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In mine we are supposed to sweep the test after as bitcoin as clean the lint filters. Having placement one or two profitable campaigns is not enough, you need to have deep understanding of the scaling process. AFTER the amount has been transferred. Lessened learned, always send your BTC to another address and then sweep your OLD keys into the client for forum your claiming another air forum coin Don't know if that was intentional, but could be confusing for users. Clearly the repository placement deleted and the test was scrubbed bitcoin reuploaded.

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Then told me that I could be waiting for months yet for a new class to start! Don't say we didn't warn you that the laundry would be worse than the SFI! Biggest Crypto Scam going on right now 3: While not a blanket defense, a robust recitation of the risks associated with an investment in an ICO could be an important tool in blunting a Rule 10b-5 claim or similar action under associated state securities laws, as it may, among other things, short-circuit the required scienter i. I imagine it must have felt like Christmas when he managed to get it linked on the official website. I had to take a photo of the rules earlier today and send them for translation!

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It looks like archive. Placement would forum do that? Cellar doors - risk of uninvited guests. Obviously, had I been smarter bitcoin this, it could have been avoided, but with their placement officially endorsing the test and redirecting on the main test, that's forum some sketchy bullshit. However, I don't think this should excuse the team from revalidating it bitcoin the website went live. I'm a bot, bleepbloop.

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Lets Discuss This Clip About Bitcoin From CNBC.....

The source code for the site technically exists [4] , but the repository has an upload date of November 15, where the conversation linked above took place last month. Clearly the repository was deleted and the code was scrubbed and reuploaded.

Note from Future Uejji: The link above is broken. At the time I made this post, it contained a clean version of the scam code. I don't believe you're missing out by not being able to examine it today. Notice also that this address was displayed on the site on November 13 [6] but was changed by the next day [7].

It doesn't seem like the version of the code Technophant forked and audited contained the malicious code I describe below. However, I don't think this should excuse the team from revalidating it once the website went live. It seems as if JohnDass tried to cover his tracks. However, the address above has a transaction linking it to the above mentioned scammer's wallet. Either JohnDass himself was also scammed by his very own wallet or he is the actual scammer.

My first clue was the snapshot version of bitcoinjs. So I compared it against a legitimate version of the bitcoinjs code and found an interesting change.

This son-of-a-bitch buried this nefarious line of code right in the middle of the bitcoin javascript library.

But what does it do? MyBTGWallet's version of bip I don't have to compare it to the actual source, though, because searching for gtag brought up this section:. Two guesses what the mnemonic variable is. This function is called just a few lines up in the same file:. So, whenever mnemomnicToSeed is called, the user-input mnemonic is saved to window. Any of you who have ever used Google Analytics might see where this is going.

At the very end of the website's primary javascript code [10] lives a little bit of code meant to enable Google Analytics, which happily snaps up the user's cookie on the site and stores it for the scammer to view later. Note that this was just a small amount of code that enabled this scheme. Even trying to trace what connections the website was making all looked legit, except for Google Analytics, which he claimed to be using to track website usage.

So, to summarize, every time someone entered their mnemonic seed into MyBTGWallet, their mnemonic was Base64 encoded, stored on the website cookie and then transmitted to Google, where the scammer was free to decode it and have full access to that person's private keys derived from that seed.

It looks like archive. They were all available when I posted the links. Probably some of their servers have the files and others don't. Several people have talked about hoping this scammer could be tracked down, etc. While not impossible, I consider it practically impossible that this person will be tracked down. I primarily made this post to illustrate how simple this entire attack was from start to finish.

So, here's my tl;dr for you:. Never trust anybody with your private key or mnemonic, even if you would trust that person otherwise. Your private key or mnemonic is the only thing proving that you own and can control your crypto.

There is no company to give you a refund, no bank to reverse your transaction. Any stories you read about stolen crypto that was recovered were just stories.

Never assume they could happen to you. And never type your goddamn mnemonic or private key into websites. Especially ones that pop up out of nowhere around big forks. Its a shame this BTG scam has effected so many people new to our community. Until my Ledger supports this fork I want nothing to do with it.

Way too many people forget that when "free" coins are dangled in front of them. Scamcoin redeemed and dumped! BTG can be safely redeemed via coinomi wallet. Password managers and encrypted storage of your passwords are your friend. And never give them to anyone. Yes, glad I did this first LOL. Would it be enough to send the funds to another wallet located under the same master key?

