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It's awsome I have bought 2mhs bitcoins 28 dollars and getting returns in good numbers thank you Genesis mining ravindra published on 3rd May, Mariano's it bitcoins waiting for the first payout Tim C. Your Aurora You are about to post a question on finder. I love the open ended contract because its balanced between aurora and client in a very justice way. So far so good Hoping the price of Monero takes mariano's. I can count on this mining company daily for deposits.

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Great cloud mining experience The company deposits regularly and communicates well. I expect a full 2 year Ether Contract starting the day of the first payout! The Web interface is clear an nice and payouts are done swiftly as well. Easy to Order Easy to Order, Awesome experience, very promising. I will buy more contracts jeffrey m. So far am very pleased with the results.

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Genesis has mariano's faithful for 6 months Tonye G. Likely in a month. Was this content helpful to you? I aurora this contract because I have a feeling Zcash will go to the moon! The user bitcoins is intuitive.

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Aurora y mariano's bitcoins

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Bought 2x Monero Contracts at 15, Setup was quick and swift, payments in cold store wallet 2 days later. It's been a wonderful experience with Genesis all along, highly recommend for those who are interested in not just the mining part, but the vision and contribution of Genesis to the Crypto community. Will hopefully equal lifetime passive income! Looking to get more hashpower as contracts become available. It seems that this method of mining works! I look forward to seeing the future result of investing in this activity!

Hassle free crypto mining. Look at the money coming in your wallet! We have been buying mining contracts with Genesis mining several times now and every time we have had fast and high quality service. I'm really happy about it, sometimes payment are a little bit late but I understand. I use few bitcoins too and transactions are very long and for an short time transaction very expensive. U are doing a good job, just Continue! As i understand from testimonials you are a decent company but unfortunetly my Genesis mining offered and delivered a complete mining service that took care of all the details and got me going in less than 24 hours.

But i always wanted a quiet back up with no maintenance tasks and no risks. For this reason I always add some cloud capacity at genesis. I have just bought the two year Houdini contract at genesis. I decided to buy more capacity at genesis because my previous eth investment repaid itself in less time that I thought.

A couple of days after investing in the monero Houdini contract I receive promising daily payments and I already foresee that the investment will repay itself in a few months. Very good and straightforward experience signing up and very good reporting so far one week.

The question is, will the daily payouts shrink over time and by how much? Good to finally get into mining. A much easier way for those not living in cheap electricity destinations. Very good mining site. There was no item in the Genesis Mining, so I bought it elsewhere and was scammed.

Genesis Mining is the only place you can trust. Setting up the account and paying for the contract was very easy. Up and running, next day I get a payout. Can't ask for anything more. So far there haven't been any problems and the entire process has been very intuitive.

I bought 2 Year Monero Contract - Houdini with a credit card. It is running smoothly. The system that pays everyday is wonderful. It's also nice to see the interface and easy to operate!

I love how everything is very transparent and you get your coins every day. I'm recommending the service to my friends. Belle initiative que d'ouvrir le cloud-mining au monde.

Waiting for the mining to start, but have feedback for friends that started the service before and they are very happy. It is a relatively great profit, as far as I can. If I could have bought more, I would be happy to work with you and I would be more happy to have you at the best company ever. The Gold BTC mining contract is of great value in the long term as it is an open-ended contract, making payback virtually guaranteed. Dear Admin, My name Fadilla from Indonesia. I want and interest to buy lifetime bitcoin contract gold.

I had no idea what cloud mining was until I discovered your business on YouTube. Many of your very happy and satisfied customers chose to post videos describing the service you provide. I have since purchased a few contracts from you and look forward to using a currency that will not deprecate in value such as the one I am currently holding some savings in.

Thank You Genesis Mining for giving myself and many others an opportunity to invest in this new industry. I have a confusion, about a purchase that was accredited and one that was not. I suppose this is the correct one, right?. I recently purchased an excellent contract with genesis mining and all I can say is that I am very satisfied..

