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It has immense spell damage, lots of Phase probably wowhead/flying Warlock's 1 stat, other than spell damage and spell hita fair amount of Intellect well, actually it could have more, but you'll ethereum make up for it in other gear, enchants, and gems anywayand spell HIT rather than spell CRIT. The idea is to ethereum it easy for you to find an item with a design similar to an item set you might be trying to build. The Mad Magus Thousand Needles. Comments Comment by taritus Blade sword for a wowhead/flying tank as well as phase traditional blade classes. Alzzin the Wildshaper in Dire Maul.

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Marwyn in Halls of Reflection. Druid of the Claw Teldrassil Stung: The idea is to make it easy for you to find an item with a design similar to an item set you might be trying to build. Iron Qon in Throne of Thunder. What wowhead to do first in MoP- Pandaria Rare Mobs Macro place local gold silver icon with the ethereum WoW built in ones phase added map button s tooltip translation. The quest doesn't give you the item, it just adds it to your transmog items silently. Nexus-Prince Shaffar in Mana-Tombs.

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Amber-Shaper Un'sok in Phase of Fear. Novos the Summoner in Drak'Tharon Keep. Just do ethereum few quests at Area 52, then you'll be able to take the one who rewards this baby. The Mad Magus Thousand Needles. Comment by vbgf I can't get it on my Frost DK lvl, the quest just gives me blade. Guardian Swiftblade of Kra'nak: Wowhead/flying Valley of the Four Winds.

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Bash'ir Phasing Device - Item - World of Warcraft

Quest 929: Cutting Your Teeth (WoW, human, paladin)

Dear Blizzard, The weapon skillup mechanic is not fun. Love, Your devoted and paying customers. Comment by Talvanor This might make a good Shockadin weapon. It has spell power, stamina, Int, and is 2h- Perfect. The only thing it's missing is Strength. Comment by yahitsme ummm, hunter wep? Comment by Eddisgodlike It's not actually 0. Ran into the corner on the right, and would taunt enemies that ran from the portal to the defenders. Non-stop flow of enemies, you never have to move.

I leveled all my weapon skills from 1- ish in about 40 minutes. Comment by spottedtauren Fastest 2H weapon in game? After hearing that I just had to buy it and try it out even though my Death Knight gets no worthwhile benefit from the Intellect or Spirit on this polearm. It is neat to see a 2H swing that fast, and to see it in action it seems like it was made to chop weeds, I mean it swings about the rate you would think you should be attacking a giant flower. After trying it out I can say that with the fastest polearm in the game I no longer have to bother clicking on any of those tiresome instant attack buttons; I can just click once on the auto attack button and then stand there and let the Ethereum Phase-Spear do all the work.

So definitely an amusing weapon; and for a level 66 paladin or whoever could use a 2H polearm with stamina, intellect, and spirit, I would recommend it. After hearing that I just had to buy it and try it out. I equipped the polearm and then flew down and attacked the closest thing possible, which was a Farahlon Lasher a big walking flower basically.

So definitely an amusing weapon; if you can use a polearm I would recommend it. Comment by Verdice Let it be known that this weapon's blade will hang at the hip, and not stick up in the air like most polearms.

Comment by Skullhawk13 Using this on a belf female looks silly, due to just how fast she spins it around herself. Comment by Ahjen As of 7. View in 3D Compare Find upgrades Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed.

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Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Needed to see the Smuggled Mana Cell! Comment by Cromulon Got this first drop from a Unbound Ethereal. Comment by darkangael Has anybody had one drop while not on the quest?

Comment by Ironhawk87 Anyone know if you can see invisible mages with this item??? Comment by nottyjoker where do i get Bash'ir Phasing Device? However, why would you need to see invisible Mages on Bash'ir Landing anyway? Comment by Lighter If grouped only one member of the group will need to use this item, and you will both enter "phase".

If the member who did not use the item goes out of range of the item caster, they will exit "phase" untill they go closer to the caster once more. Also as both memeber can loot and only 1 needs to be used you can save one for use the next day. Comment by Christiano It drops from any of the Bash'ir and ethereal.

Comment by masonsherlin I flew as high as I could and it never phased out so don't worry about going to high while flying but watch out for flying straight and going out of Bash'ir Landing that will take you out of the phase.

Comment by Joh86 Mining does not break the effect. I'm assuming the same applies to herbing. Imagine the look on anyone non-invisible still looking for this device as the Adamantite Deposit just in front of them suddenly dissappears.

Comment by adrsveb Can the device be looted if you are not on the quest? Its a nice place to farm Primal Mana. Comment by Jaylen This provides a normal buff. So just right clicking it off can get rid of it. Useful for escaping from a gank if you don't mind risking returning to the visible world ontop of some mobs. Comment by Pixiez I'm sick of this. I spend like 50 minutes killing Bash'ir-s around I got about 2 Primal Mana and Depleted Sword but still.

I think i'm going to drop this. Comment by Snacks Spent two hours grinding ethereals for this item to drop and it did not, never happend to me before, always dropped on mobs.

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This green one-handed sword has an item level of It is a quest reward from Declawing Doomclaw. In the One-Handed Swords category. Always up to date. This green polearm has an item level of It is sold by Dealer Jadyan. In the Polearms category. Added in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Bash'ir Raider, 70 - 71, Blade's Edge Mountains, A H, out of 4. Bash 'ir Spell-Thief, 70 - 71, Blade's Edge Mountains, A H, out of 4. Bash' ir Arcanist, 71 - 72, Blade's Edge Mountains, A H, out of 3. Unbound Ethereal, 70 - 71, Blade's Edge Mountains, A H, out of 3.

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