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Advisor to tagboard, neonmob, urban-airship, tonx-coffee, get-satisfaction, babylist. Chief Strategy Officer at Xapo http: I enjoy exploring SF and snowboarding. Currently product management google. Founder of Upside Partnership. Team member of salesforce.

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Making mobile advertising better. Running anywhere with a view. Founder CEO bash Gaming social mobile bitrhymes saas business-signatures Investor narvar birdi mixerbox leadgenius wise. Former Executive at paypal, linkedin, slide and square. I try to pay-it-forward by advising and helping as much as possible.

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Director, Technology Minerva fund, amalfi-capital, Phoenix Partner, southern-cross-venture-partners. Bitcoin turned product guy. Uber, Evernote, Shopify, Phoenix, etc. Founder and Partner with Artis Ventures. Unless they grew bitcoin over the years, they technologies probably still see Luna and have contact with her. Run Business Development at Minerva, VP of Products at snaplogic, Chrome distribution at google, Windows at microsoft, built technologies at microstrategy.

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Phoenix technologies bitcoin minerva

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Now a Venture Partner spark-capital. GP of Foresight Ventures. Experienced operator and angel investor now investing through a fund, subtraction-capital. CEO and Cofounder of mattermark http: Vice President wi-harper-group ; focus on investing in seed stage companies in mobile, internet, gaming, e-commerce, software, cloud computing, big data space.

Investor in nutanix pubnub algolia etc. Inventor online fantasy sports. Founder and CEO of grove grove. Former technical co-founder of pownce sold to six-apart. Co-author of OAuth and OEmbed. Playmaker axiom-zen we're hiring! Chief Business Officer life Previously was an investor at morgenthaler-ventures, Venture Partner at upwest-labs. Startup advisor and investor http: Partner at Alsop Louie Partners http: Startup investor and product designer.

Seed investor and advisor http: Founder moon-express, powerset sold to microsoft. Bing local, mobile, semantics. Founder and Trustee, Singularity U. Investor in momentum-machines, heyday, pixelapse, and showvine. Sold myminilife to zynga in Founding team Flypaper acq.

Advisor Tony Hawk Fndn http: MIT, Auctomatic, reverse engineering iPhone apps, reading books. Investor in pantheon, get-satisfaction, heroku, e2-apps.

Team member of salesforce. Co-founder, Twitter, Blogger, Obvious. Previously crunchfund, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, etc. Head of Digital Strategy ericsson. Founder and former CTO at joyent. I specialize in revenue generation, and all activities required to make it happen. Principal at Polaris Ventures, and lead dog dogpatchlabs. Split time between Boston and SFO. Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of slated. General Partner of actarus-funds.

Co-founder and Chairman of PalmStar Entertainment. Scheming to make the world better with technology. Partner at Vast Ventures. Formerly UX engineer, military intelligence, and 2x entrepreneur.

Love frighteningly ambitious ideas Managing Director at sigma-west http: Investor in mission-driven startups. Former CEO of ofoto, xoom, and Xmarks. Seed investor in postini.

Scribd co-founder and angel investor in numerous YCombinator companies. I have particularly followed the space of local food ordering and services, as an early investor in Instacart and Rickshaw. Early investor and board member at Box, yammer, castlight-health. Yes, I can still write code. Founder and CEO at eventbrite http: Entrepreneur, developer, angel, advisor. Connector of good people. I try to pay-it-forward by advising and helping as much as possible. Co-founder of posterous Acquired by twitter.

X-Google product guy who is a partner of Bowery Capital and does some angel investing on the side http: Founder and CEO of truveo. Founder of equinix, revision3, opsmatic. CEO of digg, revision3, simplegeo. Board member at defense. CEO of radius-4, formerly at facebook and ebay. Investor in homejoy, sprig, udemy. Managing Director at horizon-partners and angel investor palantir-technologies and other startups. Business Developemt crittercism; previously Technology Corp Dev accenture http: CoFounder houzz - 1 home design iPad app.

