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Virtacoinworld we are looking for individuals with professional skills Via BitcoinTalk — Jesus christ, I coin rolled into this 2 weeks ago, I don't bitcointalk people usernames on forums I never visited before. He has helped acquire services, getting Unobtanium listed on new exchanges, and is always happy to help out new UNO enthusiasts who have questions in our Bitcointalk or on Telegram chat. I've followed new octo, never really caught one in it's infacy as I only started getting into other crypto's when I octo they weren't all shit coins like people in octo bitcoin community will tell you. Coin we can increase our bitcointalk by investing in altcoins Via BitcoinTalk coin 2: I'm trying to find statistics on geographic locations of ICOs i.

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Anyway I just need advice on alternative ERC…. Burstcoin was introduced on the bitcointalk. Anybody has more info? PoS Wallet is an online staking wallet serving up more than of the most common PoS Altcoins, along with block explorers and faucets for each coin. Tired of lack of communication3.

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Came here coin opinions: Was bitcointalk planning to contact the partners to confirm if they really are partners octo WTC. It currently has a bitcointalk analysis of 61 upcoming ICO's and 40 past ICO's that we can use as a coin for future performance. Also, I am not paid in any way to mod this sub, octo is anyone on Reddit being paid to 'shill'. Are you kidding me? We should see 50x type level on it. If you read through the whole thread there, it's quite obvious what's going on.

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Octo coin bitcointalk

Tired of lack of communication3. Believe its subject to insider selling4. Think that it's abandoned5. Bashed the alpha productThen this is the update for you! Via BitcoinTalk — Team send final report in month. Initially I thought it would be a light weight wallet. But it seems downloading complete block chain. I don't have much memory on my system. If you don't mind can you tell me how much storage it occupies….

As it is a web based wallet I think it is possible to have. What are your suggestions? Which is the best ETH Wallet? I have heard all kind of stories of people losing their Ethereums, I have even read about security issu…. I'd like to have some views from senior members here. What do you think about this ICO. Is it a scam or the deals are too good to be true?

Liquid asset token is som…. Apparently, this alt coin which is more than 2 years old already will be added to the coinmarketcap. Within this 2 years of its existence, the c…. Those individuals will list there service on https: It looks like if your ICO have huge bounty campaign then it could be threatened like a scam….? Because real project do not need bounty. Because real project do have enough attention. Lets discuss the coins or ICOs of today that will grow the most in month time…Also lets discuss the category of the coins with the biggest demand and potential in the ma….

Care platform for healthcare on blockchainSolve. Care is launching a platform for decentralized coordination and administration of healthcare and benefits, in the U…. How long do you think this ratio can keep in the future? Although having read …. It will provide an opportun…. I'm trying to find statistics on geographic locations of ICOs i. Does anyone know of such source?

All I could find was just a top 10 ICO compilation or references to individual case…. Please PM me if interested. While Vitalik is working on scaling solutions right now, will they be ready in time? I personally manually vet each and every ICO I come across but if there were some people I could follow that would help f….

Please PM me if you are interested. In particular it is being used by the Galactic Milieu. As of this writing HZ is not listed on any exchanges as far as I know. All of my services give you access to your private key that you can import into your own nodes. Ummm, all I can do is just waiting, but it's so hard…. This is the new ann thread of Ice Rock Mining, the old one didn't have images. Proxy requires users to sign in, register their device, and be in possession of th….

It is a layered ecosystem set in a blockchain environme…. Could you elaborate what's that about? Im not new to trading though. I know in the stock market world if you see websites posting they thing a stock is up and coming then you might want to be cautious. So they fucked up uss. Segwit do not work. In order to mine Burstcoins each miner first computes a large data set which is then saved to a computer storage medium.

These data sets are known as plots. The miner with the lowest deadline wins the block and is then rewarded with the transaction fees and the decreasing block reward of Burstcoins. The computational resources for mining are limited to the time it takes the miner to read the plot files stored on mass storage. Once this is achieved, no other computational resources are needed until the next block, making Burstcoin highly energy efficient.

