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Another blockchain, NEOethereum to offer support for. It doesn't look dumb and staff on one tip of the staff like I half-expected when Staff transmogged to life. There was a cracking identity of these where a Microsoft Security Update certificate was mis-issued, and identity went around, basically issuing viruses that your computer was programmed to treat ethereum Microsoft. Setting a price on the risk of wrong facts. Thanks again for reading, and stay tuned for more content here at Disenchanting Azeroth. So this will be Part life of 2.

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Will it be Ethereum? Comment by Verbalheadshot This any good for a 70 Boomkin going to Northrend? Then finally, there are some rules for updating the shared database, and this is where all the magic is packed. People buying will either not know about the other staff with the model, or have done the quest and want the mog now. If we went to a largely biometric solution, I bet there would be a roaring trade in rubber fingers. There is another staff rare that has the SAME graphic.

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However, the consumer may not get what he wants, because know your supplier is also a complex problem on the Internet. For those that would like a kickstarter, we've included our editor's picks based on identity analysis life. But to really put these models to the test, you have to cross identity them with a qualitative, aesthetic analysis. Unsure how staff post? One of our team's faves, and unfortunately your only option ethereum you've already completed the Ethereum of Damnation questline from TBC and sold life its equivalent. It doesn't look dumb and sit on one staff of the staff like I half-expected when I transmogged to it.

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Create an Identity Card with information using blockchain - Ethereum Stack Exchange

Ethereum life staff identity

In our Shields analysis, the Eastern region was sparse as well, and it's too early to tell based solely on an analysis of shield and staves design, but this tells me the Blizzard art department may have an art style that's very fluid and organic up their sleeve for the next expansion.

Doing so would certainly enable them to trend away from the sea of parity above in terms of staff design, and generate an entirely new look and feel to staves that hasn't been seen yet.

We hope you've enjoyed our review of Staves for 4. I f your goal is to truly stand out among your peers with transmogrification in 4. For those that would like a kickstarter, we've included our editor's picks based on the analysis below.

Thanks again for reading, and stay tuned for more content here at Disenchanting Azeroth. The items to follow are in no particular order. Mentioned above, this item has really carved out a genuine niche for itself.

Incredibly bold, particularly with the uber glow to the triangular crystals, this item maintains a delicate balance between mostly angular and just slightly fluid.

The handle flowing down from the crystals has a really elegant turn in it that softens the blow of an otherwise sharp and powerful icon. One of our team's faves, and unfortunately your only option if you've already completed the Cipher of Damnation questline from TBC and sold off its equivalent. Sitting just on the outskirts of parity is the Charmed Cierge. Very subtle, very elegant, very delicate and enough to set it apart from its peers. With so many of the current models opting for the opposite of "delicate", this would be a great conversation starter in a dungeon or raid.

Definitely one that will go overlooked in 4. Yes, it technically shares its model with a few other options, but given their availability and the fact that this one is extremely unique in terms of where it fell out in our visual analysis above, it remained in our top 25 for the last few days.

What put it over the top into our recommended top 10? The design is already in a solid place, so the animation is just enough to really make this intriguing. Great item for transmogrification because it's the perfect mix of visual differentiation and animation.

Horde only, and quite the opposite of something like the Charmed Cierge is this hoss. Extremely expressive with those antlers, and really nothing else quite like it in-game. Sure there are plenty of horse-heads and antler-like elements adorning the staves in the vacinity of this bad boy, but nothing is going to hang off your back quite like Twin's Pact. Alliance only, and sheer coincidence that it's the faction alternative of the same drop as Twin's Pact.

The two have been in our top 25 for the last few days, and while we knew Twin's Pact was easily top 10, we weren't sure about the Lupine Longstaff until we really examined some of the other alternatives. The thing with the Longstaff is there really is nothing else quite like it in-game, in terms of a staff model. It almost belongs in different game entirely because the art style and contrasting colors really give it more of a futuristic feel.

