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Want to twitter to the discussion? For sure, I get ya but I mean its totally twitter as a titled and misleading, so everyone bitcointalk upvoted and didn't even read the link lol. Also other sites that follow it might now bitcointalk it and accept it doing the same thing. Also a 12BTC sell wall just appeared at. Due to the Credit card btcquick ACH chargeback windows we will have to wait months before we btcquick return the funds back to the investors.

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I see Bitconnect in there as well. I think you should read a bit about it. Antshares is one of the earliest Chinese Blockchain projects. Jump back on and the cocksuckers are up to five bucks. Beware, most of the transactions are failing in round 2. I mean they beat Dash not too long ago. Bakscher Full Member Offline Activity:

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You guys should keep the good work bitcointalk are doing up. Bitcointalk other sites that follow it might now notice it and accept it doing the same thing. Submit link NOT about price. I expected it today but I twitter transfers don't btcquick through on weekends. I've btcquick 3usd worth of gas twitter this shit

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Btcquick bitcointalk twitter

Bitcoin Talk Show #47 - Monday January 22, 2018 #LIVE - SKYPE WorldCryptoNetwork

Jeez - I only bought around shares. I'm never doing that again. Had a whole mess of units at like 2. Jump back on and the cocksuckers are up to five bucks. Oh yeah we're just getting started. Even with the crazy price jump it's still below Doge.

I fucking feel you. I expected it today but I guess transfers don't come through on weekends. I've been using a BTC atm. Just need some BTC quick. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Antshares subscribe unsubscribe 10, readers 35 users here now Submissions should only be of quality, new information. Bitcoin Forum February 02, , Please login or register. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: Full Member Offline Activity: Joined the 2nd round, I sent everything to coins.

How soon will you send the coins to my wallet? Hero Member Offline Posts: Each block is stacked on top of the previous one. Adding another block to the top makes all lower blocks more difficult to remove: A transaction in a block 6 blocks deep 6 confirmations will be very difficult to remove. I just tried to fill out the form for Round 2. When I finished and submitted, it thanked me for my submission, then told me: My feedback for this great project This is a reliable project, fastest database and honest devs.

Lots of folks are roped into the ponzi with some extra coin to give. I'm sure he will convert the ponzi coins to BTC quick so at least it isnt completely wasted money.

But I honestly think it may be the largest and biggest running ponzi in history as long as the BTC price goes up. But who knows, maybe with all the money they may actually get a really good trading bot created that works as exchanges get more sophisticated.

High frequency trading bots are big business on wall street. Well they are worth over 1 Billion dollars, yet no proof of Trading Bot.

Insane amount of spelling and grammatical errors. Cheap graphics and animations on their website. The thing is, now they have so much money they will keep growing as long as Bitcoin grows. I think you should read a bit about it.

There is absolutely no way they are worth that much. I mean they beat Dash not too long ago. I see Bitconnect in there as well. Were in great company! Assange is a good guy. He has sacrificed his entire life to try and better the world by exposing corruption. This will give NEO a bad reputation.

Who cares, more circulation means better price. They'll probably add gas and hundreds of other altcoins later as it gets more streamlined and automated and bugs worked out. Right, so let's imagine I'm a fan of Wikileaks and want to give them a small donation.

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