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In his bookOne Up on Wall. I will buy some of it. Its method of anonymization has very severe scaling downsides, however; Monero makes Bitcoin look Visa-scale. As far as retaining their price maybe not. Earn Devcoins by Writing http:

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It has been a considerable time now since dogecoin turned its back on being strictly valued against BTC. Zcash's setup combined with its trusted setup allows creation and sending of forged coins which cannot be detected if there's a problem. The superficial nature of the "shocking document" can be proven that they have not only repeated the 73 founder myth of Nxt without some kind of comment. I enjoy working with the finest digital currency developers on earth. OK, so you consider a store charging 6x value for items not a scam? As promised, here are our Magic 10 Stocks. The best way to earn XEM through harvesting is to provide a service that sees high levels of circulation.

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I have bookstore skeptical of PoS all along. Please contact Bookstore or BigRidg7 if you wish to accept iCoin another way. Dogecoin is still useful for me in gambling, I always try different bookstore using this coin. Quran halal kittehcoin forex Forex open positions saxons Saxo bank forex peace army reviews Zamiana waluty forex Forex indicator accurate Zarabianie z forex opinie Kittehcoin rugio Indicador macd forex factory Torfx vs uk forex foreign bitcointalk services Apa itu ib dalam forex exchange Forex tv box Mma forex office in pakistan Real time forex charts ipad air Hdfc forex card balance enquiry Forex trading strategies com Forex broker bonus uk Time london forex market open 24option review forex peace army forex Forex bitcointalk strategy system v2 relaunch ea free download Equity market capitalization investopedia forex Relaunch forex price action kittehcoin system. Do you want technical merit? For example, instant transactions don't let bitcointalk say that relaunch a btc clone. Bitclit lol what a name!

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Bitcointalk kittehcoin relaunch bookstore

Are you a merchant who wants to accept Altcoins? Minecraft Server - https: Commercial pilot and flying instructor - http: Hero Member Offline Posts: August 14, , Gamble with Altcoins http: Made some reserves to add more sections sorry I had to prune everyone out to do so.

BitJohn on August 13, , BlackJack style game http: OK, so you consider a store charging 6x value for items not a scam? Taking advantage of naive people that might not realize the worth of what they have? You can't expect everyone to do their due diligence, that's why we still get emails from Nigerian princes. Only two are affiliate links too, kek! Could you perhaps include if the sell to outside the USA. I am in the UK and most of these will not send to me. I went through the list and can't see any stores that are 6X the value.

None that are even out of line. Just wondering if my test store is the one that he is calling out? I can't say my prices are nailed down yet, I have to see how I can make things more efficient as I do a few transactions. Unless I am missing something, if you want to trade in something such as Bottlecaps, you have to run the coins you receive through 2 exchanges Each taking a fee in order to get USD back out.

You also have a bit of time between both exchanges where prices can fall Making the store take a loss for the transaction Second my "store" isn't exactly a store yet.

If I do manage to sell an iTunes card, I will have to drive down to the mall, purchase an iTunes card, scratch it, and send the code via e-mail. If people actually start buying cards, you can see, I can easily make this process more efficient, such as buying in bulk when they go on sale, or looking into getting a better way to purchase them for a discount, in both cases I can lower the prices on my site.

If you want to take the time to run your altcoins thru the exchanges and use your USD to purchase whatever you want for less, then by all means don't use my site. Check out Academy Coin https: Vivisector on August 14, , Does every site here process in 10 mins to clear payment.

Just mentioning that as possible valid feedback. STT on August 15, , August 20, , I did some more digging and it looks like they at least transfer your money to paypal though I don't know how well that would work, I only trust the digital currencies now really. Lethn on August 20, , Thanks for your effort putting this together, I've been looking for resources like this. Glad to do a good service for the community now we got to get everyone using the services. Anyone can set up their own merchant account for free, with subdomain name.

These modules include direct sales, coupons, shopping carts, polls, surveys, competitions, auctions and more. Tagbond enables any tagverts to have a reward attached to entice customers to visit or take a particular action signup, visit, eat at a restaurant etc. There is a complete API to allow integration of the advertising, rewards and payment system into your own apps and websites. Sell anything and optionally offer a reward to anyone who helps you sell it.

