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Do not post your Reddit address unless someone explicitly asks you to. Populous Bitcointalk on April 17, Sign Up for Your Tokens Today! Try bitcoinmarkets, which is a neutral sub devoted to trading bitcoin: It's just reddit early year bitcointalk, don't worry!

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Submit a new text post. This might the funniest thing I've seen so far this week LOL youtube. April 17, , Here are my favorites: Checking CMC in i.

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Football as reddit perhaps? This subreddit is not about general financial news. For me, it's good bitcointalk know whether their opinion is bitcointalk or bad. Im banned from bitcointalk, but reddit Join bounty campaign RewardMobcampaign.

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Hero Member Offline Activity: Thansk for the list, hopefully it'll help some newbies make the right choice when they first come in contact with these ponzi scam sites. I know that for me, when i started with cryptos, i wasted a hella lot of money on ponzi schemes that did not pay off at all.

The only problem that i can think of is that even though you have this huge database of sites, you're not going to be able to update it in time. The profitability of running such scams is so alluring that new ones pop up every single hour.

My criteria for a ponzi is very simple: If the answer to both is yes, Sign Up for Your Tokens Today! I notice Thorncoin is on there which is probably a good thing, the Youtubers are all fawning over it but there is no ANN thread that I can find, can anyone link to it please?

Powered by SMF 1. February 02, , List of confirmed Scam projects on Reddit January 19, , XBRL is a global standard for exchanging business information which is freely available. XBRL allows the expression of semantic meaning commonly required in business reporting. We have built a XBRL back-end which forms part of our in-house credit reference system and targeted marketing database, currently we update the UK company financial statements of more than 2 million companies daily prior to when they file their financial annual accounts to the UK Companies House.

This gives us the ability to foresee multi industry trends more or less with a real-time effect. We estimated to be collecting in the region 1 petabyte data every 6 to 12 months, this will give us a further opportunity to carry out financial machine learning on our own data and further enhance the operations of the Populous platform and the release of our financial API oracles. Below is a link to elements we extract from XBRL data. The formula may be used to predict the probability that a firm will go into bankruptcy within two years.

Z-scores are used to predict corporate defaults and an easy-to-calculate control measure for the financial distress status of companies. With the combination of our XBRL data and the Altman Z formula which is used by most financial institutions globally, we have not only bypassed the need of using a external UK credit reference agency but have also gained a technological and financial edge over our competitors.

Using the combined data sets we have created, we are able to find companies in the UK who are need of cash flow and target them accordingly and effectively. The same data sets can also be used for many other business use cases but we prefer at this moment in time to put our full focus in the invoice finance industry and seize a significant portion of market share from our main competitors, Marketinvoice.

Hero Member Offline Posts: If anyone is interested in joining any bounty campaigns, then message directly or leave a post and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Hero Member Offline Activity: Populous World on April 17, , How many tokens will be distributed in the crowdsale? Yet another ICO trying to leech off investor funds.. Ethereum has really become the shitcoin launch platform of How will this be used in real business?

No one even knows what bitcoin is. This is just a scam token to part people from their BTC. April 17, , Spoderman on April 17, ,

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