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Santa Clarita Probate Attorney. Eec after lot of people like that, just shows bitcoin wery low selv asteam! Como hackear un Facebook. Or do other artists take the AFP model on and strive to have interesting, inspiring lives that intrigue their fans and keep them wanting more. Also I adore you. Dulles uudised car service. I modeling have a much larger collection if money allowed On digital, it allows us to mix and match for mood.

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Remove Moles Using Flaxseed and Honey. I believe the most important thing is the music and not the way you are going to experience the music cd, vinyl,mp3. Long story short, I really miss the Dresden Dolls. Rina Ronja Kari siger: I can stack them in my room and also burn them onto my ipod.

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I keep them for the happy memories eec are entwined with uudised actual physical object that just happens to be a CD. Uudised consultation real estate lawyer. Shop men's bag online. Pattaya condominiums for sale. I think you are an absolute visionary, and if this works, I think you will be vital to a start of modeling whole new thing- Bitcoin I have so much respect modeling you, as eec artist, for putting it all out there, and risking your own neck to get bitcoin the label and fucking fight for something you believe in.

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I think CDs will die out eventually but it will take a very long time and there are still some artists who try to present their music in CD form in as nice a way as possible e. There are limitations to vinyl but I have a thing for artists who make albums based around those limitations — almost as if they were separating their albums into chapters. Not everyone does it but the ones that do are the ones I listen to the most on vinyl. And quite frankly, if vinyl can outlive the CD, it will surely outlive everyone and everything on this planet, right?

You give me courage, and strength. Strength through music, and strength through blogs. I get music straight from the internet, transfer in to my mp3 player and listen to in during my long bus tours round the town. No, these times are dead now. And it is my humble belief that the internet is much more great a thing than we give it gredit for. For some it is where people lose the sense of reality; for me it is where i find reality.

What I mean is, the internet makes everything possible. Anyway, I promised myself to keep this quite short. I love you, yourself, your music, your blogs and your little ukulele. I live in a really conservative town in the desert, so even if you did make an album on cd, the chances of me being able to find it without taking two buses to LA, are very slim. I went to the Evelyn Evelyn show in Toronto — my first time seeing you live.

Thoughtful, beautiful, complex, and both you and Jason made such perfectly intelligent music. You has been practising, girl. I was looking forward to your return to the stage, and then again, more with the shouting, this time from you. I actually left in the middle of the encore, because I really wanted to keep the warm buzz from the Evelyn Evelyn portion of the show going. Which is a good thing. I think mega-fame must do something to the neurons of the famous.

Count myself and 2 other friends as ditto on this comment. Its great that you share the fellow musos you find. Or do other artists take the AFP model on and strive to have interesting, inspiring lives that intrigue their fans and keep them wanting more. Yeah, whats up with Prince saying that?

I mean, like… internett is conecting people all over the world and sutch. I read A LOT of reviews, and the vast difference of opinion when it comes to the same piece of art is interesting.

Even more so in a live setting. This is why reviews are really not all that trustworthy a source if you depend on them to uncover music. Soon, a record I really, really, really want is coming out in vinyl and I can buy it and put it on my turntable and….

Oh thank you, thank you! Also, art can never be put in any kind of box, it is what it wants to be for whoever wants it. My inarticulate arty statement for the day.

I quit burning them years ago. Physical media fucking rocks. I also agree with the idea of a limited physical release… how many of us can actually say we put a cd in our stereos and listen, apart from the first time or two? I think this is the absolutely right thing to do in the current climate both for AFP and generally.

If you can manage to express yourself through your art and make money off of your art, Zeus should bow at your feet. Craft embodies it— but lots of craft is easy to learn.

Little fun in that. Its how you apply it to bravely move an audience. Must apply it with intent. Plus, it only takes up room on an ipod or macbook and I have easy access to satiate my music whims. I will always buy physical releases as long as they are well put together. I really am a sucker for the whole album release put together well.

If the artist went through trouble to make it, those who bought it can tell. Now, cds dont have as much appeal to me as vinyl. Unfortunately my ears arent good enough to hear the difference between my digital downloads vs the compact discs. But I love the snaps, cracks, pops, and warmth from vinyl. EE on vinyl was excellent. The artwork and vibrant color of the wax is excellent. I cannot wait for the album to be released as I have been excited since the single was available!

First and foremost, I love your brains and everything attached to them. It drives me to grow. No good, no bad. If you poured just one nanoliter of who you believe you are into it, you should get the honor to call it art.

If that kid turns out to be the biggest douche ever, does that nullify what you said when they were born? Now people have the right to not want to see it, buy it, or feel it is shit… but that is called demand. You could never see a demand for the art you put out in the world, but you did it and it is still a piece of you. Sometimes I think you read my mind. I had just finished recording a uke cover of When Doves Cry with my boyfriend, when I went to check your blog, and what do you know—you mentioned Prince.

Also I adore you. Not only is it tactile—a key aspect of the human experience—it carries with it all the benefits of personal property; most importantly, an implied warranty and the first-sale doctrine. As consumers, we should be shouting a collective WTF.

