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As for my mining rig Litecoin is behind bitcoin Timekoin seems to be in a buggy place bitcointalk now so just accept you're part 105 an experiment and bitcointalk get too fixated on how many TK you're generating. Also remember, the success of a cryptsy does not just depend on mining reward and price, it also depends on infrastructure and community, and a general public awareness. Don't have 105 problem with Doge its just cryptsy other altcoin clones diluting any potential rival to Bitcoin.

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All Posts OPs Only. Half the power consumption and I'm getting around 0. I've been buying BC up as much as I can lately, also have high hopes for asiacoin. What does litecoin offer the marketplace that Bitcoin doesnt? Luckily the only bad boat I caught was that Quarkcoin crap I am now starting to really get interested. Funds in the Legacy Fund will be moved to the current Bitcoin balance as we successfully transfer the funds from the previous owners exchange accounts into our new corporate accounts.

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You might like to follow the forex threads. Yeah I've tried trading alts, 105 I buy it goes down, whenever I sell it goes up. But I'll probably jump ship after tonight. Although, this is too easily traced for those politicians close 105 President Xi. That would bitcointalk in quite a collection of broken clocks given that the same writer gave fair warning regarding mtgox a year prior to it's collapseNeoBEE, Bitcointalk and numerous other scams over the years. I just downloaded the wallet which is easy cryptsy run, then I can transfer the coins to an exchange when I need to. You Do realise ping times are cryptsy for p2pools?

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Kr 105 bitcointalk cryptsy

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And Asiacoin - no clue if this is going anywhere. It's just always a good idea to mine from day 1, nomatter the shitcoin. Or would you assume 7mil would be enough. Premium features will be PND only. This is a feature update. We've got a working "memo" panel. Just type in any text you want and click outside of the box, it will be saved automatically.

Here's froge as reward. Know the next payout? I'm mobile right now. When did you start mining? Or is it 4 hours from when you start mining? It's not recommended however. The latest unstable of the tipbot now includes an ugly menu that lets you specify the default amount to send. Nobody smart at least. They kinda herped the derp. I sold all my DOGE at 0. Should I commit seppuku or will it eventually surpass this price? I'm always surprised when I remember it only started in the second half of February.

Time to commit suicide by hammer I guess. Call it the trojan Doge. Post DIY pictures on reddit, and gain thousands of doge tips and karma. Bumping with Hammock http: I'll just leave it here for my fellow GPU miners: Soon you'll cry yourself to sleep that you didn't buy Blackcoin.

I'm genuinely trying to help you guys, because I'm a good person. I would like one though. Should've bought some PND instead, you can still do that. This is not how you make money.

If instead you had bought at 12, sold at 90 and bought back at 20 you would have been in better shape anon. You might like to follow the forex threads.

In trading you make gains with good luck. And it's certainly not the "last chance to save it". Can someone explain what happened to ripple? The price crashed, but also the supply used to be billion but now it's at just over 7billion. What the fuck is going on? I actually underestimated Blackcoin, well done.

Might buy some if it drops the next time. You mad you didn't sell and now have to baghold with! The issue is that many people believe success comes from nothing.

They will cheerish it when it's up, they will hate it when it's down even though it never changed anything but the price. If you're too autistic to stay with a project for longer than one week then you do not belong into crypto. I have always felt inspired by the short monologue at the beginning of primer.

But there will be good days. That's what I'm working for. Tell me why PND will go anywhere? It's only big stakeholders like amdoge shilling it nonstop, thats that. So BC getting pumped again, wish I didn't sell my to hope back on the doge train. The tipobot, the multipool, the pos, there is much more going on than on your average cryptocoin. The comunity is good less the vocal haters. This is a good long term investmet.

What do you think is a realistic price for bitcoin? It always depends on the circumstances and situation of the community behind it. In short - there's no answer to this question. I'd stay away from that if I didn't have any insider knowledge which i don't. Same scheme with different name slapped on it.

I just took a screenshot of it. Is there a way to set a stop loss order on Cryptsy or do I have to write a script for that? This low-volume hovering around makes me nervous but I don't want to sell unless it starts moving downwards.

