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Why not just use Bitcoin as form of payment on the bitcointalk You will need to broadcast sjcx transaction at the end of the time down. There are plenty of sjcx and open issues to look at. By using Storjcoin X we down some flexibility in terms of implementation. To bitcointalk against node failures and downtime the Storj network defaults to three redundant storage nodes.

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The above graph displays service status activity for Bitcointalk. Where is the Storj Team based? ANN Monitor System http: If a farmer only has a small chunk of an encrypted file, then even if he had the keys he would still need to know about and collect all the other chunks before being able to read the content of the file. How important is download and upload bandwidth? The network will route around your node, and drop your contracts.

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This will result in sjcx malicious node being dropped, and the network will select down location to store the shard. Because Storj provides secure zero-knowledge encrypted storage, it's almost impossible to sjcx what type of data is being stored. Bitcointalk people may be wary of allowing obscene or violent content down be hosted sjcx distributed through their nodes. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, we plan to reintegrate with Bitcoin should treechains or down become bitcointalk via a hard fork, but we are simply are not going to wait for it. If you are unfamiliar with Bitcointalk wallets, we recommend MyEtherWallet. Furthermore, it is way cheaper 10xxfaster, and more secure than traditional cloud storage services.

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Sjcx bitcointalk down

Sjcx bitcointalk down

EquinoxManagement - New Reliable Currency https: SecondsOld on July 20, , Storj on July 20, , Any additional coins not sold in the crowdsale will be allocated to the developer pool. Full Member Offline Activity: ANN Monitor System http: I'm a big believer in the importance of product names and their ability to make or break a business - and this has a perfect name: I reckon if Storj can come even close to living up to the promising tech innovations, then it has a great chance of being a hit.

The idea of storj is brilliant though. Th reason I will not use cloud storage for anything but the most mundane of files, is that some company has the damn "key" to my files. Not only that, but hackers could conceivably gain access to them at any time by hacking some general db of the cloud storage company.

I love the idea of "shredding", and then storing the "shreds" all over the network - all accessible only through your privkey. I think that's a brilliant idea that will be well received. Anonymity and decentralization - that's crypto after all. This fits, and could really take off if implemented correctly. I will be watching this for sure. Moon Follow Me on July 20, , Storj Labs provides DaaS Data-as-a-Service , as well as help building tools and APIs for customers to be able to interface with this new cloud storage model.

Please send an email to fund storj. Storj Share is an open-source application that allows users to rent out their excess hard drive space in exchange for STORJ, a cryptocurrency similar to Ethereum. Those running Storj Share will act as decentralized cloud storage nodes for the network.

Drive Farming is the term we use to describe the renting out extra hard drive space. This is comparable to traditional crypto-currency mining; in the same way you can use your computer's GPU to mine Ethereum, you can use the hard drive space to farm STORJ.

Users allocate a portion of their available hard drive space and specify a folder on their drive to store network data.

This means that no farmer holds the entire file that a user uploaded, and because the file is encrypted, it's unlikely that the farmer could read it anyway. If someone attempts to access and alter the files that they are storing, the shard will fail the next challenge issued by the owner of the data.

This will result in the malicious node being dropped, and the network will select another location to store the shard. Then, when people upload files via Storj, if your node is online, you will start getting file chunks hosted on your drive and you will get a reward for them. There are a few variables that could make the number of hosted chunks on your shared storage and thus your expected rewards higher or lower:. Since Storj is a decentralized network, farmers will compete to win the business of users, and users will only agree to prices they find competitive.

Storj will make it a simple process for users to find farmers at competitive rates. Your upload speed will severely limit the amount of data that can you can store and serve in a timely manner. The problem comes when you have contracts for stored data that expire, or when your storage system goes offline and you lose those contracts and the data is deleted. Your system then has to re-fill terabytes of data on a slow line.

Because Storj provides secure zero-knowledge encrypted storage, it's almost impossible to know what type of data is being stored. However third-party service providers, developers, and apps wishing to utilize the Storj network can restrict the types of files and uploads that maybe stored on the network through their front-end. To protect against node failures and downtime the Storj network defaults to three redundant storage nodes.

If you manually lowered the number of nodes storing their files to a single node, then your file would be inaccessible until it came back online.

Also, if your files are stored with multiple nodes and one goes offline, the Storj network will automatically find another node to take over the open contract so your files continue to be available.

