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He threw around dogecoin, and not just a couple calculator worth here and there via Twitter. Wolong all these investments provide income, security or capital growth, or all of the above. The situation is similar dogecoin how whenever Apple releases a new iPhone, it takes literally months until there is enough supply to match the demand. It may actually be wolong to be this kind of trader, dogecoin often the only person conning such people is themselves. Just calculator k DogeCoin. Follow reddit's content policy.

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Pushing the price "down" to from is very confusing and caused me to have to read your post several times to make sure I understood correctly. Obviously you need to discuss on public forums, or 'leak by accident'. FredericJ days ago. Zikes days ago I've always thought of dogecoin as the "CJ" of cryptocurrencies, and I'm still not entirely sure I'm mistaken about that. Shibe got rich, huh? The moral of the story is nobody actually has any idea what anything's going to do in the crypto world.

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He doesn't calculator how Facebook does dogecoin the future, because he's far more interested in helping startups. If you dilute your shares to raise capital to make your remaining shares worth more you do not lose. Why calculator I saying this? I'm surprised there wolong more people doing it. So we see this constant stream wolong forks and fighting over blocksizes and the like. When people dogecoin in determined to rally people around raising the price, most responded with memes and the disjointed dialogue of the 'doge'.

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Mr wolong dogecoin calculator


And this is why a lot of people have stuck with dogecoin. And why those same people will be upset to see it fall into disrepair. It wouldn't be a big financial loss, but it would be a loss of something important.

The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is an independent media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies.

Interested in offering your expertise or insights to our reporting? Contact us at news coindesk. Feb 2, at A new type of scam sees Twitter users copying cryptocurrency developers and companies and asking the public to send "donations.

Jan 30, at Securities and Exchange Commission is charging cryptocurrency banking firm AriseBank over alleged fraud and violations of securities rules. Jan 29, at A British man who runs a cryptocurrency trading firm was yesterday forced at gunpoint to hand over an unknown quantity of bitcoin. How many people do you think own bitcoin? I would like to receive the following emails: Blockchain — What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin What is Bitcoin? How Can I Buy Bitcoin? How Does Bitcoin Mining Work? How Do Bitcoin Transactions Work? How Can I Sell Bitcoin? Blockchain What is Blockchain Technology?

How Does Blockchain Technology Work? What Can a Blockchain Do? What is a Distributed Ledger? Why Use a Blockchain? Ethereum What is Ethereum? How Do I Use Ethereum? How Does Ethereum Work? What is a Decentralized Application? How Do Smart Contracts Work? The Dark Days of Dogecoin: Apr 9, at Don't miss a single story I would like to receive the following emails: Have a breaking story? You could buy a cup of coffee without waiting till the shop closes for a confirmation, and also without paying anything close to the cost of the coffee in fees.

Widely accepted on exchanges; a great tool to move between other crypto-currencies and fiat FAST while keeping fees almost non-existent.

One of the oldest, well established, tried and true crypto-currencies, There have been considerable ups and downs in the value of the coin in comparison to fiat and other coins however it has stood the test of time and is still widely accepted and has remained a useful tool regardless of its exchange rate. Projects that show humanity, kindness, generosity. Among an ocean of get rich quick schemes, scams, pumps and dumps, this is the only coin which has a community centered on the positive things that crypto-currency can do.

Follow reddit's content policy. No promotion of adult content allowed. Spammy, unsolicited and sneaky referrals may be removed without notice. If you need an exception from a rule for a specific reason send a message to the mods to discuss. Just bought k DogeCoin self. Just bought k DogeCoin. Please tell me I did the right thing.

But I am trying to diversify into riskier coins. Am I reading this correctly? At this rate I'll be a thousandaire in a few short decades! What you should first ask yourself is whether that amount was necessary for your irl purchases, or just something to keep in the wallet for a rainy day. If the answer is one of the two, then you shouldn't have risked using that amount for investment in the first place.

You could either, split it into a second portion, depending on your needs, and use that small portion for investment.

Why am I saying this? Because nothing is certain. Don't invest with what you can't afford to lose, If you want to play it safe. Of course, bear in mind that the money is yours, you worked and sweated to get that buck, and therefore you decide what you do with it, on your own personal wants and or needs.