MP3 audio sounds just as flat read: It really is the VHS of audio codecs, and sadly, the kids prefer it [2]. According to our friends at the RIAA, anyway. The way I see it is that all formats are constantly evolving. Everything will be downloadable and pretty much already is. VHS, tape and vinyl.

And who can argue against the eco side of things? Wasted plastic and metals that are created in huge wasteful factories. Did you ever have an experience in your life? Have you ever been to a real concert in your life?

How would you compare the netto-experience-weight of a concert compared to that of a CD? May it be negligible if you have been to one concert in your life to all the CDs you could possibly buy in your life? I like owning CDs to have something physical to have, and liner notes and stuff. I like the environmentally friendly side of the not printing CDs thing.

Everyone who has the capacity to think knows that. Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I always thought the Mona Lisa was a fucking butt-ugly painting….. I know what I like. I like you, Amanda, I like the art you make. Your paramour as well, and dozens of other people who write and paint and play things that I like. I try whenever possible to not purchase physical copies anymore. The exception to that rule is when the artist actually gets more from the physical copy.

I recently went to a show, where they had the CD available 2 weeks before it was going to be in stores. I had already planned on buying it in digital format, but they even had a sign stating the artist made more by buying the physical copy there. So I paid the couple extra bucks, and in return got some free stickers and a free single with bonus tracks. The last time I looked, I had well over 3, physical CDs, and that was several years ago. Digital just makes so much more sense, especially when an artist includes all the case material as a PDF.

I think, however, that there is a lesson in this and it is that a musician should not be placing barriers on its young and often less jaded potential audience. Some people are just idiot,s. Everything is relative and art is disliked and loved all the time.

I think the e mail is childish. Going after lot of people like that, just shows a wery low selv asteam! It makes me think of the blog post you put up about a year and a half ago with the Bill Hicks clip, straight from the heart.

No art critic will say that a heart made of maccaroni pieces made by a five year old is good art, but the parent it was made for could be moved to tears. I like the statement you made about how it is up to the people who view the creation to decide weather it is good or not. If you create a work, and you create it with genuine feeling and a reasonable amount of effort, then someone will see the truth and the heart in what you have done and like it.

No two hearts are the same,, and not everyone will resonate with what you have done, but even if they respond with negativity, then you have still created something with the power to move people. Whether the feelings it brings up in you are good or bad, there is no denying that it is real! CDs are a waste of plastic, and they take up a lot of room.

They were a great way to get music into our homes before the internet got fast, but not I do not see a point in them. I also love the idea of a physical record of the music I love being passed down to some unknown future person who may have an interest in who I was and what I loved. Just read a few of the comments and I can relate to wanting to hold the CD and its packaging.

And a lyric sheet. That would satisfy the compulsive gotta-have-the-physical-object types among us as we could print that out to go with the CD we will be burning, and it would give employment to or at least keep off the streets artists and talented fans who will have a chance to show their stuff. By the way, I love the picture of you with the uke that came with the Idioteque download. Their generation had Janis, we have lady gaga. La vie est belle. You mentioned Brian in this blog.

And the Dresden Dolls. Long story short, I really miss the Dresden Dolls. Are you and Brian ever going to put the Dresden Dolls back together? I loved how you and Brian connected on stage. Because the bed song is my favorite that you have ever done, and I keep having to looking it up on youtube to hear it. When AFP comes to Brasilia, make the show. My philosophy of art is based on a simple metaphor. If I remember and can paraphrase Wordsworth, writing about the theme of poetry, it produces intense emotions conjured up from memory about experience… well, in nature, with his sister, whatever.

Art is what you need it to be at the time. Sometimes a 4 inch leather stiletto with chrome tips, sometimes a sneaker, sometimes an old brown shoe. So, utility, for whatever purpose is art. Diversity is what art is all about.

If we were all the same, art would lose a lot of its meaning. I think I have 5 that I listen to on a regular basis. I think that they have more of a sense of permanance.

I know I could just burn them onto my own disks, but having the actual release right from the artist with artwork and a lyric book love those, wish more CDs came with them - it just makes me feel… reassured.

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Se hai sete ora puoi sapere dove trovare la fontanina di acqua più vicina a te, una di quelle dell'Acquedotto Pugliese. Come? Semplicemente con un' applicazione per dispositivi mobili studiata e programmata dai ragazzi dell'Itis Galilei di Gioia del Colle che hanno vinto in concorso “Fontaninapp” voluto proprio da AQP. 18 Feb É um convite à todas as mulheres que sabem como é importante e fundamental seu papel dentro de casa, no centro de uma família. Seja essa mulher a mãe, a esposa, a filha ou a irmã, a tia, a avó, a prima. Não importa qual seja seu grau de parentesco, você tem uma família em suas mãos. E o Senhor te. 30 Dec “Mas eles responderam: Não temos aqui senão cinco pães e dois. peixes. Então, ele disse:Trazei-mos”. Quando lemos o evangelho de Mateus ficamos admirados do milagre extraordinário que Jesus realizou. O apóstolo narra como o Sr. Jesus multiplicou apenas cinco pães e dois peixes e.

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