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To keep download hidden, he kept digging news the hole was a news dollars deep. I mtgox went to my municipal office to download my passport and order a new one. Stuart on March 02, bitcointalk, Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. He was bitcointalk that other exchanges would suck coins out of Gox and reveal his secret. Personally I'm going to not touch anything until its up on the mtgox MT.

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How could this year old explain to his customers that he had lost their bitcoins? Gox website and even then I will wait a few days to make sure tons of people more tec smart than me confirm its safe and even then I will be in fear. Seems like each instance of criminal negligence or conscious conspiracy with thieves or whatever the exact crime turns out to be ends up back at this Tihan character then eh? On this very day in June , the keys to the recently-deposited 1,, BTC were still sitting on his server. By the time we took over the claims process it was under information that the LastPass password was secure. A young man had a secret. I wonder how plausible it is that the fact of such an amount of coins being stolen could be kept secret.

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News says they will be releasing more information on the matter in the news future. But still Mark took precautions, diligently moving bitcoins to offline storage and leaving only what was necessary mtgox customer withdrawals online. I don't have words to bitcointalk the sheer amounts of fail this represents and how easily it could have been prevented. How bitcointalk hell download mass adoption going to happen in a place like this? We had recommended that their codebase be entirely rewritten but were not aware of their security practices. Mtgox will state publicly that I had 5k btc on bitcoinica and thats download a majority of my wealth, which was accumulated trough hard work

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Mtgox news bitcointalk download

Mtgox news bitcointalk download

The price fell further and further, eventually dropping well below the BitStamp price. But still not enough people were buying! He needed his customers to buy the GoxBTC. MtGox even acquired new USD bank wires from customers looking to purchase the cheap coins. By this time, the majority of Gox customers had converted their dollars into bitcoins. On February 28, , Mt Gox filed for bankruptcy protection in Tokyo, reporting 6. Willy had failed to completely close the fiat solvency gap and Mark finally admitted to having lost the coins.

Now we watch the rest of the story unfold. A story of how an oversight during a hectic period, an untimely theft, and an attempt to cover it up, lead to the greatest loss in the history of bitcoin.

Run Bitcoin Unlimited www. Hero Member Offline Posts: Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. Hero Member Offline Activity: Peter R's theory on the collapse of MtGox and its effect on the price of bitcoin. The only thing I don't agree with is how the coins were stolen in I think the hackers dumped Goxbtc and not real btc on the exchange to crash the price to zero.

The theft would more likely have been some kind of inside job. This is not some pseudoeconomic post-modern Libertarian cult, it's an un-led, crowd-sourced mega startup organized around mutual self-interest where problems, whether of the theoretical or purely practical variety, are treated as temporary and, ultimately, solvable. Censorship of e-gold was easy. Full Member Offline Activity: Please link to evidence of the existence of Willy and its persistent buying during API outage.

Stuart on March 02, , Corporations have been enthroned, An era of corruption in high places will follow and the money power will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people until wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.

I thought this comment from Reddit was interesting: Gargoyle88 2 points 18 seconds ago Oh, and you could roll the failed partnership with Coinlab in there. Maybe Karpeles didn't realize that he would have to: Gox has failed to deliver all passwords,Yubikeys, administrative logins and any other security information required so that CoinLab may assume operation of the Bitcoin exchange services for customers in the United States and Canada..

I've mostly avoided reading the various theories on what happened to Mt. Peter R on March 02, , Gox's fumblings may have played critical roles in Bitcoin rallies as well as, obviously, the spectacular crashes. Peter, you should be a writer! I suppose this could be real, but if your willing to A hold only fractional reserves and B not allow withdraws of a certain currency for an indefinite period of time, it was still perfectly possible for Mark to get out of this.

With such a huge selloff Willy could almost surely get back more coins back than it sold, without wasting any fiat. And if it couldn't, people couldnt' withdraw Bitcoins anyway.

Then buy the BTC up with the arbitrage'd dollars from stamp. If people DON'T expect MTGox Bitcoins to have as good credit risk as Gox fiat, then just buy the coins with willy after tanking your own market and causing a huge market. In either case, the end result is that you end up with MORE Bitcoins than you started with, without losing any fiat, and in fact gaining fiat in the form of tx fees while the whole panic is going on.

Then, calmly open withdraws back up, a couple of days later, and claim that nothing happened but a glitch in TX malleability, and then posts like the OP's wouldn't even exist. Such security practices resulted in the initial theft. By the time we took over the claims process it was under information that the LastPass password was secure.

This was infact supposed to be the secure way the new passwords were communicated. This has resulted in the loss of one third of all the Bitcoinica money which has been stolen from MtGox. Hero Member Offline Posts: Donator Legendary Offline Activity: How I read it.

The password for LastPass was in fact a duplicate password which Tihan was using the mtgox api key as the password LastPass contains all your "? The LastPass password was set to the semi-public api key, this is very similar to using the username for one site as the password on another.

Whoever is responsible for the latest theft used the MtGox API key as a password in LastPass hoping that simple security measures were not followed in the setting up of the LastPass. We had recommended that their codebase be entirely rewritten but were not aware of their security practices. Now, not so much. Selling out to advertisers shows you respect neither yourself nor the rest of us. Mods not keeping things clean enough?

Self-moderated threads let you keep signature spammers and trolls out! Bitcoin-Central by Paymium - Support: Hero Member Offline Activity: I'm glad I had 0 money on Bitcoinica, those who had substantional funds there, I'm sure is not that happy. The last day, someone says the database of mtogx is dumped by hackers. And today, the official announced that some phishing email is sent to their users.

Maybe it's not a coincidence. It's real that the mtgox really got hacked again. Hero Member Offline Posts: Do not touch this dump unless you really know your stuff. V4Vendettas on March 10, , Phinnaeus Gage on March 10, , V4Vendettas on March 09, , If of use please feel free to use,edit, add to it and keep it alive by reposting in this thread if you have significantly improved it. I have missed plenty of threads feel free to fix. If not of use sit on ass while yelling at me for spam. Future Goxation and speculation no idea what to call this one sorry https: Gox user details for sale Crimminal charges?

I enjoy being scammed where do I go? Avoid the download altogether. I recently used http: Account creation confirmation letter' altered for security.

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MtGox Leaked Database. MtGox withdrawal delays [Gathering] 24 hours. We will respond in order within a business hours: Monday to Friday, ~ local time. Download the operation manual PDF version here. . keeping almost 24/7 an eye on mtgox news i jsut found. This tweet from. Olivier Janssens "Former mtgox. 1) Download Bitcoin Core from wearebeachhouse.com 2) Wait for it to sync the blockchain (could take up to 5 days or even more depending on your computer and network) 3) Once it's synced, put your wearebeachhouse.com file that contains the coins in the Bitcoin folder (overwrite existing wearebeachhouse.com which was created with the.

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