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If crypto dogecoin mainstream then we'd easily see value dollar market caps. This is a way will to the Bitcoin world without having tech know how or the financial clout. And then, the rocket ran out of gas. Some tips to share content and add value: The virtual currency's meteoric rise in recent increase has the project's creator expressing dogecoin about will excess. Increase for many they will not grow. Value don't want to give any investment advices.

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Please login or register. I respect all the points made, but I see it simpler as of Jan. Among an ocean of get rich quick schemes, scams, pumps and dumps, this is the only coin which has a community centered on the positive things that crypto-currency can do. Dogs are very curious looked around 15 sat. Aug 24, Messages: Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Subscribe increase Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to dogecoin blog and receive notifications value new posts by email. THAT is why Doge will succeed in will medium term. While Dogecoin is technically a fork of Litecoin, they increase changed several parameters. It was obvious that sooner or later will will shoot. Priyanka They are quite different from Dogecoin. Enter your email address to dogecoin to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Want to add to value discussion?

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Will dogecoin value increase

DOGE - Dogecoin RISING! Can It Go Higher? Buy or Sell?

Dogs are very curious looked around 15 sat. It was obvious that sooner or later they will shoot. But for many they will not grow. Nov 1, Messages: In China,next year is dog year, maybe it will bring many Chinese buy dog coin! Many of "small" coins will rise sometime. Dec 2, Messages: The time will come when joke coin will die.

Now market is growing and people do not understand what matters in this field GambleTime , Dec 28, Aug 24, Messages: Dogecoin price increasing is effected by the bitcoin price growth.

Doge coin price is very low and it is affordable for the newbie and small investor who have a less amount to invest in this market. Doge coin will be double the money of investor in the next two month which is dead sure. Not easy at all Onion will double dead sure. Aug 21, Messages: So there is some practical use to it too. Oct 30, Messages: Based on what I read online dogecoin is a shit coin Any good reasons to buy dogecoin? If crypto goes mainstream then we'd easily see trillion dollar market caps.

You could also end up with your coins being less worth over the years. Crypto currency is still relatively new and experimental.

Don't trade p2p if you don't trust the other person. Well it's been a few years and not even close, although it's looking good now. Best case scenario, I'd say 10 years from the coin's founding, maybe it's a buck a coin.

Problem is, it's gonna feel tempting to sell even at a penny a coin. In that scenario, don't sell all of the coins. Or more correct - not the way it is being handled now.

The current doge amount ,,, actually acts like a multiplier factor against the current price amount. However, it's the It's the rate at which people snap that up that will determine the dogecoin price. So negating the market cap from the calculation, it's easy to calcuate how much new investment into dogecoin will affect the price. Eventually the market will be saturated though, as everybody has crypto in the end, and it becomes a common mode of payment.

How are people making a 25x return unless they are selling pure doge for USD? This question always comes around annoyingly but I did a quick breakdown the other day Here. It will raise tho, a lot.

Lets start with a x2 within 2weeks. It will simply rise due to the price of dogecoin, look at it, it's so cheap. Cheap coin usually raise quickly. That might sound too casual, but it's not. Not in a few months, probably in a few years.

But we would go down before we go up. It happened before, it would happen again. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. A place to discuss dogecoin, come up with new ideas with the community. Among an ocean of get rich quick schemes, scams, pumps and dumps, this is the only coin which has a community centered on the positive things that crypto-currency can do Dogecoin price ticker: Follow reddit's content policy 2.

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I am holding an amount of dogecoin but it is down badly. Do you think it will increase? Sad. I would try to think of any reason why it would recover in price and sadly I cannot think of one. It does have quite an enthusiastic community using it, but that's not new it's always been there. It's a coin that has a huge. I wrote an article titled “The Past and Future of Bitcoin's Price”, and for this article will be applying similar concepts to analyze the future price of Dogecoin. Currently 1 Dogecoin is worth $, or $ for 1, Dogecoins. The highest recorded price per Dogecoin was $ in February during a speculative. what about prediction of dogecoin value 1D = 1$ I'm new and i saw dogecoin much strong other than currencies i watched prediction about dogecoin [–] Userbelow1 4 points5 points6 points 7 months ago (3 children). It will actually reach $, but not right now. It will raise tho, a lot. Lets start with a x2.

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