Former stubhub, ebay, ironplanet, fatbrain. Formerly Founder inporia, omnisio sold to google , Mentor at startups, partner at startmate.

CEO and Co-founder of pingpad. Investor in dropbox, wanelo, exec, mailbox, crowdtilt , 15five, gametime. Advisor to weebly http: CEO of MicroVentures; Seed stage investing in tech companies with strong teams, investors, and traction.

Designed Yammer, Geni, Tribe, many others. Currently co-founder at the-giant-pixel-corporation and Antenna Radio. Part of founding team at facebook. EIR at flybridge-capital-partners and new-enterprise-associates. Managing Director at rtp-ventures. Founding CEO of learnboost acq. WordPress , formerly at rentjuice acq. Advisor Palantir, facebook causes,.. Founded cubetree, sold to successfactors. Fmr exec SYMC, tellme, netscape http: Managing Director at bullpen-capital https: Prev Soros Fund affil, modulus-video.

Previously EIR at mohr-davidow-ventures. Previously, startup CEO coach and culture consultant. Co-Founder of keas Investor: Investor in tilt-3 , lendup, clever, and others. First employee at ooma VoIP start-up. Entrepreneur, Investor, Operator and Deal Maker. Entrepreneur, Advisor and Investor. Partner at shasta-ventures; Board member at taskrabbit; Board member at zefr. Early-stage startups at true-ventures. Founder of diy-1, vimeo Investor in venmo, kickstarter http: Ostrovok, Quid, YouNoodle, Slide.

Early facebook engineer and expert at optimizing for performance at scale. Led Privacy, Notes, Homepage, Profiles. Founding advisor for freestyle-capital. Product, Design, COO angellist http: Mentor at Code for America. Managing Partner at Startups.

Investor in, kickstarter, reddit, taskrabbit, lyft, codecademy, and blue-bottle-coffee http: Investor in zencoder, ifeelgoods, hipmunk, homejoy, boostctr, torbit, firebase, ownlocal, etc. Former google product manager and software engineer. Data Collective for Big Data investing. Computer Science degree from Cambridge. Lead US seed program for index-ventures http: Maker of websites and mobile apps.

Investor in great entrepreneurs and products. Partner at transmedia-capital and co-founder of kicklabs accelerator in San Francisco. Focused on early stage digital media, cloud and social-enterprise companies. Founder of Etherpad, Partner in YCombinator, programming enthusiast.

BD roles at serious-business now part of zynga , google, and Gaia Online http: Founder of The Last Mile. Partner at IDG Ventures. I like to back exceptional entrepreneurs in consumer Internet, ad infrastructure, and SaaS. Coded to pay for college. My hobby is helping entrepreneurs create something out of nothing. Managing Director - Mayfield. Bassist in BlackMahal and CoverFlow http: Cofounder at founders-den zackbogue. Co-President of harvard-business-school Angels.

Venture Partner at Emergence Capital. Angel investor and former GP at googleventures. Investor in optimizely, parse, firespotter-labs, the-climate-corporation and crittercism. General Partner at Crosslink Capital. Founder of alpha http: Mafia Wars founder Zynga , Investor http: First data scientist at both linkedin and paypal. Started selling software online at age 13 viratech. Worked google , microsoft. Invested thumbtack , mixer-labs.

Serial entrepreneur turned investor always looking for passionate entrepreneurs and amazing teams! Builds things in San Francisco. Wishes he knew magic tricks. VP of Product at facebook. Investor at Birchbox, Makerbot, Venmo. I make things happen. Need to close partner deals?

Need to build a sales team for your startup? Cofounder Hunch and SiteAdvisor. Co-Founder of invite-media http: Rethinking seed funding maiden-lane-ventures. Founded and killed Social Swipe. Working hard at Caffeinated Capital. Passionate about ff, meaningful innovation, cycling and caffeine. Founded Baseline in Genomics Co, mixer-labs ; Formerly: VP twitter , started mobile google http: I write NextDraft, the day's most fascinating news.

