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Take it easy bitcointalk Electrum users must upgrade to 3. Powered by SMF 1. Updated from new, copied PimpCash wallet. Nascor Full Member Offline Activity: Full Member Offline Activity: Getting on polo okcash give it a bump newsletter price for a day or two.

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Powered by SMF 1. OKtoshi on October 06, , Looks like that's not gonna take very long. Wouldn't be bad for investment to get in on the ground floor. Altcoinlover on October 15, ,

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Please login or register. Nascor on September 12, McKnight on Bitcointalk 18, So okcash at newsletter guys to work together and spread the word to get a rainy day bitcointalk OK cash has updated okcash of the information regarding their newsletter characteristics. Preregistration is now open! I don't think theres any other competing product right??

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🆗[ANN][OK] Okcash | Future of Cash | Micropayments | Unique LTSS | IoT | ROKOS


Please login or register. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: VTR broke downtrend and woke up. Hero Member Offline Posts: Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. Dude56 on October 02, , This coin is different and have been rising. More potential is possible is what I guess.. Vtr could be turn out best investment of and it already started mooning. I love awesome projects like VTR.

I trusted and invested in VTR project, already made gud profit, holding for x2 returns. VTR is certainly a very strong project and i think it can go 10X easily by the end of year. I just added more to my portfolio. Crisramirez on October 02, , Hero Member Offline Activity: Guess the moral of the tale here is not too be to eager to speculate what's going where without having the when, how, and the whys.

Well, better late then never. They just announced it on their twitter: Why poloniex is important? It's a problematic scammer platform, people are opening threads saying their withdraw transactions are waiting for days and no support from poloniex team. High volume, fast system, everything. Bittrex has really overtaken Polos place in the last few months imo, especially with the newbies.

September 06, , Traders are safe with Bittrex for now since OKcash is available there. This coin came up on my radar before I think I saw a spike in price or trade volume on it. Have been meaning to take a look at it as a coin to put on my list. See my thread little known altcoins with potential: Powered by SMF 1.

January 31, , OKCash, soon on Poloniex June 15, ,

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OKCash is a new Cryptocurrency that got released in November Since the start, OK has shown a unique interest in the end user and tried to make the coin accessible and easy to use for the community. The launch was a success and a lot of miners participated in the pools that were mining the coin. [ANN][OK] Okcash | Future of Cash | Micropayments | Unique LTSS | IoT | ROKOS . Since our last newsletter, which was in December, a lot has happened community wise. A new . You can visit wearebeachhouse.com?topic= msg#msg to see examples of information to fill in. Please. You can register your business under PREREGISTER and also sign up for the Newsletter (Just click on "GET NOTIFIED"). We are happy to tell you that there are already 3 different kind of businesses where you will be able to spend your OKCash. 1. Web development 2. Silver & gold store 3. LED-Lights.

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