The system has been built over the last 8 months, is in beta but in active use. Tagcoin was created 4 weeks ago with the express purpose of being used as a universal rewards currency within Tagbond and elsewhere. Miners seem to want to keep hold of it. Currently with a staff of 30 and growing. Any queries or suggestions feel free to PM me Cryptocurrency Rewards - Tagcash. TracerX on December 07, , The games will be released in first half of , and sales of early access will start in Steam on 30 January.

The game received approval from Steam-community http: About 15 thousands people registered on forum for taking part in beta-testing , which next step is planned on 18 December. Shortly before, the company published a report http: HG says, that they did it to support development of modern technologies. In the short explanation for our site, HG company representative said that the current solution due to a request from the users who are willing and able to use more actively cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

Community of people using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies daily expanding and it needs a market where you can make payments without fear in honest transactions and legally. To facilitate these goals, the developers of SeaCraft are thinking about special bonuses for those players who will make the payment in cryptocurrencies. We hope that the company will be faithful to its promises even after the game release. At the moment, anyone can buy the game sets for one of the four cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Novacoin, Terracoin.

And HG promises that this list may be extended, but not shortened. Why do they choose this list of currencies? Why it is not limited with only Bitcoin? Is it planned to hold micro-payments in cryptocurrencies and how they will receive funds? These and other questions will be sent to HG, and we will publish their response in further news. Now it's possible to buy a domain, hosting and order a dedicated server immediately with several popular cryptocurrencies. Later reception of the payments will be optimized in order to reduce the commission.

List of accepted currencies: Bitcoin Litecoin Terracoin Namecoin The company says that it may add an English version of the site, if the request will come from English-speaking users. Full Member Offline Activity: BitJohn on August 14, , Gamble with Altcoins - LTC http: Updated the stores list. I plan to do some pruning soon. So do not be sad if your post is gone just means your in the OP.

If your store is listed and has some missing information Please include it here so I can add it to the OP. No more than four lines per store in the following format. If you find a store not accepting or working as advertised please report it Ill get them removed.

December 27, , Litecoin Provably fair Litecoin Roulette - http: Iquidus Technology - Open Source Solutions - http: Commercial pilot and flying instructor http: A real Grass Roots Revolution:: Admin please make this topic sticky its usefull for all of us!

This allows easier adoption of your coins! Hi, could you please add kissmyweb. Com - We Build Websites - Simple! Thanks John for the listing.

Hey All, To online services please keep iCoin in mind for future payment, we have recently launched the coin on the 29th December and our base is starting to grow nicely.

Once we on the exchanges I will reply to this thread, if your interested in chatting more about the coin, pls PM myself or TeamiCoiN. Thanks you iCoin Team. Just wondering if you could change the listing for Apocalypse Pete's. Very very cool idea btw May want to add it as a service for PXL coin. Here is a list of sites that accept QRK: Could you please add my online music lessons www. New batch of stores VPN - http: I sell services for DOGE coins here: January 27, , Wood Shot Glass http: Here are some current HBN: February 03, , GoldPressedLatinum now accepted here http: Another batch list Life Sunglasses - http: Hi, I run a voiceover business and we do projects for web videos, radio commercials, business phone menus, etc.

Can you please include my site: How does it work? Do coinpayments convert the currency i'm willing to spend to btc and then to USD to realize the payment? I now accept all coins that are at coinpayments.

UrsaMajorisBeta on February 09, , EC Habit - http: You could add my website, netflix4btc. We just took the plunge and added a ton of altcoin payment options! Here's the full list we now accept: Please add my online store: Crypto-Currency Mining Hardware and Accessories http: You can earn anywhere from - ICN simply by signing up as a merchant!

Your currency under your control. It would be great if you could list my store: February 20, , It will display live prices for a selected cryptocurrency with graphics price changes on your website. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Quarkcoin Hi, Can you please edit cryptothrift. Duetschpire on February 20, , We have just launched Earthazaar, The Earthcoin Superstore. At Earthazaar you can add your own storefront, sell products, list items for auction, or even post freelance work.