I recently purchased a lifetime bitcoin contract, all I can say is that this is a very amazing contract that I am so happy about.. Cracking returns on a small investment, open-ended contract which will pay for it's self in less than 3mths as long as it doesn't go POP. Ich kann das Bitcoin-Mining Paket von Genesis nur weiterempfehlen. Der Kauf funktioniert schnell und einfach. Genesis-mining is the highest value cloud mining service.

Very good company with excellent results. Very happy with what I have received to date. Worth while if you don't have the hardware etc to mine it yourself. I love the open ended contract because its balanced between company and client in a very justice way. I had an extremely easy setup. I just started a week ago in crypto and found it was so easy and much cheaper to mine via genesis!

I'm highly recommended this service to anyone who're into crypto mining and building for passive income.

Additionally, genesis mining posting the pay out daily as well. I bought a pre-sale for February So I'm waiting for the connection and I hope that everything will be fine: Happy that my entry into cloud mining came through Genesis Mining!

The payouts were quick and the customer service response time has been solid. Looking forward to more opportunities Zcash uses the equihash algorithm.

Same as btc gold. I bought my contract to mine zcash, but I don't think it is unreasonable that in a few month's time, Genesis might make it possible to mine btc gold with it since it is the same algorithm.

If not, Zcash will still be hot. It is a win win! Just started with Genesis on 2 year ether mining contract. So far am very pleased with the results. I purchased a 2 yr 40MH contract. Returns on investment are as expected. I would buy more, but it is all sold out now..

Like clockwork my payouts have been showing up in my wallet since I started mining with Genesis-mining. I have been with these guys for several years and recommend them to anyone who wants to dip their toes into crypto mining.

I believe there are interesting prospects on the Ether evolution. This is an interesting product, but of course it has some risks. The ease of setting up an account was Super.. Look forward to doing business with this company -- Thank you! Genesis has been faithful for 6 months. One week in and everything is running smoothly. Read contracts and is Important to do your own research and recognize the risks. Great service and reliable deposits from Genesismining!

I receive my deposits constantly without any problems. I have been paid daily and love the gensis-mining. Get your hands on the contract as soon as they are available!! I think it's great. That is why I am planning to buy additional hashpower and i wish bitcoin package will also be available soon.

I don't know what I think about It's too early to tell something What I will say after some time will depend on you, I hope I can report a very nice experience. This is what I hope. Still result in Genesis mining is better.. Nothing risked nothing gained. I'm new to this and the website helped ease my nerves. Other site reviews rated them very high and trust worthy.

It is working as advertised, good way to make passive income. Zcash is a very undervalued Coin, and expected to grow. Genesis-mining fulfills my contract to my satisfaction. I recommend everyone to try. Stability of system, speed, and clarity are extremely appreciated when doing this kind of purchase. Thanks for your service! Started out as a skeptic and bought a small contract. After seeing the payouts and the commitment of the Genesis-Mining team to their costumers, I'm a believer.

I dont see any ETH production in my balance , when will I be able to recive my coins? Best Regards Miguel Ginez. In compasission with other minin farms, Genesis Mining has the must convenient prices for 2 years Ethereum mining. Iam interested in purchasing bitcoin and litecoin contracts as soon as they are available as far as genesis mining Iam very pleased with the ease at which I purchased my ether contract.

I decided to go for the two-year Ethereum contract, one of the coins I also mine my self and a crypto-coin That has done well for me. Just started with Genesis mining. Looking forward to the long and fruitful association with Genesis. I'm totally new to Cryptocurrency and mining. I learned about Genesis Mining through the Kevin Rose Podcast and am very grateful for the recommendation. Setup was extremely easy and painless. I was also surprised to see how quick the ROI is. The product I bought is a bit of a bit of a billing product beginning on March 15th, This Zcash Mining is not the case.

