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If mycelium doesn't get out ahead of appreciation, it could get pretty ugly for him and his appreciation. I had a look at: Considering how hard our devs bitcoin, compared to what I do, I would feel wrong taking any of the credit or tips for myself. If you have a fairly powerful computer that is bitcoin always online, you mycelium help the network by running Bitcoin Core. Calculate taxes, one click done. It was completely underhanded and not even legally effective.

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You can add bitcoin to your account via Cashila and Glidera, which have been integrated into the mobile wallet platform. Sorry if I formulated this weirdly. I wonder if the policy used to be different, since as I said, currently pur devs are all over the world. Do not post your Bitcoin address unless someone explicitly asks you to. It is still far from ideally private in the sense that Mycelium knows which addresses go together so demasking one reveals the whole wallet. Im doomed holding my money in this account robbing all my transactions. What is Mycelium Wallet?

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Mycelium those with the same problem, 'sentinal' by Samarai wallet is a useable alternative. Please appreciation your inbox to confirm bitcoin subscription. The plugins will have to go through our servers. Will you be releasing the code for the existing back end, or only for appreciation versions going forward? And even while Jan was still bitcoin lead dev, we have mycelium LocalTrader bitcoin work completely anonymously, using only bitcoin signed messages for user authentication and appreciation all user chat P2P using their respective private keys so our servers receive no usable data. Currently our wallet signs the transaction and sends it mycelium our servers which broadcast it.

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Mycelium wallet review | Features & fees | wearebeachhouse.com

Bitcoin Basics: How To Set Up Mycelium Wallet & Live Transaction Demo

Its a shame mycelium doesnt combine forces with current projects. I notice mycelium has a lot of new ideas but rarely take them thru to launch and mass adoption. For something like tumbling, the market seems practically empty of working solutions right now. Wouldnt it make more sense to take a solution like joinmarket and polish it up since its pretty far along?

Then later in year go into a competing solution? I hope mycelium succeeds but its frustrating to see all these little projects spawn into little groups and compete when nothing fully works in this field yet.. I'm a bot, bleep , bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:. If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads.

Can you give an estimate on the release date? I have a bunch of friends on iPhone who are in need of a new wallet. Initially was supposed to be August, but we got screwed by Microsoft buying RoboVM and un-open sourcing it. So now we're hoping by end of year. I need to hire more developers I'd like to be able to run my own back end, and as I understand it this has not been possible in the past due to the code being closed source.

Will you be releasing the code for the existing back end, or only for new versions going forward? Too many legal headaches with releasing current code.

New version is using Bitcore. That's already out there. Or in SPV mode needs no back end at all. It will be, somewhat. The new app will support SPV. The backend will just run whatever third parties will need to run their plugins, and anything that can't be done in SPV, like colored coins.

It will be just whatever code we are given or find online, and will be up to the providers whether it will be open or not. The plugins will have to go through our servers. That's how we will make money from an open source wallet: I do expect that we will fail miserably at some time early on though, and will learn our lesson from that experience, as is typical for all startups. Will it support exclusive connection to a user provider node like Schildbach wallet? And if yes, will it support hardware wallets in SPV mode?

We hope to provide SPV early on, to not rely on our servers as it is now but as you know, this is even worse privacy depending how you look at it. Therefore a configurable server will also be an option. So excited to start using this! What's the upgrade path? Will this roll out to current Android Mycelium users or will it be a new app that needs to be installed and then btc sent over to, or seed imported? We're hoping a simple upgrade, but we're not sure yet. It may be easier to just have users transfer their seed, then writing code to convert the old to the new.

If this, can in any way get glose to doing POS and book-keeping in one, this would absolutely be kryptonite to other payment options for small business.

Looking forward to this! So I just need an efficient, simple, robust and lightweight bitcoin wallet like Mycelium used to be, what happens with users like me? Will there be a light version without all this clutter or is the new wallet designed so that all this features don't get on the way if you just want a bitcoin wallet? Use the new wallet without installing any extra plugins and apps.

Light version is the default. Things like extended transaction categories, support for multisig and BIP70 based invoicing, and encrypted peer to peer chat will be standard though, but you don't have to use them.

It won't make it more complex, but it will result in fewer security risks on the backend. Right now the code is all lumped together and is difficult to check. An feature introduced in one part could cause security issues elsewhere. Breaking up into modules that talk to each other will make auditing each module easier, and if a security risk is found, another module could be swapped in for instance, if Bitcore is found to have problems, you could install BitcoinJS or Libbitcoin.

I can understand an API. But it should still remain a bitcoin wallet. I don't like the other ideas. This whole talk of full financial management doesn't look good to me because it will make it a complicated app. I think you need a big screen desktop app for this sort of thing. Also selling shares like this could get you into trouble with regulators in the future. Have you thought of this? Residing in Europe won't save you guys. We should have a desktop version too.

