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There is no such thing bitcointalk "virtual wealth". Martin Armstrong Discussion Annotation 04, Why people who promote craptocurrency over metals are idiots: The set of currencies which will be available annotation launch is still to be decided. Bitcointalk on December 02,mcxnow SanderHelgesen16 on Mcxnow 29,

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Compromised servers resulted in access to encrypted backup files of wallet keys. Good luck with the new exchange! Don't get me wrong, I'm not crying about it Nobody knows who invented this technology. Kapiton - A Swedish exchange trading platform site, launched for a limited client base on April 18, The total amount of rawxFEEs will still be ,

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We will issue this special report and mcxnow video updates throughout the course of when necessary to supplement the report. Mcxnow followed the chat feed and it appears the exchange is changing owners, or bitcointalk least adopting some co-owners. Why did it annotation down annotation And even if you want to earn some kind of "interest" you can deposit coins in BitVC or even Okcoin. But some positive speculation is called for Bitcointalk think:

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Mcxnow bitcointalk annotation

Mcxnow bitcointalk annotation

Gox shortly soon after, on August 11, As of August , Britcoin rebranded itself as Intersango , now also defunct. The exchange closed its doors on February 5 The founders claimed to have moved on to work on a booming new business venture. Kapiton - A Swedish exchange trading platform site, launched for a limited client base on April 18, WeExchange - Also known as Weex, is a bitcoin currency exchange and trading platform launched in Dec Although the website is still up, the last volume on this exchange was on November 26, Lasting almost a year, in March the company claimed its wallet got hacked and all of their bitcoins were stolen.

By Dec the site went missing, and the service was pronounced another scam by Bitcointalk users. Cryptorush - CryptoRush was a multi-currency exchange launched in February , around the same time as BlackCoin.

In March, the company announced that their BlackCoin was stolen by some users, caused by a bug in the BlackCoin daemon. Only a month later, a Reddit user, claiming to be a former employee of the company, wrote a divulging post on how much of a scam this exchange was, detailing a string of eye-opening information. MintPal - In July , the company reported that it had been hacked, losing a large amount of VeriCoin.

In October , the company operating Mintpal, Moolah, said that Mintpal is shutting down. In February , the sites owner, Ryan Kennedy, was arrested over the theft of 3, Bitcoins.

Prelude - Prelude posted on their website that it's currently up as a technology preview for people to try some low volume trades prior to the site going live. The debate still rages around whether or not Prelude, and owner Moolah, are guilty of being scammers or not. LibertyBit - Launched in February , Vancouver-based LibertyBit announced a temporary suspension of trade in June , never to be heard from again. Comkort - Estonian based exchange Comkort finished its Beta testing in March In July, the company ceased operation.

Melotic - In May a Hong Kong-based startup, Melotic, announced closing its digital asset exchange, due to lack of sufficient growth. The company announced closure on October 13 and will be officially closed on November 15, Excoin - In February, the company announced that it was hacked and in March, the platform announced that they are preparing for a relaunch of the new Excoin trading platform. Bitspark - A Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange that announced at the end of April that it was closing its exchange to focus on its remittance services.

Murgio and Yuri Lebedev, for operating an underground, unlicensed bitcoin exchange, in violation of federal anti-money laundering AML laws and regulations. Harborly - Texas-based exchange Harborly launched early this year, and by August announced that it is closing down, citing that the shutdown "has not been prompted by a hack, by fraudulent activity, or by a security-related incident.

Out of the 36 exchanges in this two were sold to larger companies, living on, if only in essence. Another two lost banking relationships, forcing closure in spite of any potential. In total, more than , bitcoins have been stolen from their rightful owners. Apparently, it has been easy to go bankrupt, get hacked, give in to corruption, or otherwise fail to make a profitable business out of exchanging bitcoins for currency.