It's an extra purchase. It is not 1 year Zcash mining Advanced. My contract is 2 years of Monero. Please if it is not correct explain me. I would like to rate your product and I am anxious to see the behavior but I have 72 hours waiting to see some payment reflecting in the system and nothing.

Completely satisfied with my returns. Will continue to use genesis mining for all of my mining needs. I'm very happy with this service. They make daily deposits and they're overall very proffesional. Got it in to the e coin market looks like a good moment to do so. Good morning and many thanks to the team of miner genesis for having behaved in a professional way, good work friends.

A warm greeting to the team. Not much to really say if I'm honest, I paid them, they do all the work, buy all the hardware I just have to sit back and wait for money to come through. Good deal if you ask me. Si la verdad que estoy satisfecho con el producto. Treat fishing, please increase the type of encryption currency. I am pleased that there are more options to choose. Purchsased an X11 Contract fews days ago.

Instant setup and high payouts. Will buy some more hashing power soon. Hi, i have no any payouts yet, so i can't answer objective.

Ask me a little later: I have multiple contracts and very happy with Genesis mining, and customer service is so friendly. I bought a dash X contract and was paid within hours. Way to go Guys that is great. Wish I could upgrade with more X I have being working with Genesis Mining more than 1,5 years and really satisfied and happy. I expect to many years of our cooperation with the same service level. I think genesis is great mining tool and my X11 contract I already made a profit since dash is doing well.

I will buy more contracts. Mining with Genesis Mining is as easy as buying things online. You don't need any hardware, no maintenance. Just buy and relax! The 2 year contract X11 is a excellenct contract for Dash Mining. With a solid ROI I would definitely recommend it.

I'm new to cloud mining, and I already see the profits adding up in my small contract. As I have upgraded, I've seen decent and consistent jumps in my output. So far so good and a great service! This is my first DASH coin mining investment and the initial return on coin bits looks promising. I just hope I opened the right wallet to receive my automatic daily deposits. So far, I see I'm making Dash coins but the daily deposits haven't started yet.

But I'm only on day 3. I came from another mining group and must say Genesis is far superior in many ways. I am very new to this mining, So far it has been exciting to see small increments added to my account.

Definitely will invest more in the future. I would strongly recommend Genesis mining to crypto miners. I like this contract a lot because the profit is great! I can't wait to up-grade this contract more and more Keep up the good work Genesis.

Hi guys, Finally i have decided to to invest on dash mining. So even if difficulty is growing up just mine it guys. Pick your own dash mining it inside genesis mining. So easy to use, someone who knows nothing about IT like me is able to mine with a few easy clicks.

It's just nice, it needs a bit for sure until you get something out, but it's worth it: I would like to be able to buy more at the same time, because we are limited to dollars per day.

Otherwise I think this is a good investment. You can value a Compay by the way they support their clients. Genesis receives 5 Stars on this way! I am very happy that genesis mining provides the litecoin mining contract. It is a bit difficult to find cloud mining offering this coin, even more the ROI is faster than other: My rate of recovery on investment is about 7 months as compared to many other pools offering around 10 to 11 months.

The Genesis Team is really doing a good job; might see you folks when traveling for Northern Lights! I am overall impressed with how Genesis Mining handles everything. Their prices are decent and their support is amazing when you are having trouble. I think it's a wonderful business, because I'm in love with passive income and crypto coins.

Too bad I can not invest what I wanted. Easy to choice the contract and for configuration machine. Good and fast support for any problem. The Rendition if it stays on Litecoin with the 2 year old twist I think it's okay. Best regards Giuseppe Roccasalva. This is the fourth mining contract I have bought from Genesis and they are the best no hassles and great service Thanks.

I bought somen hashpower last week. All the transactions were very transparent and professional. Now it is waiting for the first payout. Outstanding product, really like the daily payments also with litecoin price rising very profitable. I think the whole sign up process could be improved and made even easier. Think of your older and not so Tec savy customers. They are the ones with some money.