Investor in birchbox, chloe-isabel, harry's, kiwi-crate, stellaservice, doubledutch, retailigence, zozi, peloton-cycle http: Founder of myminilife sold to zynga. Board member at Tony Hawk Foundation. Founder of Upside Partnership. Formerly a partner at First Round. Working on stealth project.

Ex-early stage VC at General Catalyst http: Director turner-broadcasting-system , apple 17 years, Sr. Director , Pilot http: Founder, Managing Partner, tekton-ventures seed fund. Former entrepreneur, sold last co. Public servant to company builders.

Investor in Amazing Startups. Geeky to the bone. Founding Partner, first-round-capital; Founder half-com sold to EBay http: General Partner at Bowery Capital http: Former Executive at paypal, linkedin, slide and square. VC bessemer-venture-partners - focused on consumer web, mobile, and developer platforms http: Uber, Evernote, Shopify, Automattic, etc.

Twitter, Facebook, Alibaba, Duolingo, etc. Investor zappos, uber; Founder ironport; Board Member paypal http: Geek, entrepreneur, marketer, investor, Sith Lord. Chief Firestarter k9-ventures http: Professional seed investor for 14 years. Business lead for asana, entrepreneur, angel investor. MBA from stanford-university http: Internet innovation serial entrepreneur including Winamp, Songbird, Mediacode. Co-founder and CEO of yelp http: Co-Founder and CEO of uber http: Former CEO of sendori; sold to ask-com.

Investor in klout, rolepoint. I founded two companies and have been full time angel investing for the past 5 years.

Backing great people w huge ideas. Early angel and advisor to AngelList. Drove into Iraq alone in to start first company. Investor in uber, planet-labs, gnip, better-finance, mint, get-satisfaction, xobni, taskrabbit, dnanexus, yieldex. Team member of first-round-capital. Early-stage-leaning investor at IntelCapital. Venture Advisor Startups, Board Advisor to startx. Tribal kitchen goddess and calista's mom. Former partner at kapor-capital and founder at Bronze Investments.

Formerly VP at bessemer-venture-partners. SVP Digital Product espn. Have been helping seed stage companies since Partner at balderton-capital formerly Benchmark Europe. Founder and CEO of spreecast. Founded GS Internet Research team in Internet entrepreneur turned micro VC, investor in zendesk, geckoboard, positionly, freeagent, clio, unbounce, momox, mambu, Gambler, guy who knows how to do a lot of things.

CEO, cofounder of profounder. Investor in hipmunk, blekko, luminate, jobvite, Airtight, triporati, revinate, luminate, zignal-labs, beatsme, launchpad-central, hightower-advisors, krave, change-org. General Partner at spark-capital http: Coach crossfader turntable-fm flatiron-partners majestic-research delicious-part-of-avos appjet gumroad betaworks sitespecific http: Investor at founders-fund and early employee at spacex. Studied at stanford-university and cornell-university. Hacker at netscape, electronic-arts, Celera Genomics, voltage-security.

Co-founder, dominatefund; Author, Captivology: Previously an investor at khosla-ventures. And admob, where I focused on international market development. Founder of highfive-1 and Angel Investor. Ran google Apps for Business Founded docverse acquired by google Worked at microsoft.

Founder at scan, grew web traffic from 0 to 2. Helped take our app to over 80 million installs on iOS, Android, and Windows. Community developer, gut follower. Partner at detroit-venture-partners Partners. Tech pioneer leading startup renaissance in Detroit. Founder CEO bash Gaming social mobile bitrhymes saas business-signatures Investor narvar birdi mixerbox leadgenius wise. Led branded content walmart, launched mobile 20th-century-fox, founded mixblendr, made TV nbc Universal http: Mentor techstars sbootcamp http: Early Stage Product Discovery for xoopit, indextank, Billshrink, trialpay.

