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New affiliate system added. Hero Member Offline Activity: I will clam this when digs return to normal. Bitcoins May 24, 4: Our faucet will be offline due to maintenance. Codes can only be used free and are bitcoins connected to the address free used them much clam Ebay giftcards.

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We can get satoshi easy way. Faucet is offline for maintance Hide Jan. If your ClamSpeech is longer than that, we will probably have to truncate it. We are back to normal! Dig payment delays due to Poloniex again Hide Jan. You then enter the private key of your address, and the Bitcoin address that you'd like to have your coins sent to. We are happy to announce that all of our dig payment delays have been caught up this morning!

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Clamcoin is similar to Bitcoin, but with some unique free. I hope Clam rises back to what it was once 3 clam ago. Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. See bitcoins Referral Program page for details. Please login or register. Would be nice if you put that.

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Free bitcoins clam

Free bitcoins clam

Hero Member Offline Activity: Good way to get some extra undercurrent. What is the average payout though? Would be nice if you put that. I did look at the site but I am unsure if those are one off payments or collective payments. Daffadile on November 18, , I think reward is very low every input can get 0.

January 4 th , ArdiPrabowo on November 23, , Input is always welcome. Full Member Offline Activity: I don't know why to join in: I tried to join https: Mbah Slamet on November 23, , New affiliate system added. This is the best affiliate system in cryptocurrency IMO. We pay roughly satoshi per minutes Does anyone else have any stats on satoshi per minute of any other faucets?

We now have a news page: Please feel free to PM me if you'd personally like access codes or if you are interested in giving them to your users. Clamcoin sites and blah blah blah If you want to use your access code Then you can return to the page https: Codes can only be used once and are forever connected to the address that used them much like Ebay giftcards.

Here are some free codes: Free code for the daily faucet and will unlock the twitter requirements! Do you have more free codes for the daily faucet those that had been posted are redeemed already? Powered by SMF 1. As soon as Poloniex fixes their system, we will issue the payments. I truly apologize for the delays.

I've personally opened a support ticket with Poloniex and I fully expect this to be corrected shortly! Please continue to dig as normal with full confidence that we will process your dig as soon as possible. Bitcoin Cash only digs that have a payout larger than. Just wanted to report that all of our digs are now caught up, our CLAM wallet maintenance is complete and our Bitcoin Gold digger should be live soon!

We really want to add Bitcoin Gold, but the Github is missing an addressindex patch that we need to have applied!

If someone has the time to help out and apply this patch Here's the patched repo for Bitcoin Cash I'm talking about but this might not be the original addressindex patch https: Faucet is offline for maintance Hide Jan. Our faucet is still offline for upgrades. The faucet is offline for maintance Hide Jan. Faucet affiliates will still accumulate in your account as normal. If you are looking for free coins We strongly recommend trying www.

Dig payments are back to normal! We are happy to announce that all of our dig payment delays have been caught up this morning! Dig payment delay updates Hide Jan. Dig payment delays due to Poloniex again Hide Jan.

If you have any questions please open a support ticket with us.

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Check your Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin address to see if you qualify to claim free Bitcoin Cash (BCash), Bitcoin Gold or Clamcoin all in a single click. Overview of how active xRet1J7tFvb3Lxywm3jsvzPBrrwBbNk7RQ has been with our faucet. See activity and payouts for. FAQ. General Permalink. What is this place? Permalink. wearebeachhouse.com is a Cryptocurrency faucet. We give out Cryptocurrency so that people can have a free.

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