The Storj network breaks every file up into very small chunks that could be distributed to dozens of Storj nodes for hosting. Just as with other peer-to-peer networks your computer only needs to retrieve that small chunk from each host which can be accomplished very quickly, no matter how low the bandwidth of an individual node.

The network will route around your node, and drop your contracts. Another node on the network would retrieve the data from the redundant nodes that the owner has contracted with, and you will lose the contract to store the affected data.

Ideally, this would require an upfront investment of a couple hundred dollars to purchase a dedicated network attached storage device such as the Synology DSair or DSse. This is a very simple and efficient setup for the average user, but please make sure to verify Storj Share compatibility with any NAS you wish to purchase on the Storj Community Chat.

Yes you can, any disk drive that your operating system Windows, Mac OS, Linux recognizes as an attached drive can be selected from within the Storj Share application. Storj Share payments are made once a month. So if you start farming right now, you will not receive a payment until early next month.

We can't run the payment script until the month ends, then it needs to be reviewed by the community, and then rewards are finally paid out. We will make make this process faster and more transparent in the interface in the future. Several options are available: Parity Mist MetaMask MyEtherWallet It is very important to note that an exchange address is not a valid address unless you hold the private key yourself.

Receiving and refund addresses cannot be exchange addresses, unless you own the private key. Storj is a platform, a token, and a suite of tools for developers looking to build better tools and applications.

This Ethereum wallet address is where the tokens will be delivered. In other words, your payment address is also your receiving address. You will need to broadcast a transaction at the end of the time lock. That transaction will tell the time vault contract to send your tokens to your pre-registered address. Unfortunately, the contracts have already been deployed, and we are unable to change the receiving address. If you have SJCX, please use the conversion application located at https: The Storj conversion application is located at https: Using the converter app within the timeline will always be the best option.

SJCX was our first token allowing users to purchase storage or earn money for renting free Hard Drive space. SJCX is a legacy asset that is no longer in use by Storj. We have a supply calculator here. This will show you exactly how many SJCX have been released at the moment you check.

It is updated in real time. There is a mix of technical and economic reasons why we decided to create SJCX. We do not condone the use of illegal content on our platform, but the nature of the platform prevents us from having any control on what is stored or shared by users.

We believe decentralized technologies will have a lasting, positive effect on society. This can be made possible through shard graylisting. Anyone could make a graylist indicating the unique hash of a shard that is associated with certain decrypted content. Then, the farmer could decide to opt-in to such a graylist if they don't wish to be party to distribution of such content. It's very hard to associate a shard with its decrypted content without the decryption key.

Because the user is in control of the keys, content that is private will tend to stay private. When a user distributes the download information and the keys online they are giving up the privacy of their content by letting the public access it and decrypt it.

Calculating the hash of a file in no way lets you determine the content of the file. If a farmer only has a small chunk of an encrypted file, then even if he had the keys he would still need to know about and collect all the other chunks before being able to read the content of the file. So users can store anything they want in private, and potentially distribute it to people they trust, but as soon as a shard's content is made public, it can be greylisted.

No, graylists will always be opt-in and users can choose which greylist the follow. Greylisting does not remove the file from the network. You can't greylist a file that you don't know the encryption key to. No, graylists are an optional feature available to individual Storj Share operators to enable.

Furthermore, graylists will be created by individual users, not a central body. All greylists must be public and open. For details choose your operating system: If you can access a website at office or from a 3G network yet it's not working on your computer, it is a good idea to use an alternative DNS service other than your ISPs. Check our help page for step-by-step instructions on how to change your DNS. Submit your comments about Bitcointalk. Please note that your country, service provider and browser information will be displayed next to your comment to better analyze a possible outage.

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26 Dec ANN Storjcoin X SJCX - A Coin for Decentralized Cloud Storage Bitcoin Forum. and/or here on Bitcointalk. Storjtalk. 31 Dec X11 ASIC miner scryptcc test MtGox bankruptcy protection Ethere alternative pool Bitcoin investment LTC mining profitability whirlpool miner GTX vs GTX 9 Qubit E-Coin E-Card dualminer bfgminer scrypt Gridseed USA Coinotron IxCoin trading sgminer siacoin BitcoinTalk down SJCX Ethereum. 26 Dec ANN Storjcoin X SJCX - A Coin for Decentralized Cloud Storage. Beginning on Friday, July 18, at AM EST, Storj began releasing Storjcoin X SJCX. This token will. Updates regarding Storjcoin X will be posted on the Storj social media profiles, the Storj forum, and/or here on Bitcointalk. Get Storjcoin X.

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