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If not, go back and do it again. White is the worst color for this truck. Some fees are location specific and may 1500 if you transfer this vehicle to a different Price store. At Buckeye Toyota in Lancaster, dodge goal is to assist you in making a confident decision. WD hitches are ram necessary with tandem axle litecoin trailers but not with boat trailers. Honda Marysville, 2016 closer than you think!!

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This is not a truck for introverts. Please call or e-mail first for the best and quickest information. Lifetime Certified Warranty Upgrades. Ricart Used Car Factory 8. Sign in with facebook. Use Distance Search to find Ads based on where you are and how far you want to travel.

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GM lumps max cargo with max tow. Enter your email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Increase the search radius for more results. As does my insurance agent, about long-term-care insurance. Yeah, you need some graphics help, stat. Lifetime Certified Warranty Upgrades.

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FS17 DODGE RAM CREW CAB V - Farming simulator / | 15 / 17 LS mod

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Prime Country — damn straight. There need to be more RAM badges. In addition to the badges on the front doors, the rear cab doors and bedside cargo compartment doors need to feature RAM badges as well. The opening in the front lower bumper or skid plate, the grey part, needs a separate RAM emblem to duplicate the one in the main grille.

Lastly, a large vinyl RAM decal should be placed across the entire width of the rear window. Every time I read these reviews, I realize more and more I am not a truck guy.

Probably not a Texas guy either. White is the worst color for this truck. The lot at work has two of these, a white one and a charcoal one. The Charcoal one looks 11venty!! Black would be the next common colour. I do like the charcoal colour. In Canada the Rebel currently has 10, on the hood. Jack that thing up to the stratosphere. And dot matrix American flag banners in the rear window. Has your truck been mistaken for a UFO? If not, go back and do it again. V8s are soooo s. The pink trim around the dash is chintzy and looks quite cheap, like it might belong on a Fiat.

But I hate colored plastic trim wherever it appears. Yeah, you need some graphics help, stat. Those monitors are just fine but running them through a splitter is a disaster. One of the first Ts. When not docked, I have a couple of complaints. The trackpad is just awful in the usual tradition of Windows machines now hopefully to improve with Precision Trackpad.

The built-in screen has good enough resolution for a cheap business machine but has execrable color. Then again, your blood may vary. One of these drove by me on the street a couple days ago, front end facing me, while I was standing on the sidewalk. It was signaling to turn right.

I had to stop and blink a few times because I was seeing spots instead of the sidewalk in front of me. Yeah, tell me about it. The cemetery company keeps calling me. As does my insurance agent, about long-term-care insurance.

Back then AC was considered a luxury, so they taxed it. Good luck attaching a 8, to 10, lb 9, exactly trailer on a Ram Rebel. Max payload is 1, depending on options. You can bring your family but better have an empty pickup box. If you want to tow a big trailer with a half-ton, an F is going to make your life a lot more comfortable. But yes, the air suspension and coil springs does hurt it compared to their competitors in bed capacity. The v8 will tow the hell out of your standard foot trailer which is appropriate for a half ton.

They list max payload and tow ratings depending on configuration. The spreadsheet I posted is the actual tow ratings by spec with gcwr, axle ratings, etc. MrIcky — I said the B pillar sticker is more accurate but the most accurate is to weight the truck as you plan to use it. I suspect that is where the differences come from. Your table does not differentiate trim levels. If we go to the highest trim level this is what we get: That reduces payload to 1, lbs. You can keep arguing your point all you want.

That is why accessories add weight to the truck which reduces payload. I spent nearly a year searching for a pickup to tow a lb. Even without the trick air suspension, the Ram which uses coil springs was sufficiently inadequate in the payload category that I ruled it out early in my shopping. DC Bruce — agreed. Both Ford and GM have max tow packages. I do think that ford also goes to a larger gear set with max haul or tow.

The Fs HD payload package, which is required for those lofty ratings, are pretty much a work truck only option. I believe they occasionally sell them through retail channels in XLT trim, for those who insist on carrying a hardside camper with their halfton.

Acceptable in a reg cab work truck, but creek inducing in the longer cabs and wheelbases; not at all what the buyer of a Texas Limo bargained for. Sane people who have paid their dues, rolling in the mud putting a spare on a camper loaded truck, while being eaten alive by about million mosquitoes twice… grrr way up on the Dempster, will suck it up and get a HD for camper use. Ram decided that other things cheap price and soft ride were more important. For many buyers, they were probably right.

GM lumps max cargo with max tow. The max payload or max tow package makes sense for those who use their trucks intermittently for heavy use.

I run 10 ply tires on my current F Too little tongue weight is a recipe for uncontrollable oscillation. See a demonstration video: Carlson Fan — Thanks. I have heard that before. Boats are inherently light in the bow. The lighter tongue weight of a boat trailer is evident in the frame design at the tongue. WD hitches are common necessary with tandem axle travel trailers but not with boat trailers. Ford payload numbers do not include the weight of the hitch, the weight of the bumper or spare tire.

You need to add lbs to all their payload ratings for a true comparison. But yes even then the rams averages are lower. I was secretly shopping for these after doing some test drives and seriously thinking about consolidating my two cars into one newer half-ton. Tundras are great, but pricey. You can feel confident driving no matter the weather because of the 4WD in this 4 door crew cab truck.

All vehicle model years I have a Dodge Ram Laramie for sale. Truck is fully loaded with leather seats, navigation, back up camera, sunroof, etc. Only , km, truck is in mint condition, no problems. All vehicle model years available. All this snow and you need a 4X4. Here is a great opportunity. If you need financing I can help also, this can be yours with rates as low as 3. I have over 20 yrs experience to help you avoid The Toyota Tacoma is a top choice in the midsize pickup segment thanks to its highly capable nature; In an era where the In addition to serving as the rugged workhorses of farmers, construction companies and small The full-size pickup truck class has seen a lot of positive change lately.

Many of the best-known

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Search over Used Ram listings. TrueCar has over total used car listings, updated daily. Come find a great deal on a Used today!. Check out the Ram review at wearebeachhouse.com Use our Car Buying Guide to research Ram prices, specs, photos, videos, and more. 14 Oct Ram Rebel. litre V8 ( horsepower @ 5, rpm, lb-ft @ 3, rpm. Eight-speed automatic transmission w/selectable four-wheel drive. Fuel economy (rated, MPG): 15 city / 21 highway / 17 combined. Fuel economy ( observed, MPG). Base Price: $46, (U.S.) / $56, (Canada).

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