Anyone can now easily earn alt-coins by auctioning used items, selling new products, or providing services. The only currency we accept is Earthcoin EAC. We also have a promotional listing bonus; look here for details: So, you can earn EAC just for listing an auction item.

You can join Earthazaar by visiting https: Just look for the seller links in the footer. Please contact Viperbass or BigRidg7 if you wish to accept iCoin another way. Additionally, make sure to inform us that your business is now accepting iCoin so we can make sure to advertise you on our announcement thread and promote you among our community as a new certified merchant!

Speaking of CoinPayments stores Support for Bitcoin and new items are being added daily. For every purchase, we will be donating paid votes towards DigiByte on the new Cryptsy voting system to take this fantastic coin to the top where it deserves to be. DigiByte - A Professionally Transparent Crypto currency with the best development team and an amazing community to back a coin with such potential.

DigiShield now implemented to stop pump and dumps. Great to see how many shops accept cryptocoin. In 10 years it's just normal like VISA. New crypto related site launching this month! We will have everything from a shop to guides, news and much more. Our members forum is intended to create a strong community around the site. We are UK based but ship worldwide. Original step by step guides to explain everything you need to know to get you into the crypto game!

E-mail us at info onecrypto. March 14, , Can you recommend a website that has an accurate chart that shows how many Devcoins it takes to get 1 Bitcoin? And since we're talking about new alt coin exchanges and avoiding any other MtGox type exchanges from getting so many customers to join their site.

This is the economic reality of power vacuums. Which is precisely what all cryptocurrencies are at this time. But the "Nxt is controlled by 73 insiders" is a myth that has been divulged very often here and is simply not true, that's why I commented it. Traxo, I know the Nothing at Stake problem and that PoS is not "objective" in the sense that there isn't, in every moment, a "longest chain" that all participants can identify.

What you quoted from your chat is basically what Andrew Poelstra wrote in his well known essay: I wasn't clear enough but that was what I meant with this phrase: PoS has some disadvantages, because no external resources are "burnt" and so its consensus depends on the blockchain history, but it can be organized in a way the disadvantages aren't relevant for a working cryptocurrency system.

Thus such an attack would be detected, recognized as an attack, and the new history rejected. This is not a distributed consensus! Vitalik Buterin, "How I learned to love weak subjectivity". I appreciate a lot of the commentary and I would not try to contradict anything necessarily but the discussion is about technical merit.

XEM is the first altcoin I have ever taken really seriously as a possible major technical advancement. I am still learning about it, but I am suprised there has not been more discussion of it on this thread. As I understand it, the founder admitted to using the sock puppet accounts and resigned, but I don't believe that there were thousands of them. Being technically superior to Bitcoin does not guarantee adoption.

But neither does centralization automatically negate technical merit. However the POI has interesting implications when considered from an economic perspective. It acta as an incentive to increase the velocity to borrow from monetary theory terminology or the speed at which the currency is transacted.

The best way to earn XEM through harvesting is to provide a service that sees high levels of circulation. It seems though that you have invested a lot of time into refuting PoS as a viable alternative to PoW, and I don't disagree that the same shortcomings could apply to PoI.

However, to keep importance high requires consistently transacting with accounts that one does not control ones self. Ultimately, this would seem to result in a net loss if one is not providing real utility to the network. Traxo, I know the Nothing at Stake problem and that PoS is not "objective" in the sense that there is, at every moment, a "longest chain" that all participants can identify.

I invite you to read Vitalik Buterin's article about Weak Subjectivity. That is done normally by frequent hard-coded checkpoints in every new minor version that don't differ from Bitcoin's checkpoints included in the Bitcoin versions.

This scarcity may be recoverable by punishing stakeholders who sign multiple histories. For example, if they use Schnorr or ECDSA signatures and are constrained to a specific choice of nonce, they must sign two messages with the same key, nonce pair in order to sign multiple histories, and this allows anyone to algebraically solve for their private key.

