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You can also explore the Bitcoin Wiki: You were labcoin the lack of fundamentals, not the free-market action of the investment banks. Getting burnt is as easy as with bitcoin. No one labcoin money newspaper stocks in newspaper Really though who knows who that was? Are you here telling me there aren't companies like enron bitcointalk on nas bitcointalk nyse?

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Aside from new merchant announcements, those interested in advertising to our audience should consider Reddit's self-serve advertising system. Please login or register. Fool can't be fooled again? You don't want regulation. Or, more accurately, with buying "assets" for "virtual companies", which are impossible to do proper due diligence on.

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More and more people were skeptical and just were bitcointalk over and labcoin. With bitcoin you're boned - plain and simple - so you need to be extra careful. There's also labcoin possibility for recovery for conversion at common law. Look at how wallstreet solves and fails to solve these sorts bitcointalk problems and make that into a service. That's because with newspaper local client, only newspaper have the private keys.

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I didn't expect to get so many on board so fast but I guess Labcoin is not that popular atm. Tomorrow I will contact the lawyer again and lets see how it goes from there. Pleased to hear about your initiative. I would like to eventually submit info as I had lost quite a bit. However, we as a community need it to be vouched that this is not a follow up scam, and that you yourself are not a scammer. I personally do not think this is the case, but we need some additionally info by which to judge your trustworthiness or anyone's to communally stop the scamming.

I know some people will be afraid to submit info to you as it currently stands. ThrillHou on November 06, , Here is a update Nice work every one we now have 1 million labcoin shares backing up a compliant against Labcoin and its owner Fabrizio Tatti. That said I'm sure that some of you have bought in above IPO price and the total amount will be higher. The price you paid for your shares and your total loss of money just like any personal information will be information that you only shall shear with the lawyer we hire, in that way any information is covered under client-lawyer non-disclosure terms.

Any one who wants to join us can PM me here https: As long as the compliant is not yet finalized for submission to the authorities there is time to join. I have no specific time table to give you at the moment since we are in the beginning of the process.

At the moment we are still gathering support and information, PM me if you got something to ask or have any useful information.

The Mastercoin faucet Redeem unspent multisig outputs. I'm sure he will cooperate with the police in the case he also has been scammed and has nothing to do with all of this as he has claimed, but that still remains to be verified by the police. I have contacted TheSwede75 and I'm communicating with him and he is willing to help in any way he can, I'm hoping he has something of value to contribute since he was working with "sam" on the IPO details and was in close contact with him.

Full Member Offline Activity: I hope that there is still any investiagion ongoing. It would be too sad if these scammers would get through with it. Hero Member Offline Posts: It can take up to five years to finish legal proceedings including the time needed for investigation.

Add to this that Italian courts and authorities are known for being notoriously slow in handling cases sometimes this fact is used as a strategy by international lawyers to slow down proceedings in national cases, otherwise known as the 'Italian torpedo'. I think it is safe to say that expecting answers in a month time is very unrealistic.

Bitmain has turned its attention to high-speed Ethereum mining after revealing an Antminer for Dash this month. The database of BitcoinTalk. The popular cryptocurrency forum Bitcointalk. In a move no less curious than its previous attempts, China has blocked a popular Bitcoin website from being accessed on its domestic servers — but why? Bitcoin, being decentralized and addressing privacy, succeeded to erase the image of a typical user. It has even created a wall between the peers exchanging tra If you are a registered member of the Bitcoin Talk forum, you might need to change your password again.

We are considering your request and will contact you in due course. If you have any further queries, please contact:. Recent Top News Commented How to crypto.

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Situation is that we know the scammers, they are lowlifes, catched by the police some months ago for owning drugs. I think the police already lost them again without italian police keeping them because we search for them. I did not try to hunt the lawyer down again to get more infos. Don't have the time. 28 Sep EDIT: Labcoin responds: wearebeachhouse.com?topic= " We will explain everything tomorrow on IRC". comments; share; save .. The "Libertarian utopia" is a myth. wearebeachhouse.com PressRelease/#.UlJus9K-qS4. And none of this is. A Bitcoin wallet is as simple as a single pairing of a Bitcoin address with its corresponding Bitcoin private.

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