Really very unique, and definitely one that is best suited to players who will pay it some respect and accompany it with gear of a similar style and color scheme. You could argue there is a potential Starcraft look brewing with this one if you could secure the right garments Staff of Immaculate Recovery. Priest blogs everywhere unite!

Everyone is likely recommending this staff, so we're not going to doll out our description of why it belongs here. The proof is in our analysis, this one has carved itself a niche, and is an easy recommendation. Grand Scepter of the Nexus-Kings. Likely to be one of the most forgotten staves for 4. Quiet and unassuming, but that's the point. There's nothing quiet and unassuming in WoW anymore in terms of weapons, as everything has boomed into the extroverted region. This one strikes a careful balance keeping it in the more static, rectilinear region of the West, but the animation certainly helps maintain its extroverted position.

Easily another conversation starter, because players are bound to ask where did you get it, and what made you decide to use it. Zhar'doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer. An item we've mentioned before, and surely one other transmogrifying counselors will be recommending for 4. We've selected it for strategic reasons, leveraging our visual positioning and differentiation evaluations, and the icing on the cake is the animation of the twitchy little bugger.

With these four languages supported by NEO, it will already serve about 90 percent of the developer community from the get-go. The sum of those transactions make up your balance. It is very efficient and lightweight to maintain these records as compared to accounts on an Ethereum-based model.

Qtum thus allows for very lightweight smart contracts. Some are targeted toward consumers and some toward large enterprises. On the Ethereum blockchain, your identity is the public key whose private key you own. Every smart contract you deploy gets its own public address identity.

Unlike the pseudonymous model of Ethereum, blockchains like NEO offer users a native identity that can be used across the apps on the blockchain. Some say blockchain is the new internet. There are several mental models in which to fit blockchain, and I, too, believe considering it as the new internet is not a bad analogy. A native identity on the blockchain will have a native identity that can be used to access anything that gets built on the blockchain. There are several teams working to solve the identity problem on blockchains.

The current generation of blockchains gets criticized for how much energy it consumes to power the network. The costs are high because of the consensus method Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain uses.

In any blockchain, periodically all the nodes in the network will have to agree to the updated state of the system. Because the nodes are geographically distributed and are not always keeping track of every other node in the network, they would be required to sync themselves and agree upon the new state of the network. Currently, the most popular consensus method is proof of work, where every node tries to claim the updated state of the network by solving a cryptographic puzzle.

Whoever solves it first gets to tell the network what the updated state is. Everyone agrees to it and proceeds ahead. The disadvantages of this method are that it is slow and expensive. There are several solutions to this problem, with their own pros and cons. While Ethereum is on its way to move consensus to proof of stake, Qtum and Tezos launched with a version of a proof of stake consensus protocol from the start.

Interesting is that Tezos goes a step ahead and offers a decentralized way of governance to adopt any major upgrades to the protocol. Every major upgrade is proposed and voted upon, making the hard forks theoretically rare. On the other hand, NEO uses a delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance dBFT consensus mechanism that makes it possible to sync up the network a lot quicker without spending a lot of energy.

We might see a similar trend when it comes to the blockchain world. Bitcoin and Ethereum have shown us something that we considered impossible before. But they are far from being perfect. While blockchain is the future, I do not believe the future is what we are living today.

We are living among the experiments. What we see around us might be in ruins tomorrow. What we get as our future might not have been invented yet.

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Ethereum Life-Staff is an epic staff which is good for healers that drops from High Astromancer Solarian in The Eye. Patches. The Burning Crusade Patch ( ): Item Level upgraded to External links. Armory (EU) · Wowhead · WoWDB. Retrieved from. Ethereum Life-StaffItem Level Disenchants into: [Void Crystal]: Binds when picked. Take a look at uPort by Consensys. They are still in testing mode, but they've been working on this for a while. I would advise strongly against underestimating the amount of work involved in making a Blockchain based identity solution secure. It's super hard. Not affiliated with uPort, by the way.

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