Guess I have another reason to pick up Python again. The cuteness factor is already done my DOGE, the POS and multipool is already done by BC and being ripped by a lot of coins hoping to go up like BC , community is just a bunch of holders, no one really gives a fuck about it.

Just because it was first? It's an objectively shitty coin. If you don't like bagholding you might want to leave. I made about 70k cause I sold some BC at 50k. Dont be concerned with the WU being low either its normal I get around 0. Decent altcoin with low resource usage — hopefully it keeps the momentum.

I think all these asic resistant coins will fail unless they have a large community like dogecoin and litecoin. ASIC resistance has little impact on the price, and in my opinion only changes the distribution of the coins, ie. Concentrated in the hands of the wealthy, which is going to happen in the long term anyway.

I also believe without the dogecoin promotions, it should have fallen under or 50 satoshi each. The 1 milion kittehcoins I picked up at 40 satoshi are now only worth 7 satoshis each, hate max keiser. Vertcoin begs to differ. The reddit community is 8 times what it was last week: I meant the coins are still going into the hands of the wealthy in the end, regardless of who mines it.

ASICs just mean no middleman to skim the profit and rip-off the long term holder. As it turns out, why i couldnt get it to work was because i have a juniper based card in my main mining rig, seems the algo does not work on these older cards. Im not pulling 2.

What will vertcoin do that other coins cant? Its growing steadily though just like most alt-coins, where it will be next month could be anywhere. Dev supported ASIC resistance seems to be its strength thus far. Another Alt Coin which has caught my interest is Curecoin: Alt-coins have lost the plot.

Any idiot can now launch a crapcoin and it just dilutes the market. I have sold off most of my hardware and am now only concentrating on mining DOGE. I am still mining DOGE because of the community but that may also come to an end. You would think centralization would put an end to the concept of an "independent decentralized peer to peer currency" wouldn't you?

The X11 algo literally uses half the electricity as scrypt mining. And I think this is where the mining rigs will stand to live on When you think about it, we are still using 2 year old gpu for mining today, and I have a feeling in 2 years time we will be re-using todays hardware. On the topic of Asics, I did preorder dont hit me a fibonacci recursion as a starting point. I also believe the market will be pretty stagnate for a little while longer, but believe it will start to grow again a little later in the year.

As for my mining rig Where did you sell? I am thinking of turning off my 6 GPU mining rig as it is almost only break even, and selling the gear. I posted a Bitcoin survey in the Bitcoin thread but I thought I'd post it here too if you guys don't mind since this thread looks more active. Its for a research project. Fill in with as much or as little detail as you like. There is a very interesting article here https: Im lead to believe there are chips available the first batch.

If your interested id be quick. There appears to be at least 3 forks running. I don't think profitability will ever return for scrypt at this stage. GPU miners will all move to scrypt-n and x11 once the 2nd tier of asics come through. Those that are selling of their gear now are just panic selling. There are too many gpu miners out there to ignore. Was quite easy to setup actually. I have had one working away for the best part of a week, no issues at all, took about 10 mins to get it going.

Just wish my other ones would arrive. I've played around with the settings a little bit but it seems you need to do the voltage mod to push out more then khash's cpuminer. I am unable to get it going in duel mode though, It hovers around ghashs's and warms up quite considerably mining sha cgminer.

Gridseed Bfg miner https: Or use a Raspberry Pi from http: Or modified image so you can login with ssh can confirm login works but I haven't tested it yet. I downloaded the 4GB image btw https: I was up to 5 per cycle and somehow had never been booted with all the updates etc, until the other day when I cleared the foundation history and did repair on the entire database trying to fix the hash issues.

I've got stock clock setting of mhz, i might tweak a little to see if it makes a difference. How low will it go I'm going to get a couple while they are cheap, you know provided the price doesn't keep plummeting! I saw this on reddit and thought you guys might find this interesting: Looks like all cryptos are taking a massive beating which explains the lack of posts in this thread. Not so sure but it is a great opportunity for a new crypto to enter the market that addresses all current issues — and isn't a fork.

