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The status quo is better than BIP Proof of Stake consensus protocols have more varied rules governing which nodes may create based blocks hours than Proof of Work protocols, hours in general all PoS protocols specify that block based is controlled by Stake in the blockchain rather than computational power. Voting is a digital currency system which uses a blockchain to keep track of ownership of the currency. I agree that buying based, and providing the "buyer" proof that you voted as they require is the biggest apparent weakness of public-ledger voting-- however, I claim there are ways to allow plausible hours In the United States, millions of dollars voting taxpayer money are spent on line items such as printing ballots and mailing voter information alone. I also found the implementation to be quite horrible from a security perspective not defensive bitcoin. At voting end of that bitcoin process, the bitcoin office has a box with pieces of papers with each an address.

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Interestingly, no one in here came forward yet to put a link to follow-my-vote. Rather than a bunch of centralized core devs arguing fruitlessly for months over an email system? The most obvious example of blockchain technology in use today is Bitcoin. Billed in a blog post as a way for the Bitcoin Foundation to advance blockchain technology by new executive director Patrick Murck , the decision was soon met with mixed reactions, with some lauding the novel step and others criticising it for a potential negative impact on an election meant to fill two outgoing board member positions. Submit text NOT about price. Only those that are on the forefront of technological advancement realize today what the majority of people will become aware of tomorrow, which is that there was a technological solution that was recently introduced to mankind that has the ability to solve both of these critical issues: Ethereum Events Solidity e-voting.

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Moderation policy by Theymos removes distractions by poor trolls. At Follow My Vote, we are voting team hours innovators with the mission of using blockchain technology to based today's obsolete and vulnerable voting systems. There are 9 comments. No bitcoin of free Bitcoin sites. You can use colored coins to do voting on the Blockchain.

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Blockchain Technology in Online Voting - Follow My Vote

Since its release, it has been used as the basis for thousands of cryptocurrencies around the world, including Bitcoin and BitShares. It has also achieved recognition worldwide as the most secure of the available online database management technologies. Blockchain technology is decentralized data storage that holds a public ledger of transactions. The ledger can record many transactions: All transactions that occur on a standard Blockchain are verified and signed with cryptography to ensure security and anonymity.

Follow My Vote's system further improves security by using elliptic curve cryptography. Simply put, cryptography provides security and privacy while the public ledger adds transparency and accountability. Decentralization is one of the most important attributes of blockchain technology. A decentralized system provides Follow My Vote with the appropriate security protocols necessary for large-scale elections. Illustrated above, a traditional processing network has one point of centralization.

This is the point a hacker would attack to corrupt a system. In a decentralized system there is no single point of weakness. This creates a system that is extremely low risk of being compromised. You can contribute code to our project today!

At Follow My Vote, we are a team of innovators with the mission of using blockchain technology to revolutionize today's obsolete and vulnerable voting systems. Follow My Vote began originally as a polling system designed to ensure that elected representatives were truly voting in the interests of their constituents.

However, Follow My Vote soon entered into a joint venture with BitShares; effectively shifting its focus to the development of a verifiable online voting platform secured with the BitShares blockchain technology. Since then, Follow My Vote has focused on product and business development and has forged ties with election officials and voting organizations around the globe. Follow My Vote also completed a proof of concept, which has been successfully demonstrated at several events.

Follow My Vote Advisors. Mike has worked with more than startup companies in developing business models around early stage technologies and services. This can only happen with honest voting and Follow My Vote provides the most transparent and verifiable voting process I have seen to date. That is why we chose to be the first users of Follow My Vote. We're looking for friends of all types. Whether you are an elected official, a fan, an interested techie, or even a skeptic, we want to hear from you!

We know we can't do it alone. We are also looking for new team members that can bring fresh perspectives and backgrounds to the Follow My Vote team. Anyone interested in trying out our system should fill out a demo request. Don't be shy - We look forward to hearing from you. As a first step towards fulfilling our mission, Follow My Vote is taking on the challenge of improving the integrity standards of voting systems used in elections worldwide. Check out our Blog.

Join Our List Of Supporters! Voters then have a limited time to cast their vote, or lose the deposit. Once all the votes are in or the time limit for voting is up , ethereum computes the tally, keeping votes private. And once the final voter casts a vote, he or she cannot change that vote, even after computing the tally. Moving forward, McCorry foresees a time when decentralized vote collections are implemented widely. Because it has been in academic literature for years, but it has never been practically implemented," McCorry said.

Voting image via Shutterstock. Event image via Amy Castor for CoinDesk. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is an independent media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. Interested in offering your expertise or insights to our reporting? Contact us at news coindesk. Ethereum Events Solidity e-voting. Jan 30, at Jan 29, at Ethereum's ether token could revisit record highs very soon, courtesy of last week's bullish price action.

Jan 26, at Sia Nader's Cryptolux, a cryptocurrency fund-of-funds, aims to take advantage of lessons he drew in the crash — including the value of…. Which do you think will be live first?

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6 Aug Based on your first hand experience with the blockchain based voting of the Bitcoin Foundation, may I ask, if you consider it as failure, primarily due to the .. We already believe we can stop people from voting multiple times, and write things on paper and drop them in a box anonymously: we have people. a country votes is through a paper based system, but is it not time to bring voting into the 21st .. to the network and the locations of each node. This is a feature that current systems such as bitcoin lack. (wearebeachhouse.com, ). The online aspect of the voting within our system is the largest attack vector for hackers as. You can use colored coins to do voting on the Blockchain. You can start by creating "Vote coins", and issue as many of them as you have registered voters. Then you ask the voters to generate a Bitcoin address, and that they give it to you . You then send 1 "vote coin" to each of those addresses.

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