But, at least personally, I do like being able to keep track of my spending when I'm out and about paying for stuff in bitcoin. I don't have a bank sending me convenient statements. When you integrate SPV bloom filters, have you thought about attempting to fix the privacy vulnerability like what bitsquare did. Essentially you don't add the pubKey to the bloom filter and only add pubKeyHash, and then reuse the same bloom filter seed to stop the spy using an intersection to find the real pubkeys.

Without looking into that one, any filtering is doomed to fail. For privacy, you will have to avoid filtering and the best way to do so is to talk to a trusted node.

We will have to provide this option of a configurable full node anyway. What about downloading entire blocks and parsing them? It would cost more in bandwidth but you'd only leak the approximate creation date of the wallet. So it would be SPV trust but full wire privacy. On a mobile client, downloading the full blockchain is not an option. Well, maybe somebody builds a module for that, so you can opt in but I doubt that we will put effort into full blockchain downloads.

Also I personally would rather have privacy than full transaction history on my mobile client. Basically, 'we don't make money but have decided that if we dream big we can have yours, and no, we won't give you stake in kind with your risk, nor will we provide proper info for due diligence'.

We plan to make a whole lot of money, same way Apple Appstore and Google Play make money. Lightning is supposedly just a way to handle scripted transactions like multisig and such , so it would just be a software change. If LN works as advertised then there is no way around it. I assume it will first work with some stand-alone LN wallet, then find its way into all major bitcoin libraries and then into all major wallets and wallets that lag behind will seriously loose customers, so rest assured that we will also add LN to Mycelium as soon as it makes sense.

Do you know if mycelium will have both the main bitcoin software and LN network soft integrated? Or maybe LN will be compiled within core in a single package? Not very tech sawy so not sure how everything fits together.. Why such a low figure if i may ask? This is the initial sale. This is mainly targeting our most loyal users and supporters, before we start raising money through "normal" means that companies raise money through.

Thanks for the answer. The crowd sale registration reads "please check you email" after your submit your info. This is relevant to your question https: It doesn't matter, the valuation takes place in USD.

This part worries me - doesn't that mean the shares are worth less if BTC goes up significantly? Got burned at havelock, just being cautious. Will it be an upgrade from current version to new version with the existing seed still able to give a full back up or will it need a completely new app install with a new backup seed?

Right after we release the API spec during Alpha stage, and someone writes a plugin supporting them. We are leaning towards a new app install, since there are some users who want to use both, so you would just import your seed from the old one into the new one.

Does that mean that you will continue to maintain both versions? Or do you intend to stop updating the old app and only keep updating the new app? Stop updating the old app. And eventually disable its servers, so it won't be able to send any more. The app is open source, so we can't really make it exclusive, as anyone can simply compile a test version himself.

I see that you don't plan to have a paid advanced version of the app. I'd pay a small yearly subscription for the app. If you do - I think they can force you to give up a portion of your app profits to them. Google takes an obnoxiously large cut of whatever app they sell. We won't take an obnoxiously large cut, but still a cut. We also don't like spamming our users with ads. No promises that that will never happen, but we are generally against the advert idea.

That's just colored coin being added to the old wallet. New wallet won't be out by end of the year. The site and the new app interface look stunning. Where can we look at the API so we can start working on our implementation? Exciting news, but each new feature opens the doors for vulnerabilities There are increased risks form using untrusted plugins, like from installing questionable apps.

We will try to vet them as much as we can, but we'll have to remind users to stay safe, and lock down the wallet parts as much as possible. This reads like the culmination of pretty much everything we've been talking about in the bitcoin space for years. Its about time we have a wallet that can do 'everything' and so glad to see this coming from one of my favourite wallet providers. We don't know how much we will sell in total.

Valuation triggers happen if we sell more shares, or if we go through an IPO process selling actual stock, or if the project becomes profitable, in which case we would convert to dividend paying assets. Each sale of shares will allow users to earn from increased valuation or performance of the company. Thanks for the comments. We're doing a quick write-up on this crowdsale at smithandcrown. We'd love your help in clarifying a couple things.

What is the legal status of these SARs? Do you call them that to describe metaphorically how they will operate or do the tokens have a recognized legal status? But, in the case of a triggering event, all holders will be given BTC, and they don't need to sell their SAR to claim in. You'll have to check the documents on the site.

I believe they are actual SARs, but if not, that's how we plan to operate them. The purchases are nonrefundable, so there's no need to.

Funds will be stored in a secure account though either multisig right away, or on secure hardware. We don't intend to lose these funds.

