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Hey so, any idea what can be done to resolve this and complete sync? Bitcoin Core is the backbone of the Bitcoin network. How do I get a list of transactions into out of an. They just use an online wallet that is less secure. I personally use the Exodus wallet, mainly.

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I am experiencing exactly what tommasog described. Bitcoin Core is the backbone of the Bitcoin network. Here are four points that could solve your issue: Then check if the Ethereum Wallet and blockchain folders are still there:. Just bunch of Idiots. There is no possibility in which you not being able to sync fully would result in you losing coins. Seems like there is a restricted volume that a user can trade in the exchange, is there a similar restriction on transferring bitcoin from wallet A to wallet B?

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Dumpwallet does not show my address My wallet does not seem to have a stuck key for the address i'm percentages to receive my coins. Ethereum black is a free open source project that was created out a small group of ethereum enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. In frustration, restarted the process all over again, with the same fucking result. Tried new versions of the wallet. Bitcoin have tried your wallet and sync solution and they don't work, with many problems and i am software engineer I too am experiencing difficulties.

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We cannot help unless we know the exact wallet version, your OS , and the exact specs of your CPU and hard drive. Also how old is your computer? If you get more than one block per 10 minutes then it's not really stuck.

It will catch up eventually. Unfortunately I have noticed that the GUI doesn't always keep one apprised of the actual progress, so it can seem to be stuck when it's not. This happened to me and I lost all my coins because it would never fully reload I stopped using Core entirely because of this. There is no possibility in which you not being able to sync fully would result in you losing coins. You will still have your wallet.

Not trying to cause any doubt about btc in general, I just had a bad experience with the Core client crashing. It's my fault for not having a backup of my keys. I've tried getting the private keys but have been unable to. I still have btc elsewhere and have continued to use bitcoins, I just had a bad experience and am better about storage now. I'm not the most technical person, obviously. I've tried to find my private keys but haven't been able to. This happened a few years ago and since I couldn't get the core client to work, I re-downloaded it and may have written over the files.

I don't remember the details that well, but I've tried many times to find my private keys and wallet file and haven't been able to. I know this is my fault for not having a backup. Here's a quick lesson. Whatever goes wrong and a lot will go wrong , it's always your own stupid fault. Well, the way you could use this is to quickly download the pruned blockchain and have a first look at the wallet etc.

In the background you wait until your full node is ready. For me at least that would be what I want because I'm impatient my bad. In the future I hope a system like this would be a serious alternative.

Also don't underestimate the frustration one feels when your computer can't make it any more. That's when I decided to build a least some form of an escape. Kudos for trying to do something. For core fast start and sync in the background is something planned-- it's taken several steps like headers first sync to get it ready.

Hopefully it'll be done soon. I know and all hard work that is going on is much appreciated! See my "dangerous" implementation as an "incentive" ;-. Write down your pass phrase and not have to install another blockchain. Keep your ether in ethereum wallet and put your classic in jaxx wallet. I will try Jaxx for Ethc.

The problem is that i already have sent Ethc to an Ethc address and i didnt see an option on Jaxx to import the keystore file. I think i must mining directly ti Jaxx address right? You can import your ethereum classic wallet file that you sent your etc to into classicetherwallet website and than send them to your jaxx wallet. I dont believe you can use keystore file in jaxx. Yes mine to jaxx wallet for your etherem classic. Lose that and lose your coins forever. You can also enter private key into Jaxx wallet if you have it.

Here is what I would do. Make a new account in ethereum wallet. Put a new password and save. Send your ethereum to the new account address. ClassicEtherWallet is only served at https: Beware of the phishing scams! From now on send ethereum to your new account in ethereum wallet and send any etc to jaxx address. Reason I suggest you setup a new account is because you are sending your passcode for your ether account in your browser unless you do offline transaction which may be confusing for some its much easier and safer just setting up a new account in ethereum wallet.

I only have Ethc. Problem solved via Jaxx. I'm shocked how fast the coins was transfered: Ty so much for your time mate. I saw that Jaxx is not good to minimg directly on it is not designed to receive mining payouts so i will continue to sens to my old Ethc keystorr and then transfer it to Jaxx.

Than I learned something new too about mining and jaxx. Ill have to do some research, thanks. The wallet must be synchronized without downloading the entire chain. There are big troubles like this. If I stop it and start it it again it continues from that block for a while it's pretty fast, but then it gets stuck again, this time at , I've left it for hours and it didn't proceed on it's own. I have the same issue here, i downloaded the wallet to my desktop and its not syncing since 5 days now.