While many of these failures have affected individuals, to varying extents, each one has added to the bitcoin ecosystem, and today's new exchanges are more secure and fortified than ever. No matter how secure these exchanges become, there is a simple lesson to be learnt. Possession is nine-tenths of the law, and in bitcoin, possession of the keys is ten-tenths of the law.

I expect Ethereum will be the epitome of this example. Many of these people in the bitcoin space constantly flip flop back and forth due to the inherent god complex in programmers, so it's hard to keep track of who is on what side. The one constant trait in bitcoin is that the people who know the absolute least about it have the most confidence, or at least 'portrayed' confidence about it.

Opinions or a tl,dr? Market is still bigger than anyone one person.. Central bank targeting is more efficient and ideal over gold backed inflation FlTZ on November 29, , December 02, , CornCube on December 02, , I would never design a crypto project wherein the individual users aka the tyranny-of-the-mob could vote or otherwise be involved in mutating the protocol. The users should only be able to enforce the protocol, and never mutate it.

Because users are dumb and have many conflicting needs they want to meet, which may have nothing to do with objectivity, i. Satoshi designed proof-of-work such that the miners and whales decide. December 03, , CornCube on December 03, , CoinHoarder on December 02, , I think you misunderstand who the miners are.

They are likely banksters themselves It is a very easy to understand and sensible plan, and a very well orchestrated pump and dump. The masses will never trust or use cryptocurrencies if the elites go through with your purported doomsday theory.

They can profit off of the pumping and dumping of Bitcoin Cash greatly, and they will still be able to keep their Bitcoin stashes very valuable while doing so as a bonus. CornCube on December 04, , Thus I still continue working on my altcoin protocol.

There is no such thing as "virtual wealth". The only wealth that exists are real world physical objects, not objects in your imagination. December 04, , The Zionists control all major monetary systems of the world.

Unless you think Bitcoin is some silly shit that will have no significant impact, then the Zionists control it. The rest of us will be pushed off on to fiat electronic currencies, which is what LN is all about.

Bitcoin was created to help bring about the NWO. Satoshi Nakamoto is the name assigned to this mysterious unknown person or people who designed Bitcoin and created its original reference implementation. Nobody knows who invented this technology. It is entirely possible that this movement is a false flag created by the government to move society to accept the end of tangible money. It is very strange that the person who invented this technology is unknown and has not stepped forward to demand some royalty.

Gold is Wealth for Giants; they do not need to trade it. Latest idea circulating in certain Gold bug scenes is that the Gold price is surpressed so China can obtain enough of it to warrant an equal position at the table when, not if; when the Global monetary system is re-established upon another major financial crisis hitting. Armstrong is finally going to give us a report analysing cryptocurrency!

Should I just give up an sell all my gold and just buy stocks after the Senate passed tax reform? Gold has its time and place. The Gold Report will also cover cryptocurrency since many of the goldbugs abandoned gold for Bitcoin. Will BitCoin peak with a low in gold? We will issue this special report and provide video updates throughout the course of when necessary to supplement the report. We will let you know when it is available to purchase after the 1st of the year. Powered by SMF 1.

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Summary - TheRealSolid, Picture/Text ICQ: AIM: MSN: YIM: Email: hidden. Website: mcxNOW. Current Status: Offline. Gender: Male. Age: Location: Earth. Local Time: October 28, , PM. Signature: https://mcxnow. com - Fast and secure coin exchange. Primecoin / Litecoin / Mincoin / Worldcoin / . Let's be serious. He's an excellent c++ coder but he doesn't know how to operate an exchange for shit. Right now, he needs to perform some site maintenance. So naturally, he shuts down the entire website for weeks at a time and is going to wipe out everyone's wallets if they don't withdraw in time. 23 Oct UpBit - Launched In September , this Russian crypto/fiat exchange was reportedly shut down, according to Bitcoin Talk users. CoinEX - A Russian exchange Launched in McxNOW - Launched in September , McxNOW was a digital currency exchange. The company claimed that all balances.

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