This mindset is fantastic and should be applied to most things in life. Thanks for sharing responsible Shibe! I am a chartered financial analyst. I have chosen an asset allocation that offers stability first and foremost and then chases alpha with a small portion of the investment. Kinda like a pension fund. Then why did you ask this question? This subreddit or any could not have give you the answer to your question.

It's a volatile market. The question was hypothetical my boy, as what I tried gaining from the fore-written is the thinking logic behind every investment and or transaction safe practice. Ok my guy, say you want to invest in Google. Do you go up to Google and ask "should i invest in Google? But here is a thought for you, how sure can you be that in the next years Google won't crash down and get lynched to death.

Not every provision is supposed to be permanent. The goal of the hypothetical question was to show the user that not everything is permanent and for sure. It's highly volatile, just like you had mentioned a few paragraphs above.

Lets suppose you are starving to death, will you go and invest into something just for the sake of profit? Well you're gonna be happy to hear that these markets don't tend to follow the same rules of your professions, let alone the rules of basic reason. Nothing in crypto is safe or reliable. It's the penny stocks of the 90s. Put your money in index funds and stop gambling your retirement. Compare that to the iPhone X today. To answer your specific "why" question: Dogecoin transactions are faster and cheaper.

Bitcoin blocks are created every 10 minutes versus 1 minute for Dogecoin. If you want to see three blocks of verification, you are looking at 30 minutes or 3 minutes. There is also the psychological issue of the number of coins in use and their value 17M BTC vs. Which is easier for the average consumer to visualize? Think of Bitcoin as your savings account and Dogecoin as your checking account. If it stays the same, great! Well, if you're looking for risky coins then you came to the right place.

I think, though I could be wrong, most of us that mess with Dogecoin are more interested in the community than the investment. I think good things are coming to Dogecoin but I'm mainly here for because I enjoy lurking in the community. In the long term I think you will not lose. We have seen many bubbles and crashes in bitcoin and dogecoin and in the end their value always ends up being higher. The worst thing is that this can be a long time, many ups and downs of price, until it results in good investment, but I think that dogecoin is to stay forever on the internet.

How did you go about buying them? I tried sending some from a faucet to my Dogecoin Core bit recieve address but nothing showed up, even after it caught up on 4 years of syncing. What's the transaction id? You can look up its state on dogechain. Doge is the best long term store of value there is. I hold all my reserves in Doge. This coon is not capped. The coin right now is more of a novelty and the community has fun with it.

When it actually becomes a recognized coin i. Anyone else can please add or correct me. We're less inflationary than many coins, and about on par with Bitcoin. And over time the rate declines, and will fall below the 2. As people lose wallets and coins, what do you think is going to happen to the likes of Bitcoin with their stupidly low caps? There is absolutely nothing but hopes, dreams and greed underpinning any crypto. And the technology is unsound and environmentally harmful.

Cryptos have no income streams, no tangible assets, no guarantees. If a new technology, such as perhaps an open-source version of Hashgraph comes along and makes blockchains obsolete, all cryptos could be worth zero overnight. A small risk, but definitely a non-zero probability. Is there money to be made? But there's money to be made at the track or on a roulette table too. And nobody thinks of those as 'investments' either. But I don't listen them, and it was a really good choice.

Heh, back around the time the whole Bitcoin Group IPO fell over, I was at one of their parties and got talking to their CEO about buying some of their old miners and getting them hosted. He said no problem, and I handed him my iPod so he could enter his details. But I said I'd mull it over and get back to him. A few days later I decided to take the plunge for a couple at least, as I had nothing left after all the borrowers went bad on me. So I emailed him.

The moral of the story is nobody actually has any idea what anything's going to do in the crypto world. We may guess high or low, we may pick losers or we may get lucky, but its all exactly the same as putting money on a roulette table. You're right the people who don't invest will cry because they don't invested, in positive case, and in negative case the people who invested will say, Yes I have invested I have lost some money and that's all, but I can say you personally I preferred lost money and invest, that keep this money and don't invested!!!

For example, I'm a coin collector. And I tend to do it in a big way, getting sacks of uncirculated coins when I can.

Now, some people I know freak out about having thousands of dollars in coins lying about. But as I tell them, the potential gain vastly outweighs the opportunity cost of doing this. What does it cost me? Less any taxes I would have to pay on that interest of course.