New to cryptocurrency, thinking of having a go. Don't know a whole lot about it, just the basics. I have a fairly decent gaming rig which I do not use for gaming anymore. But I do have access to free power and free internet..

Well you have the right cards for it you'd prob get about 1. You can punch those figures into this calculator here: As you'll see it's not all that profitable at the minute with btc being down all the cryptos are by association. But you could probably make some money mining vertcoin or using a switching pool like multipool.

You could also consider just buying some cryptos and holding on to them for a while and see what happens.

Was kicked few days ago for no reason what so ever So I have just switched mine off as well. Will hang onto the few coins that I have but right now I really don't see it going anywhere. Software is way too buggy, no real community, really nowhere for it to go. It'll bounce back and a new bubble will blow up within six months. Alts will follow suit I guess. BTC and LTC were going nowhere at the time and i thought what's the point and shut my mining rig down for a few months I've also got a Gridseed running on Clevermining coz at 7watts i figure it literally costs me nothing to churn away and pickup some BTC.

Yeah profits are so low atm. Scrypt is pretty much unprofitable to mine for me with bitcoin price also being so low and the cost of power at almost 0. Don't commit money to alt coins that you can't afford to lose.

Now is the time to hold, even buy more. I'm mining it on ipominer at the minute. Don't know why they bother though after AUR. Good time to buy. Too scary to buy, this is the worst ever drop. Might take years to come back. It isn't even the cut-off date for the chinese restrictions yet. The only reason why the bitcoin price is still being held up is because the rich chinese are still buying up bitcoins in anticipation of the deposits being disabled permanently.

Currently some exchanges still allow deposits via dubious means. Basically, they are getting their money out of china before it becomes impossible without paying for a fraudulent accountant and fake corporation. Although, this is too easily traced for those politicians close to President Xi. I'm sure there are other methods, but they will also be very costly. Its funny having some investment in Bitcoin, the price falling doesn't really faze me that much.

Personally I find the community and Bitcoin itself rather toxic. Some of the comments on other sites are unbelievable — An economy based on endless greed and growth is unsustainable. Litecoin is also another crypto I think deserves the one finger salute. If the devs had any balls they would back up their original stance and hard fork ASIC's out of existence — but no, greed before logic. Seems to have backfired. That's the right idea, they just need to keep distribution free of ASICs though I am not sure the devs are even capable of this.

Same here the block confirms are high I believe hence to long confirm time but 0. Nah, it's just being manipulated as most altcoins. Just have to find the favourite for the day. By the way I have managed to take advantage of BC, too. Blackcoin is the hottest thing in Crypto right now but everything comes to an end but the problem is you dont know when, is'nt it just a rip off peercoin?

Already mined which explains the price. They do have pools like blackcoinpool. I converted all the Heavycoin I had on mintpal a few days ago to blackcoin, made almost 2 bitcoins which is just insane, and it is still climbing. I always miss these things I thought whitecoin was going to be good and Ipominer is down: Where do you find out if these coins are probably worth something? Reddit is probably the best place to start — make sure you also view the submissions that aren't popular: The Blackcoin experiment is actually genius, blackcoinpool periodically buys blackcoin via mintpal sending the price souring and unlike the typical pump and dumps, the distributed nature of this pool means it is shared with around users currently.

The big losers are the bog standard crypto clones like doge which are being used to trade for BlackCoin. I think that blackcoin is showing resilliance different to any of the other alt coins. It has a very loyal community that is growing by the minute. It has some features that have set it apart from other altcoins. As for all these markets there is always high risk when the returns are so high so please do not take my word for it research it yourself and make an educated decision.

Eric the Midget writes Haven't looked at it for a couple of weeks. Not sure about blackcoin, it's on the way down already seemingly. Whitecoin has been fairly good for me Are you exchanging at bittrex?

Their SHA wallet is down which is annoying. Wait until Blackcoinpool buys some more coins, should be soon as they are doing it once a day.

If the value goes up again, its definitely the pool creating the jump in price. Hmm it didn't work yesterday but does now I thought it was something to do with their wallet upgrade. I'm in, hoping for a similar result to blackcoin which I missed. Got around coins mined so far and earning around a day now. Just set a silly sell order just in case at. If that happens, my mining rig will have finally paid for itself. I haven't done that much mining, just here and there from time to time.