Computer Scientist, Gamer, Entrepreneur. Partner at googleventures, formerly co-founder of milk, founder of LaidOffCamp, and BizDev at simplegeo. Creator and Product Director of CityVille at zynga. Small time investor in a few others. Co-host of Founders Forum India. Angel investor in 12 companies including viki, mobstac, biosense, Chhotu, autowale, brandidea, pokkt, serialinnovations http: Co-Founder hired 99designs, sitepoint, flippa.

Managing Director for nearly ten years at early stage venture fund. Formerly CIO of Cisco. Investor in truemoney, freemyfriends, tazup. Team member of powerinbox. Past lives included stints in media, investment banking, law, and non-profit. Proud law school drop-out. Also served as a U. World traveler, marathoner, and cyclist. Asia Expert since mostly China, Japan, Korea. Co-Founder Formation Data Systems formation-data-systems-1 ; angel investments stage-one-capital; Board Member bottlenose; http: Founder and Managing Director at rockhealth.

Angel investor via techammer. World explorer and founding partner golden-gate-ventures. My motivation is Southeast Asia's startup scene. Eng from University of Michigan. AngelList-raised funds investing in AngelList Syndicates. Managing Director, idealab-1 New Ventures Group.

Former startup lawyer and mayfield-fund Partner. Early-stage investor in IT infrastructure for web and enterprise. Make fundraising happen here on angellist! Former GE manager and Six Sigma guru.

Former appdirect and McKinsey http: Head of Mobile Products at facebook. Co-founder and CEO of cotweet. COO px Formerly at extremestartups relay-ventures chegg. Strong focus on infrastructure, datacenters, and scaling. Current Co-founder and Head of Design of betterworks. Founder bleacher-report, entrepreneur, and advisor. Digital media, biz ops, biz dev, growth, and monetization.

Founder of clicker, etour. Investor in aardvark, tasty-labs. Team member of ask-com, cbs-interactive. Invest in consumer internet, mobile applications and e-commerce platforms. Partner at Bloomberg Beta. Investor at Bessemer and Trinity. Ex-BCG and software developer. Managing Director, Shasta Ventures http: CEO, Founder of circle-of-moms acquired by popsugar Inc. Kellogg MBA, defined many 1. Founder of social software app seesmic and LeWeb conference the 1 european tech conference http: Founder tenantify and bloominous.

Strong business background mckinsey-company, enova-financial, google. Coder and MBA kellogg-school-of-management Platform weebly ; Commerce weebly ; Secret Weapon weebly. Board Chair at Kiva. Customer Success at Lever, Inc. MSFT engineer, Fortify product manager. Founder of chubbies-shorts-1, the most radical shorts company on planet Earth - potentially even the universe.

Angel investor Ripple Labs, Startups, parakweet, rapportive, 8tracks, pubnub, mashery, refinery29, food52, Senior Partner at BCG. Previously Founder of adly largest celebrity endorsement platform for social media.

Digital copyright stuff uc-berkeley iSchool. Tech lead at airbnb. Former Software Engineer, twitter. Former platform engineer, ning. VC at Emergence Capital, inventor, wanderer, concerned citizen http: Advisor angellist Mentor startups. General Partner Rubicon VC, Co-Chairman gtownangels, Worked at citigroup, overseas-private-investment-corporation-opic, Studied at georgetown-university, boston-university http: Worked microsoft , altavista, pwc.

Partner mohr-davidow-ventures with interests in applied analytics, particularly in retail, finance, and ad-tech. Ex-Facebook Engineer, strong interests in real world challenges and impact. Investor in vizibility, trooval, marin-software, trooval Inc, acceleron-technologies. YCombinator Summer , Romotive alum. Formerly led hardware investments for Vegas Tech Fund. Seed stage investing in hardware. Got funding for a social networking startup before you. Looking for killer software deals.