That scammer must be pretty damn happy right now. He played everyone like a damn fiddle. I imagine it must have felt like Christmas when he managed to get it linked on the official website. TheGreatAttacks is right and there is no reason not to type the seed or private key of a now empty BTC wallet into a BTG or BCH wallet service other than potentially losing the airdrop if the service is malicious.

But if you do it correctly, no way to lose actual BTC. If it is the private key for something that contains no BTC, it is safe, but be careful with your management of addresses and balances.

Don't even keep your seed or private keys in plain text on a system connected to the internet. At least have it encrypted with a password. Or even better, have those keys encrypted with a password AND on a offline system.

This is gross negligence at best, and we should question the competency of every major decision they make moving forward. It's possible they can still turn this around, but I think the crypto community deserves to know what happened here.

They actually officially supported that scam on top of their own scam? Damn, this is worse than I thought, almost a scamception. To be clear, I didn't find any evidence to suggest that Bitcoin Gold themselves were behind or were willingly associated with this scam. However, I do believe that their actions did increase the public awareness of this scam site and brought many people to it who never would have considered it otherwise.

Bitcoin Gold is a scam from the start so it doesn't really matter exactly how connected they are to a separate scam. It's this kind of analysis and hard work that makes trawling Reddit worth it. I agree with your opinion that the BTG people running the official website must shoulder some responsibility. Out of curiosity, I had followed the link. But fortunately decided to stick with the proven Coinomi for Android wallet. I believe many people were saved from this misfortune because they also already had Coinomi and were comfortable with it.

Anyway, it was also fortunate that, despite being rather new with cryptos, I had that valuable experience in extracting Bitcoin Cash after the fork. My address was at Blockchain. One very good article provided the information. For helping BTC owners extract the forked coins?! How stupid can one get! Anyway, one of the key lesson from that article is this: First and foremost, send ALL of the coins in the address included in the snapshot to another address. Preferably but not necessarily at another wallet.

This way, even if we were to give out our word seed, our BTC is safe Because it's in another wallet with a different seed. But something which intrigued me was my own behaviour.

Black or white hat? Today we have rolled out these badges to the rest of the community. In this post I'll explain how the system works. In this last section, we'll look at the big, bold world out there beyond Facebook for traffic generation. Specifics "Like the fact that you want to buy your mom a house, but as far as goals go, as it is now, this is difficult to quantify. So, you need to define your goal better, check what you need to do and then see if it would work.

Comment management Should you hide comments or not? FBQueen gives her take. How relevant are the guides from ? I'm in the game for 20 years already and I can confirm that many techniques and approaches that we started with, are still valid to date. How Can I make deals?

It doesn't cost any money to ask, so ask as much questions as you can. New Adwords features promise better targeting! One thing I have realised over that time is that not everything works, and for a campaign to make serious money for you I have had lots of these but also some which have lost money , it has to be either The STM community leaps into action to help out an affiliate facing a major advertiser dispute.

First Decent Profit Camp! Might be an eye opener to some. A quick tip for anyone looking to scale up from the old POF platform.

Here are some quick optimizations and strategies you can implement today on Amazon FBA and increase sales. Wal-Mart to Amazon arbitrage "The two best books for anyone that wants to get started with Amazon Arbitrage and how I got first got started on Amazon Introduction to Landing Pages Vortex's mega-tutorial gets into some deep, meaty topics! WaddleWigs on November 26, , Please support sidehack with his new miner project Send to: November 26, , Yeah haha that was kind of a insider for the guys who ordered our Gen.

We built 3 new prototypes within 6 Months so this one customer was a little angry when we told him there is a new one just as he bought the old one so we droped that slogan as not to confuse anyone else.

Should maybe drop the Gen. On a side note: If enough people want a Gen. The impressum is in German on intention, we are required by law to have it on our Website in our native language no matter the language of the Website. Thank you to all who participated and helped us make our Website better!

ZedZedNova on November 27, , Maybe you could also include the translated text as a separate menu option? OK, right construction of the rig is enough hard work - organizing cable management and ventilation.

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A and B are for people that can't read or write from my understanding. If you walk into the test and say you know nothing you go into C. I still don't see why people that just arrive would really want to go in the D course. The C course gives you the basics and the D course is basically just to practice what you. 7 Nov Bitcoin mining's appeal is its relative simplicity—you just need computing power. But setting up a facility is more complicated than throwing a bunch of hardware together in a room. Every detail of the traditional data center is designed with cooling in mind, from the placement of vents to the hot aisle/cold. 3 days ago STM Forum is the #1 rated community for affiliate and performance internet marketers. See how we generated $XX,XXX,XXX of affiliate revenue in and join our private forums.

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