It's not easy to find your progress, you have to dig for it. It's not easy to log out you have to dig for that to. I would physically like to see my costumizable personal miner at work if I want to. In a graphic way of course. The contract I bought was not clearly labeled for two years.

I'm doing my mining from a phone app and I'm not very good with it but I did get through the process so I give your team a thumbs up. I already bought 2 dash contracts.

And now the litecoincontract looks even more profitable. Really excited about my first coin mining, like the interface, very easy to use.

I trust cryptocurrencies mining is the best investment for the moment. I have bought several litecoin contracts. Are the best contracts with the best ROI days breakeven. The most reliable mining service. No fees 2 year contract is the best way to understand how mining works.

By the year if bitcoin mining continues to increase at its current rate it will be consuming more electricity than the country of Demark. This is not sustainable so get you Litecoin mining contracts now. Two-year contracts at a reasonable price with no maintenance costs. It's like printing money.

If the payout continued as existing rates I easily double my investment.. So far daily payout look promising. Just keep my finger cross I think genesis mining is good professional service i am having a good experience with them.

What i like the most is there support they are very quick to reply. No matter what the difficulty rates are these days for mining but it still a good experience when you think of long term.

Genesis Mining is a trustworthy partner, where you can leave them to handle daily payments to your address without any worries. At this rate I should get my investment back in about days, which is good, considering that the contract runs days. This means days of pure profit.

I think it is a pretty good deal lets hope Litecoin goes up further! So far, I am very satisfied with my purchase of the 2 Year Litecoin Contracts. I think Litecoin is going to be way more profitable than what it is now and will be buying more when I can.

Thank you for providing this service. The system is initially a bit confusing, especially because you don't see anything changing when you buy it, but after a quick contact with support everything was clear. Good service so far. This contract is producing about 0. I've really enjoyed using Genesis Mining and plan to continue to use them for the foreseeable future.

Hey I feel so great about mining Litecoin and me didn't expect this much earnings per day but I know That Litecoin value or price will increase as Bitcoin that is why I choose to buy gold on LTC and I am still going to add my investment. I'm glad to be here. The support answers quickly and very detailed.

I love the program. I have continuous payouts for about two months since I joined the mining pool. The dashboard layout is convenient and user friendly. Despite being a novice regarding cryptocurrency, the overall experience is pleasant. I wanted to experience litecoin mining. I bought the contract to sample the kinds of returns. Its been a great experience so far I will update more in due course.

Receiving payouts every three to four days now. I had bitcoin mining running for like 6 weeks and decided to get some Litecoin mining as well. Not bad at all! Support Genesis is great; they answer quickly and the answers are satisfying.

Keep up the good work! Excelente custo do contrato sxrypt litecoin 2 anos. Rentabilidade muito boa comparando com os outros planos.

Auch Doppel Authentifizierung ist sehr gut. The investment in Litecoin is something new for me. In these years Genesisi Mining has not disappointed me and gives me much confidence.

I hope more of the same. Legit, however as they state you have to do your calculations on your own and figure out if the return on investment is worth it. Looks like a long term investment when you buy entry level contracts. We will see how it grows in the next six month by buying hash power.

Still a bit unsure how the distribution of it works. Very happy to see quick results in mining and am beyond excited to get this going for a long time to come. Great company any issues they are so quick to reply and help. Actual real people connect back with you right away. Recommend this site over all and anything else out there today! Honestly I thought daily payouts would be a bit faster since it is cloud mining and not a crypto faucet. But all in all,.. I'm hoping it gets me all the way up to 1.

Then what I make from the Platinum I will use to upgrade to the diamond contract and if all goes successful well and as planned, I'll keep purchasing diamond contracts from you guys to maximise my profits. I also have to wait 30 days to receive payouts which is disappointing because I paid with a credit card: But I will definitely give "Genesis Cloud Mining" services 5 stars when I start seeing real results like complete whole Bitcoin payouts straight to my electrum wallet address,.. Allowing me to easily move on to the next contract instead of Just receiving small bitcoin amounts like satoshis.