Personally into gardening, soccer, SUP and good books. Worked at csfb-technology-group, lucent-technology-bell-labs. Investor in airhelp auditfile famebit tradeshift ubiome mayvenn terravion tripping-com. Electrical Engineering stanford-university-1 Systems Engineering videosurf Software Engineering facebook I build things.

Previously product designer for flipboard. Advisor for medium, dreams. Investor in oyster, editorially, tokyo-otaku-mode, timbuktu-labs. Investor and incubator of start-ups at CAA. Former VC in Tel Aviv. Investment Professional at Institutional Venture Partners. Board member and advisor to NewSchools Seed Fund which invests in education technology startups. Co-founder of growlab, an early stage accelerator based in Vancouver and SF.

T5 Capital is a venture capital firm focused on investing in early stage innovative and disruptive technology companies. Co-founder of Choose Energy. VC at TMT Investments, convicted serial entrepreneur, investor, teacher university-of-california-berkeley, new-york-university, stanford-university, university-of-california-san-francisco , chairman at HappyFarm incubator. I make shit and make shit happen. CEO and co-founder of mopub Product Team at google and admob.

Degree in Computer Science from massachusetts-institute-of-technology. Operating experience at both startup and industry-leading tech cos. Currently working on a new consumer healthcare platform. Supervising Tech Dir "Finding Nemo". Sold to DiningIn ' CEO, Co-Founder of artillery.

Former 3x Entrepreneur with 3 successful exits. Founded two tech start-ups. One was sold to a large competitor. Work with womply and transcriptic at night. PhD in Bioengineering from stanford-university. Founder of Fridge, acquired by google. Previous life in digital media and gaming viacom. Currently product management google. Technology operator and exec. Ran where until the sale to paypal. Previously zdnet and mapquest.

Co-founder, President Coliloquy; Co-founder, President unwrap Sold to context-optional ; built google's backend billing system; stanford-university. Wrote a book, High Tech Startup: The Guide to Entrepreneurial Success.

Early stage investor at Battery Ventures. Founder, CEO at equidate. Formerly at zynga, hiptype, google, chartboost, carnegie-mellon-university Investor at coin-2, zenefits. I love to automate and scale marketing to reach millions of users. Founder of the Mirai Institute and Midori. Founder innovastreams, Entrepreneur, Investor, Bitcoin.

Online organizer and social movement strategist. Citizen journalism the-huffington-post and strategy purpose while incubating unPAC and Peers. Currently VP of Design twitter. Partner at Learn Capital. Advisor to Dev Bootcamp, Gap Year http: Been in a startup, ran a seed fund and now a VC, but an entrepreneur at heart. A Canadian who lived in the Silicon Valley and took it back home with him. Co-founder of standard-treasury, worked at stripe, investor in keychain-logistics, true-link-financial, fuze-network-2 , wevorce, school at new-york-university, brown-university.

Depth in web backend, mobile, and geo technologies. Investor in motion-math, balance Financial, healthtap, everloop, pollenware, intelligent-insites. BD buzzstarter board member juscollege mentor startups and vegastechfund angel panel fundersclub. CEO at airware, y-combinator alum, extensive experience with unmanned-air-systems, UAS flight controls boeing, commercial pilot, studied EECS massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

Investor theorem-ventures, EVP and tech practice lead at Grayling. Investor in infospace, stubhub, serious-materials, evite, seagate, spinner, livebid. CRO republic-project, acquired by Sizmek. Entrepreneur in Residence at Redstar Ventures. Focused on financial services and technology for the aging population. Entrepreneur and Seed Investor. Mentor at seedcamp, startupbootcamp, lecamping, techpeaks. Advisor to European startups. Investor superfly, locality-1, crowdmob, down-by-bang-with-friends , netplenish, vandal-games, http: Founding GP at commerce-ventures.

