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ThomasV on August 09, Select the PDF document you would like to bitcointalk comments to. Users would notes allowed notes annotate an address or bitcointalk only if they can sign their message annotation the private key corresponding to the bitcoin address they want to annotate. We need to build bitcointalk tools that notes allow us to detect annotation prevent laundering. This could take the form of a webpage where users upload a list of bitcoin addresses, or it could be integrated directly to the bitcoin client with an API. Which one is the NEXT 10 times annotation coin?

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A new hashing protocol here, a voting system there - it's basically Bitcoin. August 10, , In it's favor is the media friendly name, the original code, present take up and the large total supply. That having been said, there is so much work that has been done since the initial publication that it is a non-issue for quantum cryptography. The two primary peer reviewers are PhD-holding mathematicians and cryptographers. Summary on Anonymous Coin June 19, ,

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There is no obligation and bitcointalk accounts are free. Would they bitcointalk to actually send you police notes I annotation sure it notes going to be hot topic here. Summary on current Anon Coin! The main reason being that most devs will just tinker around the edges - as has happened annotation date.

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Summary on Anonymous Coin

Remember, there's no way to "deny" a transaction. Anyone in possession of coins that had been annotated as bad could go on to cause lots of trouble for other people very easily.

ThomasV on August 08, , Hero Member Offline Activity: August 09, , ThomasV on August 09, , I'm attempting to build such a tool gradually as I get time in bitnot. CydeWeys on August 09, , Why would I want to do that? I received the money in a legitimate transaction, presumably in exchange for something else that I no longer have.

Why would I turn around and give it to someone else? Exchanges of currency in real life don't work like that. Odds are that one of the bills in my wallet was stolen from someone at some point, but that doesn't mean that, if I could track down the original person it was stolen from, I should give it to that person.

I received these bills from bank, which gave them to me because my job deposits money into said bank. I don't owe them to anyone else. How would you stop people falsely flagging addresses? Would they have to actually send you police reports? I am an employee of Ripple. I am not talking about reverting transactions, or owing something. I am talking about finding the identity of the scammer, or helping the police to find him. August 10, , So I came for the loony libertarian pseudo-anonymous cryptocurrency, and I stay to give out my client's information because they happened to be six degrees of separation from a scammer?

JoelKatz on August 10, , It is a common misunderstanding of Libertarianism that you get to to do whatever you want to do exactly they way you want to do it. In fact, other people also get to to do whatever they want to do to the same extent, and if that includes revealing information that you would prefer to keep private, that's tough. Okay, so someone buys something from me using coins who were a few hops down the line was scammed or stolen from someone.

Keep in mind that at every step of the way no one gets a choice of what coins they receive, which they spend, etc. As stated previously, pick any of the richest BTC addresses and send some scammed coins there - now what happens? Anyway, so I spend those coins on to someone else who happens to be participating in one such bullshit there's-no-regulation-so-let's-invent-some scheme, who turns around and goes "STOP! One of two things happens at this point: I'm leaning towards probably the second situation happening, because in general people filled with impotent rage on the internet won't simply go home and cool off once they realized their plan won't succeed.

So in that case, fuck everything about this stupid idea. In an attempt to fix the "bitcoin is irreversible and pseudo-anonymous" thing which can arguably be considered a feature rather than a flaw , we do our best to turn the complete-history-back-to-genesis thing into a flaw as well.

Powered by SMF 1. February 02, , ThomasV Legendary Offline Activity: Hero Member Offline Posts: Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. Where is the next 10 times profit coin??? Summary on current Anon Coin! I am sure it is going to be hot topic here. Full Member Offline Activity: Which one is the NEXT 10 times profit coin?

Hero Member Offline Activity: Just IMHO of course. Apart from the fact that it should be secure and work well I think the breakthrough coin will come from two main strengths; New code and name. I don't believe any new coin that is forked from Bitcoin will challange bitcoin. The main reason being that most devs will just tinker around the edges - as has happened to date. A new hashing protocol here, a voting system there - it's basically Bitcoin. If a coin is developed from scratch then I believe it will have a chance.

The devs can implement truly new protocols and concepts, react very quickly to problems or issues and development of new forms of infrastructure will be quicker and easier.

As for the name - I believe that any coin using the term Dark, Cloak or anonymous will not get mainstream engagement or approval. Max Keiser might like it but your local coach company or fiat gateway provider will not! Too many connotations involving very nasty people with these kind of terms. Really, this leaves the Cryptonote coins and any future coin based on Zerocash. Whilst zerocash is interesting and is 'proper' academic research ironically this may be it's Achilles heel.

Like many people here I would definitely be interested in a zerocash coin but there is always the possibility that the researchers will be 'leaned on' by TPTB to give it up. So that leaves the Cryptonotes. Past history tells us that the first coin takes it all - that would indicate Bytecoin as the ultimate replacement for Bitcoin.

In it's favor is the media friendly name, the original code, present take up and the large total supply. I could be wrong but if I had to name a coin that will overtake Bitcoin at some point it would have to be Bytecoin. J1mb0 on June 19, , Keyboard-Mash on June 19, ,

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