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Being that crypto is not tangible and is completely based on perceived value according to perceived demand rather than real demand, I think it is fair to argue that cryptocurrencies rely entirely on currency and fad in order to maintain market strength. When The Economist wrote about a global currency being launched incurrency perhaps did not have a precise inkling back bitcoin on how it would come about. The block chain technology does have something of value to offer, but Bitcoins in and of themselves have nothing. The stage is set for a new and even greater crisis, a crisis which will soften the public to the idea of a single world monetary world and a single economic authority. Dozens of new cryptocurrencies bitcoin springing up every day, but only a bitcoin few will survive. Source code, talk to me I am into breaking code that software world write. In currency to Wealth transfer to the by Dame World Possum.

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It would make sense that a cryptocurrency would be used to usher in a one world currency and the antichrist. So, I will put that claim to rest right now, permanently, by pointing out that magazine and research archives completely unrelated to " conspiracy theory " have the Phoenix issue on record. Thus, we have the reason why central bankers and international financial conglomerates are piling into bitcoin like it's the hottest tech stock on the Nasdaq. I said, they are gone, I don't think I can get them back. The world population is a little less than 7. Bitcoin Statistics Many have wondered if bitcoin could be the next global currency. Cryptocurrency and the creation of blockchain technology is the answer.

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World fact that every single bitcoin is compiled, cataloged and tracked in the blockchain "ledger. In reply to That's not true. They tell secrets to their lovers, leak to the media in order to promote themselves, or simply forget bitcoin briefcase full of incriminating evidence in a public place. If the sacrifice of the old world system currency U. Bitcoins do not depreciate as a result of government budget deficits, and currency can't use your Bitcoins to make risky investments. Thursday, 27 July Her name is Blythe Masters.

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The Globalist One World Currency Will Look A Lot Like Bitcoin

Bitcoin 1 world currency

Logistically, you could never have the same paper fiat all over the world acting as a one world currency. It would have to be a digital currency. However, the fact that Bitcoin, the block chain, is decentralized, makes one wonder if it could be controlled by the antichrist. The antichrist would have to take over the internet. The fact that it is on the network, your account can easily be disabled, preventing you from buying and selling, unless you take the mark of the beast.

So, whether or not Bitcoin, or some other cryptocurrency ends up being the one world currency remains to be seen, however it is a very high probability that it will be a digital currency, and not paper, or gold or silver.

Way back in the Garden of Eden in Genesis Chapter 2 gold is first mentioned: Based on the principal of first use, God says the gold of that land is good. Clearly if God said the gold was good, then Satan would hate and despise gold. So, in these last days as the antichrist comes to power he will not allow gold, which is true money, the best form of money, to be used as the one world currency.

He will create a currency that could never be as valued as gold. Throughout all human history nothing has been able to take the place of gold and silver for money. All fiat eventually loses its value. Right now, Bitcoin seems to be managing to usurp gold and silvers role, but I wonder what would happen when and if a newer, better cryptocurrency appears, the Bitcoins will lose all their value.

The block chain technology does have something of value to offer, but Bitcoins in and of themselves have nothing. You are taking a big gamble thinking that Bitcoin will always be the leader of the pack.

It reminds me of the dot com days. Companies sprang up over night with no real business model. People invested in all these companies based on some future expectation that they would be rewarded. People were very gullible. Bitcoins do not depreciate as a result of government budget deficits, and banks can't use your Bitcoins to make risky investments.

Who needs a Swiss bank account? Or any bank account? What's not to like? For starters, the value of Bitcoins has been extremely volatile. Due to its anonymity, some people have been using Bitcoin to execute illegal transactions. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg believes that the surge in Bitcoin has been driven by the illegal narcotics trade.

The recent "Wannacry" computer attack demanded ransom payment in Bitcoin. While I don't have a firm opinion on Bitcoin as an alternative currency, I do have more conviction on Bitcoin as an investment: But, that doesn't mean it won't continue to gain in popularity and broader use. Japan has legalized crypto-currencies. Other countries will likely follow. Beyond the many illegal uses for an anonymous currency, there are other risks: As investors, we look to threats to the companies we hold or may consider as well as opportunities to invest in companies that may benefit.

Earlier we mentioned the credit card companies and PayPal. PayPal emerged as a way to pay for online purchases by authorizing online transfers of money without having to disclose credit information online.

Paypal links user accounts to their bank accounts or credit cards and doesn't undermine or erode banking or credit card businesses. Perhaps the banks will find ways to embrace cyber-currencies by linking those balances to credit cards or other borrowing and lending activities. The internet has forever changed the world, and it continues to change and transform our lives.

Cell phones have many times the computing speed and capacity provided by the enormous computers with reel-to-reel tapes of the s. Bitcoin may prove to be the new monetary paradigm, but the bet is large and the risk enormous. If you want to gamble, go to a casino where they will at least give you a free drink! We will continue to monitor this new currency and the possible effects on our portfolio.

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6 Nov Bitcoin, which is the de-facto digital currency is being talked about as being a one world currency. Talks of Illuminati have been brought up ever since people think that a group of people all over the world want to create a one world currency. Well the good part is, Bitcoin isn't going to be the only. The current popularity of bitcoin doesn't mean that bitcoin will be the Antichrist's one-world currency. In fact, it probably won't. Bitcoin is only one of over 1, different virtual currencies, including Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Ripple, and Monero. It's more likely that, if the Antichrist uses a form of cryptocurrency, it will be. 7 Nov It is codified in the Bretton-Woods institutions and the role of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency. Since all financial actors need to A bitcoin token sits next to the image of George Washington on a U.S. one dollar bill in this arranged photograph in London, U.K., on Wednesday, Jan. 4,

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