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There is no recovery your coins are lost. Bitcoin 3 weeks ago. The main reason kenya because the normal computer graphics card is not designed for this kenya, no matter how powerful it may be. Recommended stories you bitcoin like:. This will bitcoin you dealers the bitcoin sellers who are ready to sell you bitcoin for an Mpesa transfer of 2, Kshs. Start your Transactions dealers Bitcoins. But Bitcoin does not eliminate the need for a bank….

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Your account will double up as your bitcoin wallet. I do transactions with them and wow! If you want to buy bitcoin using KES, you can try any of the above-mentioned bitcoin exchanges. There is a small charge for transfer of bitcoins from your localbitcoins wallet to your Electrum wallet — but the safety is worth it. Each unit of bitcoin , or 0. If you started with Sh, in January, you would now have close to Sh5 million.

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Great piece David, very informative indeed! One for buying and one for selling. Your account kenya double dealers as your bitcoin wallet. Blockchain Technology 1 day ago. Bitcoin a username and password and your account is live within seconds. Start selling with your local bank account now, see our free guide.

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Bitcoin dealers in kenya

Bitcoin dealers in kenya

Our platform provides a market place for individuals looking to buy and sell bitcoins. Our powerful API interface enables you to execute automated trading with great efficiency and permits you to have a smooth trading experience. Register and Create a free Bitcoin Wallet. Add Funds to your Bitcoin Wallet.

Add your Preferred Bank Account. Start your Transactions in Bitcoins. WALLET We offer a bullet proof crypto-currency wallet with an automatic deep freeze storage that is rare and extremely safe, leaving the individual well equipped to trade with bitcoins. POS Belfrics offers an integrated, end-to-end solution featured Points of Sales, back office and reporting services.

API Our powerful API interface enables you to execute automated trading with great efficiency and permits you to have a smooth trading experience. Fund remains free until execution and can be withdrawn anytime. Distributed server architecture with clustered persistence allows for outage free service. Geo IP routing provides super fast access for worldwide customers.

Start Trading Open Your Bitcoin trading account now. Learn more about Bitcoin Visit our blog to know more about the lastest trends in Bitcoin Trading. This is just a simple notice. Most coin exchanges online do not accept Kenyans, and the ones that do, require too much verification that does not even work in a Kenyan setting.

You may still have to do some verification on Spectrocoin, like uploading your ID card. So have it ready. Once you have the amount in your Spectrocoin account, click the buy Bitcoin button.

It will be almost instantaneous, and your wallet will now indicate how much Bitcoin you own. Can be something like 0. You can choose to leave the Bitcoin right there, but this is not advised since hacking is real and some of these websites keep going under. Best choice is to store the Bitcoin in your local computer. Go back to Spectrocoin and click send Bitcoin. Paste the Exodus address and enter the amouut of Bitcoin you want to send.

You Bitcoin will arrive in a few seconds and now Exodus will tell you how much they are worth in US dollars. Inside Exodus, there is an option to exchange the Bitcoin for other coins.

The developers promise to keep adding more coins, but currently you have an option of 6 coins. Luckily, Ethereum is one of them. Click exchange and follow the prompts. Set up a back up mechanism in case your computer is stolen. Click the Backup and restore button.

Depending on the amount of investment, consider buying an physical wallet looks like a flash disk. Or maybe storing your bitcoin in paper format there are websites for that. Once again depending on your investment, consider renting a safe deposit box in a local bank.

Store your flash or paper wallet there. Use the same Exodus to accomplish this. Neteller offers a good tool to covert Bitcoin to USD. The money gets deposited into your Neteller account. But do not get into this hoping for quick money.

This is a long game, and you should invest what you do not need right now. Ethereum on the other hand is more of a platform that is seen to have more potential than Bitcoin. It is being adopted by many large companies, and everyone sees it as the future of the world. Vitalik Buterin — its inventor, recently met Vladimir Putin, who gave his stamp of approval. Cryptocurrencies trends — Coinmarketcap. Buy Bitcoin — Spectrocoin.

I think we can eliminate the commission charges by using Bitpesa option where we shall only need to use the Exodus option. My advise though do not store big amounts there. I think it is taking to long for them to formalize or accept this technology yet we know so well it will catch up with Kenya. Unfortunately when this happens, it will be too late for Kenyans to benefit from it.

It is more of regulation to allow use of the currency in mainstream markets, rather than regulation on the actual currency. If they were in place more exchanges would come to Africa or the already existing would better there services. But Bitcoin does not eliminate the need for a bank….. It is correct you may use a card like Visa, but that again often means there is a bank account behind. Most exchanges will just ask you to send them money to a you got it bank account or use Visa bank behind and that makes it tedious.

I am a fan of Bitcoin etc. Thanks David, this is great info, you have simplified it really well. And which one can you recommend? Basically, almost everything on the internet is a copy of the original.

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31 Aug In this guide, you will discover how you can buy bitcoin in Kenya using various popular payment methods with Kenyan Shillings. Trade in bitcoins anywhere & anytime with Belfrics, a global exchange for cryptocurrency and the most secured trading platform. Trade now at best rate. Bitcoinsasa Buy and sell bitcoins in Kenya, Ruiru. likes · 1 talking about this . The easiest, safest and fastest way to buy and sell Bitcoin in the.

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