The "shocking document" you cite is much more superficial than Poelstra's and Buterin's documents and the linked Bitfury document, which is also mostly correct and completely ignores "altruism-prime", which in my opinion is the most important mechanism why PoS works: In some currencies like in NXT, a concept named "TaPoS" or "Economic Clustering" is used, that allows a new user to rapidly check if his node is on the same chain than his friends or his service providers exchanges etc.

The superficial nature of the "shocking document" can be proven that they have not only repeated the 73 founder myth of Nxt without some kind of comment. Traxo on August 19, , They are related by the fact that they are intended to give perspective on factors relating to the valuation and success of a currency.

I have been skeptical of PoS all along. My background is in economics and politics, however, and not computer science, which is why PoI seemed interesting to me. As for the thousands of sock puppet accounts, I don't have proof, but nor is their proof that this morally dubious marketing strategy was so extensive.

What blockchain based forum are you referring to? Does that mean you're doing bitbay next? Nice list of altcoins. I am looking forward to your views on Neo and XEM. What do you think of ZRX? I think you leap frogged over the key point of initial distribution. Which is tantamount to the launch of a currency. It's like evaluating money based on the graphics on it or anti-forgery features.

Other than that some good insights. I found the "Bitcoin Clone" comment offensive though. You gave the same exact comment for Litecoin as you did Doge coin. All of them literally a clone with a new icon. Lumping them in together is fraudulent. Where do i even begin to start? It was crooked from day one and rigged and manipulated before it even launched.

Care to explain why Coindesk kept running full page "news" stories about it before it even launched almost daily?

Suspect it might have had something to do with the BTC blocks bought up on launch day in mid ? They said they made about a quarter million dollars and asked the public what to spend it on etc.

Hmmm ETH you say? Funny how you all seem to completely ignore the puppet masters playing a rigged game here.

Even when Butters quietly keeps announcing he is dumping yet more of his ETH "holdings" And where may i asked did he get them from? It's been a long time since i looked at the web page list of titles and who is a paid employee.

Reminds me of Ripple and the trillions in premined coins all those guys got with just these few coins. Here is a reminder. Bitcoin and Litecoin were not premined. I take from this post to hold bitcoin and mostly ignore alts, i agree. What about namecoin you could do a review of that also? Also what about blackbytes - which are linked to byteball and apparently anonymous - they are currently not traded on any exchange.

Thanks, this was an incredibly interesting read. Would love to get your take on more of the currencies you didn't mention.

I am glad to hear your voice on different coins, you views help me on investing as I don't have so much time to know every coin. What about other alt coins like, stratis, Neo,Bitconnect, Omisego surely these also have technical merits. The other question i guess is also how many of current coins are actually decentralised.

BitcoinEXpress on August 18, , Cold Wallet Storage using How can Bitcoin be and Litecoin which is a clone is 0? It doesn't take a genius to see how that doesn't make sense. Segwit, Lightning Network Litecoin is basically a testing coin for Bitcoin. It is almost as though they planned it from the start to be that way.

Good read including all the comments that contributed some insight as well! The score ranging from 0. Looking forward to the rest and any chance of Sia coins, Golem and Nimiq?

If it's a clone then go ahead and mine it with your BTC miners then. Oh you mean the new hashing algo launched with Litecoin cloned by a thousand others later on? Hence the creation of Litecoin in the first place. The intention was to even the playing field on mining and it actually succeeded in doing so. At least for a time.. It was about mining guys. Spoetnik on August 20, , This list is going to spike.

Theymos got a big name in the crypto world and might pull more investors by creating this. Thank you and I hope the other list which is not yet researched will be given a chance. Now developers, be good and have more features and you might be listed here. August 20, , Great analysis but I wonder if a coin is a clone of bitcoin or ethereum, this makes it zero value in any case? Ethereum classic is not a basic clone of ethereum, it brings so-called ethereum's smart contracts and bitcoin's limited supply together.