But nonetheless I give it 4 stars based on quick product delivery and almost instant results. This is a Promising cloud mining company and so far so good. The website is clear, everything went right during the SignIn.

I also upgrade my hashpower. The income began the day after, normally. I like Genesis mining, its the best. On the internet its a lot spam sites, but Genesis is real deal: Very very happy with the speed and quality of responses from genesis support staff, they've been fantastic. The website is easy to navigate and very straightforward. If I had any complaint it would be that there's not a very detailed easy way to track how your mining is going hour to hour and changing properties of the coins you're targeting changes in difficulty, price, coins mined per hour etc.

My only complaint isn't actually with genesis at all but with the company they use for credit card processing that required that I provide a picture of my face and credit card. This was not disclosed as a requirement until after I had paid. Even their staff were helpful and quick to reply but it would have been good to know this in advance and I would have arranged btc payment which I've done for subsequent purchases.

Overall very happy though. The service is great, really easy to use and I highly recommend them. I would definitely use their service again. Very neat and user-friendly interface, quick response from support, apparent corporate culture of transparency, which must be indispensable for any online business.

I'm getting stable payments in dash. Thank you so much Genesis. In the cloud mining world, trust is everything.

I can trust Genesis Mining when making a purchase. There are constant company updates and improvements. The price is fair and the product is great.

I just invested small amount because I'm new in this business this is a try once I see the average profit per day I will do recalculations and see how much I can add to get a better profit because at the moment I don't have an idea in term of daily profit average as I started yesterday to receive my first pro-rata profit for two plans. I really like the idea about investing money this way, and with Genesis Mining it has never been more easy. Daily payouts are nice but it would save funds on everyone's part if they payouts were switched to every other day or weekly.

I'm very happy with the mining service provided by Genesis Mining. When I signed up I paid via wire transfer and the payment was processed quickly such that mining started as soon as possible. The Web interface is clear an nice and payouts are done swiftly as well. All in all a very nice way to mine some crypto currencies! I have tried to buy some GHS and now I got a constant payout everyday.

Very nice cloud mining service. I really like Genesis Mining, they have excellent customer service and they are always thinking of new innovative things for their customers. I recently signed up for the new x11 mining and so far it seems really good. The first payment was ok and I was not disappointed so I am looking to see more good payout rate in the future.

They're so friendly, and help allow me to fuel the Bitcoin fire: I only wish I heard about Genesis sooner. Excellent business for lazy people! Invest your money once in the project Genesis-mining and receive their dividends for life! Income on full automatic!

Ability to gain several Cryptocurrency! Do not miss your chance to become rich! Great tool, clear information, simple UX thats great. I really like your project. I'm not quite a young man and it's attitude carefully. But it seems to me that you are a team of professionals, and that you have no Ponzi scheme. I wish you success and look forward to long term cooperation.

Best mining site and deal ever. Daily results, and for a lifetime. Will definitely purchase more. I would say that this site has a pretty consistent overall mining. The only negative I see is that if mining isn't profitable then your lifetime subscription can be cancelled at anytime.

Also I would mine for Altcoins on here as Bitcoin is harder to obtain in a high amount these days. I think it very valuable acquisition, payments come every day automatically. Genesis-Mining this is an interesting and reliable organization. I can count on this mining company daily for deposits. With the current challenging era, most of the investment exist on the basis of fiat currency, is sometimes worthless.

Yet, Bitcoin came on to aid, by providing new currency which are more stable. To get Bitcoins, one have to mine, but mining is not an easy task to do right now. So, Genesis-Mining came to help those people who want to mine Bitcoins without having to concern about noises,electricity bills, and place to mine their Bitcoin. Genesis-Mining is one of the best or maybe the best cloud mining site with consistent daily payouts, and value for money!

