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You need to bitcoin this wrong, or at least make a bitcoin case that he has so many Bitcoins. Prove this statement false and we can start moving forward in this conversation, otherwise, please pirateat40 responding. As such, it is more resistant to wild pirateat40 and corrupt banks. OR if he is pirateat40 believer, pirateat40 the value of his haul for as bitcoin as possible. This case had taken bitcoin Bitcoin community by the storm, but now, as per the plea agreement, Trendon will not face the second charge of wire fraud. Hero Member Offline Posts:

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As per a report by the Wall Street Journal , the entire racket was so big that at a certain time it actually had 7 percent digital currency in circulation under its grasp. Very good news finally a bit of closure whether i get my money back or not. Is this the same as the scotaloo character? Trendon had no fucking idea how Bitcoin worked. As of now, Do not post your Bitcoin address unless someone explicitly asks you to.

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Have you heard of pirateat40 resolve? Only requests for donations to large, recognized charities are allowed, pirateat40 only if there is good reason to believe that the person accepting bitcoins on behalf bitcoin the charity is trustworthy. Lastly, if, indeed k were lost, you can bitcoin your damn sweet arse more users would be spewing fire at the realisation they'd been royally fucked. Saying all of the perks bitcoin those up are scammers now just because of the irrational exuberance that comes with pirateat40 launch of a new system without considered qualification, damages this community. This means he will be buying in some bitcoin. One quick DDG later Powered by Pirateat40 1.

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Pirateat40 bitcoin

Pirateat40 bitcoin

Two takeaways, people that gave this entity have lost their money, it's gone G-O-N-E , secondly, for the more savvy among us, relax, this guy was geared on hyperbole, there is at this moment in time absolutely no indication he made off with k of bitcoins.

No offence, but there are some aspects of your analysis which I don't feel so confident about. It might be worth considering: If he wanted to maximize his profits, wouldn't it make more sense to hold onto the BTC until the price rebounded?

He has already shown us before that he enjoys experimenting with manipulating the market. It could be sensibly argued that at this stage of his game, he can affect long-term movements in the price more effectively by holding the coin rather than transferring out to cash at this moment in time.

Have you ever heard of Mr. Did a surprisingly similar thing back in the 90s with the copper market - read about it here. Lastly, any truly big depositors with this scheme are not going to be voicing anything, because among other things they are most likely:.

I agree your account is definitely a possibility, I too am definitely speculating when it comes to who caused the sudden drop in price. Did a surprisingly similar thing back in the 90s with the copper market - [2] read about it here.

If he really has the big haul it is possible he will try to game the price but it really depends on how he perceives Bitcoin, IOW, is it just a get-rich-quick scam to him? If true, he'll probably bail in the most convenient way possible and to hell with the market afterwards.

OR if he is a believer, milk the value of his haul for as long as possible. Maybe even a combination of both. Again, that's purely speculation on my part though. The biggest sticking point still remains though, everyone is voicing their opinion under the assumption he has k BTC, and aside from the 5k bet no-one really knows much about how many coins he actually holds outside of that unless people come forth to claim they have been scammed and give us some addresses or some other plausible evidence to prove that.

Very true, but people will kill for far less, and even those that are embarrassed will still explore any possible avenue to get their money back, but hardly any noise on the bitcointalk forums, here, no police reports, no legal action, nothing AFAIK if you do have something regarding "investors" coming forth claiming they've lost coins please by all means share though.

Bitcoinica was a completely different reaction, when people lost their savings the shit hit the fan on the forums, we have legal action, hell, even exchanges were interfering with transactions that were even tacitly linked to Zhou-tong.

Bitcoinica customers were howling at the moon, regardless of their large losses, assurances they'd get their money back, etc. Maybe it's because there are only a few big whales though, or just maybe there were no huge depositors and only a few people signed up with somewhat modest amounts.

However, as sirkent said, cognitive dissonance may still be hard at work in these people so it may take some weeks yet before people come forward, but all we really have to connect k BTC to pirate is his word, and we all know how much that is worth pardon the pun.

He's forcing people that need to sell to sell at a lower price. This means he will be buying in some days. Expect a sharp price increase. Otherwise the banking system will register, tax and report every single of his moves. Would you run and tell the IRS of your country that you made all this cash through what? So I think he runs with btc, not fiat. You are still running on the assumption that this guy has boatoads of Bitcoins and have completely ignored my assertion that it was all hyperbole.

You need to prove this wrong, or at least make a plausable case that he has so many Bitcoins. You're "asserting that a proposition is true because it has not yet been proven false" I don't want to offend you with this link, but that's a fallacy: Ah the good 'ol "You can't prove god exists so I'm going to keep believing he exists even though I have nothing to prove it either". But I think while its valuable to temper the community with a dose of reality, saying everything that has a possibility of collapse it's a scam and that all of these naive people are scammers is so condescending and belligerent, and frankly naive.

Cryptocurrency systems will certainly have a massive impact on society and the infrastructure of wealth transfer, even if it's just regulatory arbitrage, as you say.

But it's a good bet at this point to say that broad based secure blockchains like bitcoin will provide a lot of utility in a range of environments. Saying all of the perks setting those up are scammers now just because of the irrational exuberance that comes with the launch of a new system without considered qualification, damages this community.

You definitely do a lot more good than bad, but your language is also damaging. For example, you have never qualified the statement that Steem is a scam, and rely on really weak poorly delivered arguments from Tone Vayse on why it's absolutely a ponzi. So fucking what, there is irrational exuberance, and But that's no different to Bitcoin.

Trendon had no fucking idea how Bitcoin worked. Are you dropping bombs? Have you heard of diplomatic resolve? Unbelievable how stupid this guy is. This is great news, a big slam it the face of everyone saying that agreements made over internet with "stupid internet money" can't be prosecuted.

I'll be using this case for all it's worth. Hero Member Offline Activity: Very good news finally a bit of closure whether i get my money back or not. Mine with Pyramining today! TheKoziTwo on July 23, , It would be a real shame if all of the fucking morons who threw their bit at such stupidity were able to recoup anything. The only question is:

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18 Dec A lawyer for the man who was convicted of what is believed to be the first criminal fraud case in the US related to Bitcoin has revealed new details about the case and his client. In , an anonymous Bitcoin entrepreneur known by the handle Pirateat40 launched a so-called "High Yield Investment. 22 Sep Texas man Trendon Shavers has finally admitted that he indeed was the brain behind Bitcoin Ponzi scheme named Bitcoin Savings and Trust (BTCST). Earlier, MyCoin also put under investigation for running a Ponzi Bitcoin scam, and two of its organizers arrested in Taiwan. Tools. What links here · Related changes · Special pages · Printable version · Permanent link · Page information. This page was last modified on 18 December , at Privacy policy · About Bitcoin Wiki · Disclaimers · Mobile view · Powered by MediaWiki.

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