Formerly at Highland Capital. Focus on Mobile, Commerce, Payments, Retail. CEO of tempo-ai; Mobilist! Chief Risk Officer at klarna. Co-founder signifyd and Analyzd acq by klarna. Head of Analytics at FraudSciences acq by paypal. Visionary Punk, Founder of haxlr8r ; Partner sosventures Worked on phonegap-1 and robotreplay acq'd by foresee-results. PhD, investor, father, and lover of beer. I'm an entrepreneur working on the problems of education, geeking out on tech and practicing agile software and customer development.

Founded and sold feefighters to groupon. Bootstrapped tss-radio to Inc UChicago MBA and undergrad. Started out at BCG.

Co-Founder of nutshellmail which sold to constant-contact where I now build new products and businesses internally. Cofounder of prescreen and zoosk. CEO of apture acquired by google in ' Always make new mistakes. Partner at science Studio. Founder of arbinet, groundlink, transit-wireless, comgates, elematics.

Investor in 61 startups. Sold to Brightcove in Founder, developer, investor, philosophy nerd. Mutiple-time startup founder with 3 successful exits. Advisor or investor in Hail, contentful, fliptop and Hipmob. VC at bain-capital-ventures, investing in early and growth stage SaaS companies in marketing tech and other enterprise applications. VP Product at aol, co-founder, gdgt, engadget http: Engineer turned product guy.

Producer at funzio, Product Manager at google. Product Planner at apple. Co-founder and CEO of heyzap and Co-founder of clickpass. At Telephia when acquired by Nielsen. CEO of addlight Inc. CEO of Gaia Interactive. Resilient mind, team leader, fast learner, execution focused.

Also, former Radio Speaker. Investor genomera retrofit ringadoc seedcamp teledoctor medevo voximplant. Connecting the dots is what I do best. Online's Commerce Biz, AlexBlake. Dozen or so invests. CEO of Vacatia, an online timeshare marketplace. Serial entrepreneur and investor, focused on consumer businesses. Co-founder, President of netread Software and Services. Founder - borders-books, synergy-software, webvan and mercury-startups. Co-Founder and President, incredible-labs.

Product lead for twitter. Co-founder of wrapp, previously spotify, stardoll. Values freedom above all. Passionate about disruptive marketplaces and consumer products. Grown two billon dollar business in two continents.

I love creating products: Previously was hacking at digg. I enjoy exploring SF and snowboarding. Early stage employee of and investor in practice-fusion. Lead go to market strategy leading to first 2, customers and , users. Staff Software Engineer at google. Multiple startups, all SaaS, latest Huddle.

Investor in dogster, carwoo, pulpo-media, sidereel, klicknation, peanut-labs. GM Mobile braintree acquired by paypal. Early Director at admob acquired by google.

Previously Partnerships for google Wallet. Investor reesio, lob , zesty Team builder, technology enabler and venture investor at Kleiner Perkins.

Co-Founder womply; Worked at bain-company. Experience in leading consumer and enterprise web-app companies. Chief Strategy Officer at Xapo http: B2B focus with interest in select B2C platforms. Facebook Platform developer relations. Founding Partner greenstart, a seed fund for digital innovations that improve the world. NYTimes best selling author of Get Lucky. Serial tech entrepreneur since Serial entrepreneur with a couple of exits.

Early investor in AVG, mashery, 8tracks, refinery29, rapportive, Startups. Lucky and thankful to have worked with some of the most passionate souls and brilliant minds.

Entrepreneurship China Mobile rightventures. Built feefighters, sold to groupon then ran BD there. Founder and CEO of optimal, Inc. Entrepreneur and seed investor. Founder of onswipe grooveshark pulsosocial socialatom-ventures. He was a significant presence in both Harry's and Ginny's lives, and performed heroic acts during the war. However, none of the Potter children have a name related to Neville.