Luckily we have experience with securing bitcoin. I am ineligible due to insider trading issues. This will work like any other SAR. In case of a trigger event, holders get the right to btc in the amount of company value increase. They just need to prove they own the token. No developer resources as of yet, but basically you would need to write a backend app that knows how to process other coins get balance updates, sign transactions , which could either be software that runs locally on the phone using SPV like BitcoinJ or on a server somewhere for things that don't support SPV.

Then you would write a plugin that lets users create your custom type of account, where our Wallet uses API calls to your software to ask for balances, and request to sign transactions. Your software would do that, send it back to the wallet, the wallet will ask the user to verify it, and then broadcast it.

Could someone code a lightning hub as a plugin? I imagine the only backend servers that can be used are yours. We won't have restrictions on backend servers. Try a reverse image search with the picture of Olga S in the the screenshots. She is a famous 'actress' and her name is not Olga S. I'll give you a hint: She played in 'would you rather', but that's not the role she is famous for.

Our UI designer needed a photo of some pretty girl, and used her after finding her picture online. I don't think she knows who that was when she used her image. Still taking a random photo from an image search apparently without getting permission from the photographer or the person in the photo for an advertising campaign is something I would not expect an UI designer to do.

That the random photo is not so random after all is a funny anecdote, nothing more. Our designer is from Russia, and she probably didn't know who the photo was of. Sorry if I formulated this weirdly. I meant to say that taking a random photo of a random person and use it in a advertising campaign might be violation of privacy rights and copyrights depending on the jurisdiction you are in.

That the randomness picks a famous 'actress' adds a degree of weirdness to the case, but that's not the point. Popular Wallets Enjin Wallet. Analysis By user rating Cards Popular. View all wallet guides Popular Spend mBit Casino. Top Cryptopians Coming Soon! How to use CryptoCompare forums?

How to review products on CryptoCompare? View all forum guides Type My Portfolios Public Portfolios. Mycelium Wallet Wallet Website.

Mycelium Wallet is for the more adept bitcoin user - giving coin control features. The wallet is backed by a large active development team that is continuously innovating. With Mycelium gear you can: Start accepting Bitcoin payments for free with our easy to install widget or a sophisticated API. Automate the payroll process and spend no more than 30 seconds per month sending payments, no matter the size of the organization With Mycelium Swish https: Mycelium Developers December 9, Josiah Grosshans January 10, Im having issues with my btc wallet, I sent btc and it didn't send me the change back.

Will change review stars when I get support. Coins are stuck in my wallet, doesn't sync to the network and fees have gone up massive. How do I get my money out of the wallet or let it sync?? Jeffrey Creem January 13, Was Best option for smartphone wallet. Starting to lag in that regard. Trezor integration not really useful.

Mycelium Developers February 4, Xrc1 G January 10, Transaction stuck in limbo for weeks now. Contacted support and received no help at all. Thomas Lafarge January 12, Very good Bitcoin wallet. It only needs to add segwit support. Also I would rather pay for a pro version than suffer that Altcoin pushing Mycelium Developers September 9, T Styles January 6, This app saved my bitcoin another wallet had lost thank god i found this app to recover my bitcoin Full Review.

Imri Paran January 16, A very good wallet with many features but lack of segwit is a real pain. Will improve rating once segwit is implemented. Ryan Mannix January 31, Everything ime I make a transaction its either unable to broadcast or out of sync Full Review. Lost money cause they took to long to put it on my book and didn't do nothing about just a lost Full Review. After contacting mycelium, no response has been made. So basically I lost all my BTC. Transferred bitcoins to this app, never showed up.

Ill try another btc wallet Full Review. Nils Kilden-Pedersen January 13, Actually a great app, but it still has no SegWit support. Jtipt J January 4, Great wallet, but we want segwit! Mycelium Developers January 6, Sami Farin January 26, No SegWit and doesn't recognize unconfirmed transactions from SegWit addresses. Bryon Smith January 23, Stole my Bitcoin, do not trust Full Review. Matt J January 5, Miroslav Lederer January 8, I am not going to use them again!

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18 May “We plan to continue investing in the Mycelium wallet, bringing more value to users.” The news comes on the heels of major milestones for the Mycelium project. With less than a day left in its crowdsale, Mycelium has raised 2, bitcoins at approximately a $19 million valuation. The company has been. 22 Jun In a recent interview former backend developer for Mycelium, Daniel Krawisz, has detailed his reasons for leaving the company. Daniel cites deceptive sale terms and conditions and misuse of ICO funds as his primary motivation for leaving the company, including the financing of a vacation to Spain for the. Quote from: Jan on September 15, , AM. We don't currently have it on our roadmap. Ah, alright. Well, if you want to try it out, I wouldn't mind donating you guys one (as a token of appreciation for all the hard work and my gratitude) Wink.

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