Try above what zanimran said. Run geth first than open ethereum wallet. Try everything else above as well. And where am i supposed to find this geth. Light option didn't work for me so far. I am using Ethereum Wallet not Mist v 0. Normal sync would take forever, same for the --fast option, now I'm trying the --light but the problem persists: Please expect considerably long times due to chain size. We recommend using http: I am using that wallet and this is sort of an issue and i would like to ask to please look into it.

You xant just really ask every user to dig for an exe file somewhere installed in a compiter and start the command line app just to sync the block chain. I imagine the chain is big but its still something that shouldnt be an issue ans it just should work fine. Can we reopen this issue please? I am experiencing the same thing.

It's not a matter of a "long" download time. Terrible user experience it needs to be fixed. Yes I can use another wallet, but this is the official wallet! People will download this first, and some people don't want to use an online wallet. Agreed phattrent , thanks everybody for the suggestion but please stop recommending using online wallets: On a side note, I finally managed to sync my ethereum wallet.

It took a bit less than forever, and I had to hard-close it and restart it 20 times or so, but eventually it worked out. It gets super slow when it approaches the last few blocks, and for each of them it downloads a lot of "blockchain structure".

It also has problems finding peers very often it takes a few minutes just to connect to the network and, even more annoyingly, if you keep it disconnected for a day or two, then it takes AGAIN forever to resync when you start it unlike, e.

So, yeah, sorry for the rant, but it sucks. It would really push me to use an online wallet if I were not paranoid. I am experiencing exactly what tommasog described. I have hard closed it a bunch of times, it is only a couple hundred blocks behind now but when you restart it has to download THOUSANDS of block structures for some reason?

Same problem for me I don't know what to do, i've tried everything i can Mist Wallet all versions. Ethereum wallet all versions. And a bunch of different line like: Sure, it's not the quickest in the world, but how is the world supposed to embrace this if it's this difficult to get anything in or out?

I got sick of the wallet app stalling, so i wrote a quick batch file to auto launch the geth command upon crashing too. It seems to swell up to about 1. At least I'm slowly making progress. Yes guys please ethereum is amazing dont let the users suck with it and ask them to manually start some random thirdparty processes. Simple because most users dont know how to do that. Neither they bother to figure out if theres an issue. They just use an online wallet that is less secure.

In case someone that has something to do with Ethereum reads this. The Wallet should have a "Pro" and "Light" mode. The Pro mode would use the full block chain. The "Light" mode would use light mode of Geth. This would increase adoption for non-tech people checking out ethereum. And anyone else that doesn't want 20Gig on the hard drive hidden in the AppData directory.

Guys, this thing is unusable! Sorry for the rant, but I disconnected my PC for 24 hours, and after that I cannot sync anymore, even if I let it download overnight it's so slow that it doesn't catch up with the blocks!

I am new in Ethereum and I have tried to install the default wallet, recommended with a huge button in ethereum. Any easy step-to-step solution? Win10 64 bits I have never installed ethereum wallet, only bitcoin core. Head up a few posts and do what TuitionCoin or myself suggested. If you need help in the DOS command prompt area sing out. I'll be home later today and can whip up a quick guided tour of the cmd. Thank you for your help, but that's impossible! I have tried your solution and tuitionCoin's solution and they don't work, with many problems and i am software engineer I don't want to imagine someone non-tech.

The good and definitive solution is to fix "Ethereum wallet. I give it up. Just installed Ardor 2. But I'm getting a java heap space error. I'm assuming its a memory issue.

How can this be Is there a wallet that lets you choose adress you can send Bitcoin from? For examle i have 1 BTC in my wallet. I want to send 0. Seems like there is a restricted volume that a user can trade in the exchange, is there a similar restriction on transferring bitcoin from wallet A to wallet B?

Say I want to send Bitcoins to Which wallets support Bitcoin Cash? I'm looking for a big list of wallets that support Bitcoin Cash. What are the wallets that have Bitcoin Cash support? MCCCS 2, 2 7 When I use bitcoin, I have a master private key, and all private keys can be generated using the master key.

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31 Jul same issue here.. I've been trying for over a week to sync my wallet, it gets stuck.. both on mist and ethereum wallet, running geth directly got me through the first couple of million blocks but wont sync percent as well. 5 Apr First off, why the hell does Mist need to use my roaming drive on C? I never specified it to be there. (not enough space). Very lame. Bitcoin core doesnt fuck me like that As soon as I sent some money to my address in mist the application stopped syncing fully and will not let me spend or create a contract. 4 Oct I've cleared my chaindata and ran the wallet again and it downloads 99% of the blocks but then it stops short of finishing. .. Sync hangs at 99% Blocks left. . I'm also finally trying Ethereum out for the first time with installing official Wallet and trying to sync for over a week and never finishing the last.

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