but now we see a new trend of exchanges stealing their own users money. Yobit also has many scam accusations against not saying they can do the same thing btc-e did but beware users please don't store your funds on exchanges amd try to avoid trading on sites with poor support like yobit.

Hello, I can't believe this has happened I had just sold my 30 BTC, was planning to buy cheaper then the site closed. I'm so stressed out, I feel like my heart is about to have an attack I'm a mum with 2 young kids, don't earn much I was going to buy a house with this bitcoin money can't believe this If anybody knows anyone that can help to get money back please contact me, I literally feel sick and am very very upset.

AGD on July 27, , BTC-E users like me are last in priority line. That's where a main part of our money will go to: I guess after USGov got paid, there won't be a Satoshi left for the rest. They are not coming back in 5 - 10 days, either. Admins will be trying to run as fast as they can. Sign Up for Your Tokens Today! Many people have not used their real identities for creating accounts.

I dont think bitcoin will just run away with all the money. Some people have invested lacs of ruppes in bitcoins and still trust in bitcoin including me. I trust a lot in bitcoin. Bitcoin is my faith. Its sad to read such news but according to me, bitcoin will not give huge losses. Bitcoin is not a bubble, it's the pin! An update will come out soon.

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Insightful info here Hopefully I will be a Crypto-Currency guru too. One email a day for 7 days, short and educational guaranteed. The cheapest instant method would be e-wallets. But to get your precious fiat you will incur 2. Still believe that btc-e is a money-laundering heaven? But let's abstract ourselves from fiat-to-ewallet shenanigans and attempt to do what every arbitrage wannabe would want to do: Huobi has an option of okpay usd withdrawal.

To receive the money to your wallet it will cost 0. Now you want to buy those cheap btc. And you get 0. For the sake of experiment, let's disregard the miner fees needed to send bitcoin back to huobi. To sell your 1 btc you have to pay another 0. Thus all full circle will consume at least 2. For the "ex Soviet mob" believers out there: Subsequently, there's a class of all sorts of people, who engage into forex exchange manually, and now in bitcoin.

Many of those use btc-e as a vault and a reference point. But we too are slapped with fees that vary according to the spread installed by those exchangers.

It might seem that btc-e is a cheap place, while in fact it isn't. And as in many poor countries, sometimes it is even more expensive than your average western bitcoin exchange.

I'm pretty sure there's another reason not to do it, because the fees are more favorable to europeans.

Why is it not happening? BTC-E is a little shady, but they've been around for a long time. I don't believe it's just risk-aversion. Unreasonable processing times on part of BTC-E? This basically comes down to a cost of insurance, for such a 3-day operation and 1. That's an interesting way to look at it.

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12 Oct Being the best place to buy Bitcoins, it allows you to invest small amounts. Since it has become a current trend in the virtual world nowadays, Bitcoin has the power of becoming a great force in the financial industry. By choosing the best exchange or bitcoin wallet, you will be able to get the best out of this. So you want to deposit some fiat into btc-e? 1. Thinking to bankwire - be prepared for 15+ wait time, Discussion should relate to bitcoin trading. Altcoin discussion should be directed to our Slack Group or the appropriate subreddit To receive the money to your wallet it will cost %. That's 1% already. 26 Jul 45% of the value of the coins you have are now denominated in “BTCe Coin” or whatever they're gonna call it. . Also the Bitcoin hack trail from the Mt-Gox hack seems to be traced to him and it is alleged that , bitcoins stolen after the attack on Mt. Gox . Wallet wearebeachhouse.com [wearebeachhouse.com].

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