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You retirement fund would vanish. Martin Armstrong Discussion January 23,syscoine Is there gold in Fort Knox? Saoha Full Member Offline Activity: If you think all well-established and innovative cryptocurrency projects have already bitcointalk identified syscoine skyrocketed bitcointalk now, maybe I can surprise you. Chinese thread mrteal used Google Translate. This is a mrteal topic.

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Everyone is an Amish or Luddite to some extent if you don't plan to cut off your head and replace it with a T Terminator skull. I think it is because it was recovering to its pre normal price Price went too low and below the price of it should be. Please login or register. The easy way to do that was simple. Electrum users must upgrade to 3. Otherwise, gold pays no income or interest and would be a dead asset.

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This is like Bitcointalk You will not find this often mrteal crypto space. January 31, Here is the full list syscoine properties supported in the 1. Fee Trades Until September.

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I tried my best. Respectful disagreement is acceptable. January 22, , The oldest game in town is manipulating inventories. Commodities can be stored at many places, but only selected facilities are on the reporting list. During the famous Buffet Silver scandal of , to justify taking silver up in price they had to make the inventories appear to decline.

The easy way to do that was simple. Thus, the silver was moved from New York to London and then everyone touted silver was in short supply as if it had been consumed like wheat. The advice I use to provide to Japan to help reduce the trade friction was to buy gold in New York and sell it in London.

The trade numbers could care less about the product actually being exported. It will reduce the trade deficit and make it appear that the US exports are rising.

It is just an accounting ploy. But then the gold promoters misunderstand that and see it [the leasing in futures markets] as oppressing gold. They cannot get their mind around other people think differently and have different needs. There is a difference between institutional and individual investment.

Institutions cannot buy gold bullion for they need regular income. Those entities in the business or cannot lend money for interest based upon religion, lease gold to generate income of a fixed asset. This is not some sinister plot. The futures market has been around since Babylonian days. A farmer has the risk of growing a crop and then not knowing what the price the market will be. Yes, technically, it does not yet exist. That does not suppress the price. It creates a viable market by eliminate the risk to grow the crop.

For a miner, they will not mine even gold unless they know they can sell it yes for paper money. Leasing gold allows someone to own it and earn money. Otherwise, gold pays no income or interest and would be a dead asset. This is why institutions cannot buy gold for they need income. Many people lease gold to own it but have to have some income from that money. Without the futures market, gold would not be traded and it would shrink from any viable international status.

It would become indistinguishable from rhodium or another untradable metal. It is NOT fractional banking that is the problem. Listen to some of these people rant and rave about fractional banking and you see how uneducated they truly are about finance.

If you ended this system, the entire world economy would end. All real estate would collapse for how can there be a mortgage?

You retirement fund would vanish. Nothing would exist economically. Like paper gold they usually also want to end, you would quickly see gold would lose all value if there is no market to trade. The Gold backwardation is simply nothing more than the collapse in interest rates as capital lost faith in banks and then the Sovereign Debt Crisis began with Greece in Much of the liquidity that came to gold in the early years was OPEC money.

It had absolutely nothing to do with gold. The problem was OPEC was getting all this cash, but religiously they could not earn interest. The dollar has been rising! Just look at German interest rates on short-term paper went negative by 0. Gold is a tangible store of wealth to make the transition from the present to the future monetary system. If you were waiting for the end of the dollar since , that is more than half your lifetime. The problem emerging with gold is government is out to track every ounce and tax any sale.

They are trying to eradicate the underground economy. Gold is not in permanent backwardation. You obviously never heard of carrying costs that are related to the interest rate. Nothing is EVER permanent. Stop the idiotic explanations. You cannot point to a single relationship in history that is ever permanent except stupidity. Just like the propaganda that silver is suppress and it will soar to We just answered that in the Swiss press that published the Socialists who claim that commodities are higher than they should be because of speculation and therefore all futures markets should be closed to eliminate speculation.

This is the pinnacle of pure stupidity. Every study shows that markets reduce volatility and the price of a commodity is stabilized by creating a market.

If there was no COMEX, the price of gold would be far less because you could not sell it without a market. I was a market-maker. Are you a technically-minded person? Do you have an interest in cryptography? In the public data field of this alias there is an encrypted string containing the information needed to claim your bounty. It is critical you read and follow the instructions to collect your 1BTC prize! The first to crack the encryption and follow the instructions claims the prize!

This contest has no expiration date as we really want people to try to break our encryption. In the case this is not possible we would still look to release Blockmarket 1.

Price Peg Server With the increase in marketplace usage we have also received some reports of issues with the team-maintained price peg running at peg. Looking more closely into the complaints, we found ways to improve the pegging mechanism and in the process we made improvements to the user interface for the price peg as well. In addition to these UX improvements there are also core improvements that increase the accuracy of pegged rates, reduce redundant updates, updates the internal library being used for RPC connections to the latest one recommended by Bitcoin core devs https: Syscoin Price Peg Server 1.

The team is still in the midst of funding discussions in parallel with all the above development. We are also working closely with several large merchants through our Merchant Pilot program, which will help to seed the marketplace with a critical mass of items, further catalyzing its adoption.

With everything we have in the pipeline between seeking funding, various development initiatives Price Peg Server, Blockmarket Desktop 1.

Get an invitation to our Slack Channel here: I think it is because it was recovering to its pre normal price Price went too low and below the price of it should be. This is why price is pushed back up I didn't actually research much on this coin but it seems to be one of the top coin people are suggesting for long hold because of its development roadmap.

Blockchain's first intelligent social marketing platform SYS is rising, because it was heavily undervalued in the last weeks imho. This is a real project leaded by real people. You will not find this often in crypto space. In the fall of this year, SYS has a lot of news. I think that in the near future there will be a huge pump with a new maximum. Palm Beach Crypto related signals. They are rebranding so that is probably the reason why the coin is rising.

The dev team and project looks good to me so seems logical that its rising. And it seems this rebranding is very detailed. I feel like it will be one of the top coins in or Powered by SMF 1. January 31, , Riddikulo Hero Member Offline Activity: October 26, , Saoha Full Member Offline Activity: You r P ers ona l C ryp toc ur ren cy Sma rt Ass ist ant. October 27, , Kyraishi Hero Member Offline Activity:

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Syscoin Metal Keyring Syscoin Phone Case (Specific Models) (iPhone 4,5,5c - Galaxy S3, S4,S5 - HTC One, X) OR iPad 2, iPad Air, Galaxy Note Tab 2, or 3 Hard Case Info: Hard Wallet: The Syscoin Hardwallet will come with your Public Key and a Unique QR Code that will link (upon scan) Via the Syscoin. 21 Jan Syscoin - Decentralized Marketplace and Multisig Platform. Pay with Bitcoin, ZCash and many more. For more visit wearebeachhouse.com .. Proof of work isn't "work", it's spending money to put metal boxes on cruise control to generate interest. Anywhere there is interest involved, there is usury. 13 Jan wearebeachhouse.com@StevenVoros88/the-most-undervalued-project-in-the-crypto -world-not-for-longac66b08 If you think all well-established and innovative cryptocurrency projects have already been identified and skyrocketed by now, maybe I can surprise you. Syscoin is an awakening giant I've.

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