Its a fair deal you put in the money and you get a lifetime contract plus the coins you wont. Overtime the maintenance fee will seem very small. All went well and timely. The first payment actually took only 24 hours while I was prepared for a longer period being it the first. The only critic is on the chart displaying your earning. It is not up to date and there is no really way to understand how much you are earning daily and the amount of the payment you will receive.

Genesis lets you start with a smaller investmmet. Many cloud mining sites require a hundred or more dollars worth of hashing just to start. Genesis Mining, in for the long run. Allocate your powers to different coins to pay for all lifes different situations! Being that new to BTC mining I can not say allot.

I will be watching and thank you for the services. I can not pass two-factor authentication. E-mail and password accepted. Additionally asked to enter a two-factor authentication. What should I do? Contract information Bitcoin Mining Bitcoin is the first open-source, decentralized and most popular Cryptocurrency.

Contract time The specific duration of an Open-Ended contract is variable and determined by three factors: Maintenance fee A fixed maintenance fee is deducted from all Open-Ended contracts for as long as they are profitable.

Contract time 24 Months Maintenance fee No maintenance fee applied for the whole contract time. Zcash Mining Zcash is the first open, permissionless financial system employing zero-knowledge security. Contract time 24 months Maintenance fee No maintenance fee applied for the whole contract time. Dash Mining Dash, also called Digital Cash, offers instant and private payments online or in-store using their secure open-source platform.

Ethereum Mining Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: Maintenance fee No maintenance fee applied for the whole contract time. Monero Mining Monero was built from the ground up to focus on user choice: Reviews I bought 2 year Ether Contract again I bought 2 year Ether Contract again, because this contract good to me. It will make a big profit..

Ether contract A little expensive though for Mh afalhambra published on 1st February, Long-term Investment My contract hasn't started yet.

Need not be scared about the recent drops in coins cameronchanck published on 1st February, I think it is the best investment! We believe in GM's credibility. It works I bought some contracts at Genesis Mining and had never problems with the ordering or payment process. Good Very good Erick S. Life Safer This get me right kelvin a. Happy so far So far so good. I look forward to it. I hope mining will start soon. But,I am worried about PoS transition Hassle free Easy purchase and setup.

Now, let's see the outcome. Looking forward to march Looking forward to march samuelcweber published on 30th January, Ethereum If there is a chance, I would like to invest again. Great cloud mining experience The company deposits regularly and communicates well.

Great experience so far. Good site A bsdhaduk published on 29th January, Bitcoin Contract - Gold very well. Ether ming Pity that the payments start at but the contract ends Apart from that a good product.

New Ether contract on Genesis Smooth sailing as usual. Excellent Comparable to hardware mining if my region after rental electricity hiring technicians angry neighbours etc elijalim published on 26th January, Good I am very happy about it! For that price very satisfied.

Good investment Why people are trying to mining, trading, while they can start to invest in to genesis mining. Open Ended Mining Contract One of the better mining companies out there.. Love it Looking forward to grow my portfolio. Genesis Mining is the best! Excellent contract - great value for money Excellent contract - great value for money, and very happy with the service and the deal!

Lifetime Contract Absolutely outstanding by the number 1 Mining Company in the world. Monero rocks All good Michael M. They should improve the page. A good deal I think that it is very good. Best Way to Mine I have received on time deposits everyday! Smart service Thenk you for thar possibility, excellent introduction, good interface, clear rules, all us ok, best site for such kund of investment tjr49tjr49 published on 11th January, Fair price and good output Genesis mining is offering very fair prices and enough miningpower to realise a ROI inbetween a few month.

Excellent investment I'm looking forward to continue my investments in Genesis Mining. Would like to buy more hashpower -eom Leo C. Best mining company Along with the best customer service. I look forward to receiving my payouts. I see that I cannot buy any more hashpower. Awwsome I got payout today. It is really profitable. Awesome Awesome Muhammad T. Quick and East This transaction went very smooth.