Proof-of-capacity is also claimed to be ASIC -proof. Burstcoin's proof-of-capacity algorithm is based on precomputed proof-of-work , so theoretically one could compute the proofs in real time. However, it is currently impossible to efficiently compute a significant amount of work during a 4-minute time interval. Inspecting the precomputed work stored on the hard drive is both faster and more energy efficient than any conceivable ASIC device could achieve providing in real-time.

Given that it can take a long time to find the smallest deadline, some miners collectively mine in what is known as a mining pool. If a pool has a "deadline limit", it means the reward is shared only among miners whose submitted deadlines for the winning block came under the pool's deadline limit. To reduce transaction fees, most pools also have a minimum payment threshold, meaning the pool must owe you at least that much before it pays you. The Burstcoin cryptocurrency wallet is implemented as a Java -based Web server , which users can either run themselves as is done by the Windows client , or, for convenience, use on somebody else's server machine for example one hosted by a Burstcoin mining pool , if they trust said machine not to be copying their passphrase via keystroke logging mining pools have an obvious incentive to maintain their reputation by not compromising their convenience wallet servers.

The passphrase typically 12 dictionary words is all that is needed to transfer funds out of an account, and any wallet server can convert such a passphrase into a public address a string of alphanumeric characters beginning BURST- which is used for receiving Burstcoin, and an Account ID an integer which is needed to generate the "plot" files for mining for example with the wplotgenerator tool.

The core feature set of Burst is based on the Nxt platform, which allows the adding of external services to be built on top of the blockchain. The first Android version of the Burst wallet was released in [21] and was able to mine on Android devices.

This app is now considered "outdated" by burst-coin. The Burst Asset Exchange is a peer-to-peer exchange platform integrated into the Burst wallet. It functions primarily as a secure decentralized trading platform for Burst assets. The popularity of the asset exchange is based upon the absence of any third party, allowing improved efficiency and reduced costs.

A burst asset is basically a token to represent anything the asset issuer deems to be of value so that it can be traded, common examples of such assets include shares in the following: Smart Contracts are self-executing contractual states, stored on the blockchain. An AT supporting host platform automatically supports various applications ranging from games of chance to automated crowdfunding and ensuring that "long term savings" are not lost forever.

The crowdfunding feature allows users within the Burst community to raise funds in Burst for project creators in a decentralized way. Funds are refunded if the project target is not met.

The Burstcoin Wallet has an inbuilt escrow service, which allows a quantity of Burstcoins to be held by a third party on behalf of transacting parties. The Burstcoin Wallet includes a completely decentralized marketplace where Burstcoin users can view other users items for sale by referencing their account id.

It will display all items for sale for the designated account holder. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 27 November Read again the rules in https: Congratulations to the new eligible members for the Deep Onion Main Airdrop!

For more crypto related articles, you can follow me on Twitter: Oct 11, Messages: Thanks for you work mate. Nov 9, Messages: I got to find a subtle way to get the 48 missing Onions to get on the airdrop list now Maybe buy some on the exchange when i get money available from online jobs. Or find clever ways to get them on here like giveaways or community donation for interesting contribution.

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Quote from: estb on October 27, , PM. Launch on 01/11/ First round open until 10/ BZLCOIN FROM BRAZIL TO THE WORLD. Bzlcoin is a new cryptocurrency based off the original Bitcoin Core by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bzlcoin features many changes, such as Stealth Addresses. Hello OctoCoin community OctoCoin is available for atomic swap trading on Komodo Platform's decentralized exchange, BarterDEX! Right NOW, peer2peer, on Mainnet with live orderbooks. Anyone can test it out if you'd like. We are taking privacy to new heights by keeping your funds and privkeys in. Quote from: tr4nscr1pt on October 30, , PM. Thanks a lot Cheesy we are working hard to set up everything! Trying to create a wallet address but keep getting error generating wallet address?.

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