August 21, , Definitely take a look at Skycoin. They've been in development since They are working to improve upon the flaws of Bitcoin as well as creating a decentralized internet powered by their currency. Lawyer on August 21, , Theymos please add Skycoin to your list of candidates. It fits most of your criterias I believe. I like this list and have been looking into the technologies behind these other coins as well. I believe Ethereum is looking into an off chain solution, the Raiden network to speed up transaction times.

I'm interested in your NEM review. You put a lot of value in technical merit, I do think there is more that certain coins can bring to the table. Just a little message to say that Zcoin is not a clone of Zcash, though that is a common misconception, so don't be too hard on yourself because a lot of people are "labouring under that illusion". But you should def change the OP as it's inaccurate and untruthful. These are the altcoins that should get recognition and awareness!

Invest in the tech! Do you want technical merit? Their project is ambitious yes, but they atleast has been working for years in something they believe it is necessary for the future.

Internet is more an more controlled and manipulated everyday, we must take precautions and start building a decentralised network replacing ISPs, the developers are quiet aware of the numerous backdoors that exists in nowadays servers and smart devices and they want to prevent the fatal consequences of corrupted internet.

We must avoid miners to get control over the blockchains, this is the main flaw of the Bitcoins original vision , skycoin has been doing research the last 4 years to solve that problem. Please, just have a look at the development blog, and tell us your thoughts! So your theory is that in PoS currencies like NXT, whales use a special client to coordinate their choices when the chain forks, and impose these to smaller nodes? Well, NXT's Economic Clustering, as far as I know, is indeed doing something similar "it shows you where the whales are" , but it doesn't force other nodes to follow their chain.

So I interpret it to be different than centralized coordination. For whales and other nodes, too , however, it may be rational to follow other whales because they're those who most lose in a chain split event. Of course I'm aware of the limitations of "altruism-prime" and about short term N S attacks.

I propose you to present your "shocking document" here in a dedicated thread once it's ready, I'll read it and then decide if it's convincing for me or not. The first lines Traxo quoted, however, didn't present nothing new for me, these lines are based on documents presented in or Maybe however, labeling the document as superficial was premature, but to be able to judge about that, I must read it completely. I had already deleted the section about Steem before you answered.

August 22, , So it is not a clone at all We use the Zerocoin protocol which isn't the same as the Zerocash protocol. While the Zerocoin protocol and a proof of concept software library libzerocoin was coded by the same guys who then moved on to the Zerocash paper and Zcash project, the implementation of Zerocoin is not trivial and indeed we're the first project to implement it.

We're in the midst of also improving libzerocoin as well and should be releasing updates soon. The Zerocash protocol used in Zcash was meant to be an improvement of the Zerocoin protocol and it does achieve a smaller proof sizes b very fast verification time c no need for fixed denominations d hides tx amounts e allows direct send of z-balances compared to Zerocoin which requires conversion to base coin.

So if that's the case, why are we at Zcoin bothering with the Zerocoin protocol? Zcash's setup combined with its trusted setup allows creation and sending of forged coins which cannot be detected if there's a problem. There is also research on removing the trusted setup for Zerocoin using Sigma protocol https: Note that proof sizes and verification times are something that we're actively working on.

Sigma allows proof sizes to be in the 1 kb range as well. We continue to evaluate and test. While we do agree that the Zerocash paper and its technologies are pretty amazing, we do think that pursuing active research and development into Zerocoin should be encouraged and it's thanks to Zcoin and our team that many other coins now are adopting our work and re-looking into Zerocoin.

Supply auditability in a system that allows destruction and creation of coins is pretty important especially when a trusted setup is employed. Also in encouraging anonymous tx use, a few seconds of computation time is much more palatable compared to minutes and also allows weaker devices to continue to do private tx.

I hope this clarifies any doubts you may have that Zcoin is merely a Zcash clone. The truth couldn't be any further and I hope that the OP can be updated. Implementing Zerocoin technology for financial privacy zcoin.

Theymos, I see that you put Litecoin in the 0 category since it is a clone of Bitcoin. Yba Muse on August 22, , The leadership election process for PoS is ambiguous. Even if the potential stakers are ranked such that the one with the highest ranking forges the next block, and forgers are penalized for forging on more than one chain, this is a security hole because the highest ranked staker can pretend to be offline and so the next ranked must forge the next block.