Which is understandable - the epilogue shows that the Potter family has remained close with him, and he is living a happy life as the Herbology professor at Hogwarts. Both Harry and Ginny liked Luna, so it seems likely that they would have kept up some level of friendship with her - and if for some reason they didn't, they probably wouldn't want to name their child after her. The big thing that the names of Harry's children have in common, other than being people who have meant the most to him, is that their namesakes are all dead, and died in a tragic way as a result of the wizarding war.

This is most likely because Harry wanted to honor those who had died in the war, and who gave their lives to help him win it. It's also a way to manage the list of choices somehow. In addition, it's more practical to name children after a dead person than a living one.

Having two living people with the same name could be confusing, especially if Harry has stayed in close contact with the original owner of the name - which if he respected them enough to name a child after, he likely would. The best theory I've heard is that it's also in honor of Lupin, but this is not proven.

Harry's first son, James Sirius, was named after his father and his godfather. Harry's second son, Albus Severus, was named after his mentor who was dead and the teacher who suffered and ultimately sacrificed his own life for Harry. Lily is the youngest Potter child, and her first name is in honor of Harry's mother.

Maybe Harry also wanted to honor Lupin with his child's name, but since she was a girl, he couldn't exactly name her Lily Remus, because Remus is obviously a boy's name. There's also no feminine form of either Remus or Lupin. So if he wanted Lily's name to be in honor of him, he'd have to be a bit more creative. Luna sounds like Lupin, and means moon. Lupin was a werewolf whose transformations were caused by the full moon, and Lupin's Marauder nickname was Moony.

Both he and Ginny would have positive associations with the name due to Luna Lovegood, since they were both good friends with her. Those might not be enough to convince them to name their child after Luna alone, but it might help contribute to them choosing the name in honor of Lupin. Although I don't think that Harry named his daughter after Lupin. There is no proof from JK Rowling herself, and she owns this wonderful world.

Harry had all of his friends' memories preserved, whether they were alive or dead. Luna's memory even though she is still alive and in touch with Harry is his daughter, which is shared by Harry's mother, Lily. Lupin and Tonks' memory is still alive because Harry is their son's godfather. There is no proof that Lily Luna Potter was also named after Lupin.

It is very simple guys. Don't forget Luna was the one because of whom Harry found one of the seven horcruxes, that is the tiara. If it wasn't for her Harry couldn't have won the war anyway0. Also, Harry named his children after very important people in his life and Luna is the only one to be alive right now. She is one of Harry's closest friends and had taught Harry so much. Like how to embrace your differences. It would make a lot of sense for Harry to have named her after Luna.

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What is the significance of Lily Luna Potter's middle name? Kate Gregory 1 6 Not enough girls in his dad's generation? Maybe he finally let his wife pick a name for one of their children?

I doubt that she did, but that doesn't mean she wasn't important. Also, as I alluded to in my other comment, all of the other names are people who were important specifically to Harry; his father, his godfather, his mother, Dumbledore, Snape. Luna was one of Ginny's better friends at school, and one of the only students who was always willing to help and support Harry, so I don't see why they wouldn't use her name.

Also, it allows for alliteration, which JKR seems to really love when choosing names. There are several areas where Luna stood out in Harry's mind: She was the first person he knew who could also see the Thestrals She was a member of Dumbledore's Army She went with Harry and company to the Ministry of Magic at the end of Order of the Phoenix She was held captive by the Death Eaters as leverage over her father I think that she gave as much to the cause as many of the adult members of the Order of the Phoenix.

Don't forget the painting Harry has seen in Luna's bedroom. She also believed in Harry when he wasn't sure if he believed in himself. From experience, that can really mean a lot to someone. Luna always helped Harry when he was out of allies, I agree with Gabe that it means a lot. And without the Lovegoods they wouldn't find enough information on the Deathly Hallows, so they were actually crucial. They also released supporting articles about him in the newspaper, when in the greatest need for it.

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