Not quite in the same league as BTC, but the coins are always worth what I paid for them. If they fail to go up, I can just spend them. Without fees, no less. So when we think about buying cryptos, we have to look at what opportunity costs we incur. What do we lose in not having the cash in the bank, or in other actual investments, be they shares, bonds, artworks or coins? And whats the loss profile look like too?

I foolishly left a sack of coins sitting on a foam cushion, and was horrified when I found that the fumes from the deteriorating foam had passed right through the plastic bag and had turned them all green. But they were still worth face value, so I just banked them and all it cost me was the lost interest for the time I'd held them.

If I kept every Bitcoin and dogecoin I ever owned I could pay off my house and probably buy another. I guess it comes with age. It is funny to go back to my wallet and see that a vacation I paid for with bitcoin 3 years ago could have been enough to buy me a new car.

One of my wallet histories makes me look like the biggest baller in the world. I don't totally agree. But I do agree that most cryptos are not investments. It is an investment if your money goes to something that everyday produces value to society. And I think some coins like ripple fit that definition. Ripple's not a proper crypto though, is it? Proprietary tool for the banksters is about as far from Satoshi's vision as you can get.

Who cares about Satoshi's vision. Use the technology to solve a real world problem and add value to society. In these terms, Bitcoin, and likely all of crypto, with some possible exceptions, is an abject failure. You only have to read the article that was posted the other day detailing the environmental costs of mining,and comparing transactional climactic costs with Visa for example.

But not in the bitcoin implementation of them. Maybe IBM's prunable chains in their IoT implementation, maybe some other approach in development or coming in the future, But as it stands, this stuff just can't scale. I am not talking about bitcoin. I am talking about the likes of xrp, Xlm even ETH. I have 10 years experience in the financial services industry and I can tell you, among other things, securities settlement and derivatives contracts can be completely replaces by blockchain, effectively removing counterparts credit risk.

Bonds can be issued in blockchain, stocks can be issued in blockchain. Do you know how insane the transaction fees are right now to buy a stock?

The use cases are endless. But they need to be developed by proper companies following laws of the land unlike bitcoin. I realise all this. And I know people doing some very clever stuff. Blockfreight for example, which was born at an MBTC meetup, and is looking to completely do away with the mountains of paper generated by every container movement. It can and should revolutionise freight forwarding. The blockchain technology is awesome. The decisions of which blockchain to use, or even whether to use an existing chain at all, not so much.

You may have experience in the financial services industry, but you don't understand blockchain. Ripple's token is unnecessary. Tokens are for securing the blockchain by incentivizing miners to mine. Ripple's blockchain is private. It's secured the same way traditional databases are.

No token, and certainly not a valuable token, is necessary. One day that will be understood and the value of XRP will adjust. Ripple's token is and will ultimately be properly valued as worthless. Decentralized chains need a valuable token to safeguard the chain. You're drawing some kind of hard distinction between investment and speculation when it is a continuum.

Compared to buying US bonds, buying Berkshire Hathaway shares is speculation and not investment. Compared to buying up coins from some dodgy new ICO, buying Dogecoin is investment and not speculation. I don't think its a continuum at all. Maybe a jagged set of plateaus might be a reasonable analogy, but its certainly not any kind of smooth curve.

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BTER now also appears heavily manipulated.. Mr Wolong I wearebeachhouse.com us closer. What about the ridiculous media coverage that Dogecoin has gotten over the. The Dark Days of Dogecoin: How Scammers and Bandits Brought Down Crypto's. Then there was Wolong,. “Dogecoin's value is in its history and lessons about. · CoinDesk's Bailey Reutzel examines the darker side of dogecoin,. Then there was Wolong,. Share your guesses on DOGE/BTC (wearebeachhouse.comin). and looking at the market depth chart,. Not wolong-induced peak of (good time lol ). permalink; embed; · The Bitcoin News – Leading Bitcoin and Crypto. Mr wolong dogecoin calculator. According to Doernberg, the head of the Winter Games Federation of India, began emailing Doernberg to send the money directly to him or his son, who was also an Olympic athlete. But while I'd. · Eingebettetes Video · Music video by Rick Astley performing Never Gonna Give You Up. But.

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