Then after honest stakers have done so, the higher ranked staker forges a block orphaning those, which creates an ambiguity over who is cheating. And delegated PoS is all about delegating from smaller stakes to coordinated delegates. Whales dictate the elected delegates due to the power-law distribution. As Spoetnik alluded to, Litecoin innovated Scrypt for the proof-of-work algorithm [ Traxo on August 22, , I missed that fun as well..

Aki4real on August 22, , And nothing gets more than a 4? Thank you Theymos for this wonderful list, I would just choose Ethereum as it's older and it has a solid platform. As what I have noticed, there's plenty of projects build under ETH so I will expect it to be more valuable in the future. Ipwich on August 22, , Thanks for the assessment Theymos.

We'll be glad to read more of it. If Bitcoin is I was expecting Ethereum to be around 80sh. I scrolled down and rofl seeing 1. Much more when I saw Iota at 0. DarkOps on August 22, , Gillette on August 23, , Thanks a lot for giving your opinions about promising altcoins. I am wondering why you delisted Counterparty.

Of course, it is inefficient in some way and has not proven good scalability but it is the only and best option for making Bitcoin blockchain open for more use cases. I would not count it out yet. I should make "ass itchy ccoin" The smart ass itching platform with a block-chain tacked on with a token slid in.. We'll be rich pajeets! I came for a currency.. Okay, this attack is one I was unaware of. But this kind of attack should only be a problem if the participants are "slashed" for voting on the wrong chain e.

In the latter, the attacker cannot create a history where another participant is double-voting and so is punished, so in this sense there is no ambiguity. The nodes should simply follow the attacker's chain because it should have more "chain trust" or similar "score" , but in that situation he is the "legit" validator so I don't see the problem.

His analysis failed to point out that the entropy for and thus the next signer is chosen by the current or blocks back signer, thus the only chain that wins is the one that the oligarchy signs every block they want to. You guys may think I'm a stubborn PoS e. But I may even reconsider my position on PoS - in fact, after I read Vlad's blog posts about the Casper history about one year ago, I already got pretty skeptic on it, or at least I thought it would lead to over-complicated and thus more exploitable algorithms.

The reason I got more optimistic on it were several forum discussions where it seemed that all really dangerous attacks on PoS would depend on very unlikely assumptions e. Traxo on August 24, , There is only one provably secure PoS whitepaper that has security proofs dealing with every aspect which those efforts you refer to lack. Ouroboros states clearly the tradeoffs required to achieve that security. The requirement that most of the stake has to remain online at all times, informs that PoS does not function in the real world without an oligarchy.

Thanks for compiling this list Theymos, I'll enable notifications on this post to receive updates I really appreciate you explaining everything surrounding ETH especially, you've just listed all of the reasons why I've refrained from investing in ETH.

I'm also fairly sure that we'll see some more issues popping up in the future. Crypto Games Catch the winning spirit. August 24, , I was seriously reading the opening post until I stumbled upon this: Solid coins, Id pretty much agree with everything on that list. Some BCH fan boys will be upset to see it on the 0 list but it really doesn't have any real value behind it.

February 02, , Theymos's list of altcoins with some technical merit August 16, , BitcoinBarrel Legendary Offline Activity:

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19 May I recently found approximately Dogecoins in my wallet, I know, it's a petty number but I was still curious, does that coin have any future?I've seen a small increase in price recently, should I keep them or exchange them for BTC? Any ways to earn any Dogecoins?. 16 Aug Check out my innovative blockchain+killer app project at wearebeachhouse.com https ://wearebeachhouse.com?topic= Which is tantamount to the launch of a currency. Doge came out during the SCRYPT cloning craze of late era and was among countless others like Kitteh Coin. Sun, 19 Nov eaa93f Best Forex Fundamental Analysis Book Stores Near Me Osymo. Money Management Forex E Books For Free Book Di Negoziazione Forex. Fundamental Analysis. Bitcointalk Kittehcoin Relaunch Book Tue,. UF University Forex Futures trading markets trader information from University for Forex.

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