Website is very user friendly. Satisfeito Muito bom Alex S. Excellent Excellent thiagomnqs published on 7th January, Good Just waiting for it to complete. My monero wallet Dave Y. Good Good Jae K. Genesis Zcash Mining Since I have been mining with Genesis I have seen them doing everything they can do to help their customers.

Too early for the review. Cannot see any activity on your site yet. No answer to my question for the support also. Super Your cloud mining is good. But sometimes there are no surcharges for days.

And this is bad. Very pleased with the overall experience so far While it is too early to remark on the Monero contract in great detail - as I just purchased it, I am very satisfied with my early experience with Genesis Mining.

Monero Contract Signing up was flawless - looking forward to collecting my coins! Monero Mining Genesis makes it easy to mine! All is perfect, doing good! Ok Ok vastacarlo published on 4th January, So far so good Hoping the price of Monero takes off. Would really like to get access to bitcoin mining tonlarso published on 4th January, Very Nice I buy 6month ago.. Great Its cool program to be apart of Genesis Mining. Solid contracts and quick start Bought 2x Monero Contracts at 15, Excellent Provider Would recommend to friend!

Payout little high Great! Payout little high adolfofbm published on 2nd January, Super simple to setup, and awesome to support the infrastructure and future of cryptos!

Good en save I am happy with the resuld. Trust the name It's been a wonderful experience with Genesis all along, highly recommend for those who are interested in not just the mining part, but the vision and contribution of Genesis to the Crypto community ashokchandra published on 1st January, Good service Am happy to be a cutomer with genesis suresh.

Very easy to get started 5 Stars so far. Seems to work fine. I took out a two-year contract, and hope to make a profit. Great deal Good deal so far Kevin E. Easy Easy 3hills3racing published on 31st December, Thanks Everything working good fnferri published on 31st December, First contract The best deal ever.

It's good solution You can get bit with new way Shin H. My contract I'm really happy about it, sometimes payment are a little bit late but I understand. Go Genesis Kevin F. My monero package didnt start! It is great to part of Genesys mining Good Puviarasu D. Hoping for great profit soon: Genesis leading the way Genesis mining offered and delivered a complete mining service that took care of all the details and got me going in less than 24 hours.

Mining made easy Very straighforward, easy to use service and good return on investment. Sajid Good investment plans, getting my crypto currency credit on daily basis.

Great experience Buying a Bitcoin contract from GM is very easy. Worthy Worthy Pedro S. Safe, secure, intelligent Thank u for your great product Matthew S. Go Genesis So far so good, Im happy! Monero contracts Love it. Houdini two year contract of genesis immediate profitability I am mining and trading bitcoins, Ethereum, litecoins on 3 continent Asia, Europe, Middle East. So far - excellent. But how will it be at the end? Entry into mining Good to finally get into mining. You are the best.

Monero Profitable Great reliable company to invest in Ryan M. My third day Works as expected. Will update my review when I receive payouts. Likely in a month.

Monero Cool rodolphe k. Top Service for Mining Genesis Mining is for me the best service provider, tried couple of things Hashf Process Very satisfied with your service, thanks for the good jobs.

Good Deal This contract is a good deal in term of price and hashpower. Really easy to get started with it Easy to use Love it I love how everything is very transparent and you get your coins every day. Can't wait to get started Can't wait to get started fernandoarr published on 21st December, Excellent Gold contract Belle initiative que d'ouvrir le cloud-mining au monde.

4.9 stars, based on 62 comments

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Mine the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum, & more based on the sha, x11 & scypt algorithm. Check out our pricing plans today!. At an exclusive summit on Necker Island, men in flip flops plotted how to overturn the global economy. Filmed with: Obras poéticas de José Peón y Contreras -- Artículos y discursos / Antonio de Peña y Reyes -- Veleidosa / José Peón y Contreras -- En el sur de Sinaloa / Francisco Peregrina -- Noche sin aurora / Francisco Perea -- Romances históricos mexicanos de José Peón y Contreras -- Utiles después de muertos.

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