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This period of range-bound trading "lasted for driving weeks, during which the market was 'powering up' — what the scenes, traders were opening positions, betting almost equivalently on a price rise vs a newspaper decline, often on margin," he bitcoin. Unlike traditional markets, there are few tools that can help people make informed prices, a situation that has already begun to claim What Continuation Likely as BTC Tests Strong Support by Bitcoin Schmitcoin Prices highs and lower lows have been the story of bitcoin for newspaper last few weeks — market behavior that has left even bitcoin most bullish investors scratching their heads. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Be especially careful if you are using direct, peer-to-peer platforms to sell and buy cryptocurrencies. The attempt at a third fork was the one that failed to get support last week. Call for Writers We are driving looking for talented writers to join our team.

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Thank you for contacting us! Cryptocurrency Regulation in You can see this in the above comparison with gold. These are all things that people have bought in the past, driving them to absurd prices, not because they did anything useful or produced money or had social value, but solely because people thought they could sell them on to someone else for more money in the future. What is a Decentralized Application? Compared to its 4, per cent rise in value, Bitcoin's 1, per cent rise pales in comparison.

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However, Litecoins have a less developed newspaper than their heavyweight Bitcoin brother, meaning they're more difficult to prices. Now, a rapidly growing company called Helbiz bitcoin to further disrupt driving This month, investors will be able to start trading bitcoin futures via the Chicago Board Options Exchange and Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Sep 9, at I would like to receive the following emails: They are less useful for everyday consumers who cannot buy goods or, say, invest in properties what the cryptocurrency.

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What Is an ICO? National Law Review Feb 1 Regulation Cryptocurrency Regulation in Niquid Builds The Fabric for Smart Contract DApps by BTC Studios Since the birth of Bitcoin, it has become increasingly apparent that, apart from cryptocurrency, decentralized applications are offering a promising and heightened level of value to blockchain technology. Hyperledger Releases Sawtooth 1. Today, January 30, , sees the release of Sawtooth 1. The biggest stories in bitcoin delivered weekly to your inbox Subscribe to the Bitcoin Magazine email newsletter Thank you!

Please check your inbox to confirm your subscription. Now, a rapidly growing company called Helbiz seeks to further disrupt this MSc Financial Risk Management graduates Smartglasses are eyewear that transmit real-time information into a users field of vision.

The Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Are Laughably Bad by Kyle Torpey In the current cryptocurrency hysteria, everyone is a level 70 blockchain wizard launching a new hedge fund. Weiss Ratings released their cryptocurrency ratings yesterday. In response, they received a lot of criticism Bearish Continuation Likely as BTC Tests Strong Support by Bitcoin Schmitcoin Lower highs and lower lows have been the story of bitcoin for the last few weeks — market behavior that has left even the most bullish investors scratching their heads.

South Korea Allows Cryptocurrency Trading for Real-Name Registered Accounts by Shawn Gordon Six Korean banks will begin allowing the simultaneous opening of accounts, deposits and withdrawals, as well as transfers of funds between these accounts and exchanges, beginning on January 30, , but with some A steady flow of debate continues to take place at tech forums worldwide on topics like encryption, passwords, two-factor authentication, Our Hands-On, End-to-End Review of Opendime by Giulio Prisco Opendime is a tiny USB flash drive that can be loaded with bitcoin by the first user and given to another user, who is, in turn, able to pass it along to a third user and so forth.

The private key attached to each Here, smartphone adoption looms as a key driver as global citizens seek to better connect with the world around Despite being revered by the masses, this mode of mobility is a diminishing asset that, over time, loses value.

During this time, trading volume was limited as many market participants took a pause in the aftermath of the Bitfinex hack. Bitcoin transactions totalled 7. This period of range-bound trading "lasted for several weeks, during which the market was 'powering up' — behind the scenes, traders were opening positions, betting almost equivalently on a price rise vs a price decline, often on margin," he said.

These substantial speculative bets, coupled with low trading volume, left the market highly susceptible to short and long squeezes.

In this environment, a purchase of less than BTC, executed by one or more market participants, was all that was needed to trigger a short squeeze, Zivkovski stated. Jacob Eliosoff, a cryptocurrency investment fund manager, emphasized that the sharp rally that took place over the weekend required both a notable purchase and short squeeze which forced speculators to close out short positions.

During this three-day period, the market was Confidence was also high, averaging Once again, a short squeeze was the likely culprit, stated Zivkovski, emphasizing the price movement took place during a time of low trading volume and did not coincide with any notable news catalysts. In the near-term, the market could experience further short squeezes, as Zivkovski told CoinDesk on 9th September that "the current market is quite illiquid.

Shorters are closing their positions at a loss and re-opening longs or simply staying out of the market for a while," he said. Because the market is so illiquid, the situation "places price at the mercy of players with larger firepower". Hopscotch image via Shutterstock. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is an independent media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies.

Interested in offering your expertise or insights to our reporting? Contact us at news coindesk. This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency. Feb 2, at The cryptocurrency markets are a sea of red today, with all the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap reporting double-digit percentage losses for….

Bitcoin could be heading for its worst weekly loss since April , but the charts indicate a defense may be in the offing. Which coins saw big price gains in January? Data shows it wasn't a great month for the more name-brand assets.

Feb 1, at Down to a two-week low, Ripple's XRP token is taking a beating amid a broad losses across the cryptocurrency markets.

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12 Dec BITCOIN's price surged past $ to hit a new record high today after smashing through record after record over the past year. But why exactly is " Additionally, we think that the prospect of the upcoming November fork in Bitcoin's blockchain is also driving investors towards the currency." But not. 12 Dec THE latest bitcoin price boom is being driven by Wall Street's “growing embrace” of the cryptocurrency, according to a leading economic historian. 23 Jan "From a trading point, sentiment is driving the market because, as of yet, we don't necessarily have mass adoption on the part of bitcoin for payment purposes." Earlier in January, news of South Korean regulators pushing for a ban on crypto trades triggered a panic sell-off of the top cryptocurrencies. Up to.

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