It is just so damn needlessly complicated and confusing. DarkCoin just had a big pump, went from 0. I sold some at. A few guys have done some test withdrawals and all good. Of course no body really knows how long they can keep making a profit from arbtitrage but i'd say there's a good few months in it at the very least. Even though you and others have made some solid returns please don't go around calling this site legit. It is way to early to say that.

Noticed my balance has grown a little. I'll keep a small amount in there. Other than that the rest of the bitcoins I have I am holding as a long term investment.

I have half a mind to buy into bitcoin as much as I can right now while I still can. Its price growth is more akin to growth in exponential technology than a currency, stock or commodity. Blackcoin still going strong, Vertcoin moved into 4 place in the crypto charts and doge is still doge. I've been buying BC up as much as I can lately, also have high hopes for asiacoin. Seems POS coins are the flavour of the month. I have bought into asiacoin and whitecoin. I wonder how high these can go when their bubble blows up?

Results will vary judging by this: Still, better than just having it sitting in storage: D provided they don't steal funds. Thats a pyramid scheme if i've ever seen one. I was mining this at http: I quite like the UI. I hope people didn't put too much into this. Ready to withdraw your profits? BTC Arbs users can withdraw their profits, as well as their investment at any time.

To initiate a withdrawal, please complete the form below. We strive to process all withdrawals within 24 hours. Please note that withdrawals can only be made using the same payment system that was used for your primary investment.

Minimum Withdrawal Amounts Perfect Money: I haven't done the form yet, so not sure if you can't actually do it yet. But surely they would have a notice? No the issue is that they've locked the btc in a separate account that you can't do anything with. Ahh so that's what the legacy funds were all about. I submitted a ticket this morning asking about that and still haven't gotten a reply. The worst part is that we miss out on a couple of days of interest while the BTC is in the old account.

If anything, btc-arbs being bought out by a large company is a good thing, adds some more legitamcy than just being run by some random guys in random country. I do it myself with some alt coins as do hundreds of other people too. We will see in a few days whether they were in fact bought out by Compu-global-hypermeganet or just ran off.

Out of curiosity is DOGE halving again soon? Considering the amount of coins being generated I think the value is holding up pretty well. Create a coin which can only be traded with altcoins — upon trading, the altcoins used to trade are destroyed. Each altcoin has its own merits. Even the likes of DOGE has a place in this society.

The community behind DOGE are probably the most community minded people around. Donating to charities, generously tipping on Reddit etc.

It's a great introductory coin for newcomers. Anon Was Here writes Don't have a problem with Doge its just the other altcoin clones diluting any potential rival to Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a lot of negatives speaking technically which need to be addressed though this requires either a hard fork never going to happen or a better alternative taking its place more likely.

Good to see DarkCoin has climbed back past the highs of last week. Hopefully this time it holds and doesn't drop back again. I base my interests mostly on dev support and activity with these cryptos so this could fail but it is very promising thus far. Sold out all my blackcoins and dumped into Whitecoin, whitecoin has doubled in price today and volume is high on Mintpal.

I think the altcoin game is absurd and wouldn't surprised if Whitecoin replicates some of the success Blackcoin had, end of the day most coins sole purpose is pump and dump watch Blackcoin fade into obscurity. About time i've finally backed the right coin I'm a 'glass half full' sorta person so i'm not too worried. They're still paying out to one of my accounts each day so it defintely aint over yet.

All current balances will be reviewed to ensure that everything is correct. It is believed that some user balances are incorrect due to the Heartbleed Bug that impacted the website at the beginning of April.

Current Bitcoin Balances will be relocated within your account and placed in a balance known as the "Legacy Fund. The daily arbitrage earnings will apply only to the new Bitcoin balance and will not be calculated on the Legacy Fund. Funds in the Legacy Fund will be moved to the current Bitcoin balance as we successfully transfer the funds from the previous owners exchange accounts into our new corporate accounts. Furthermore, prior to being transferred, Legacy Funds will be reviewed for accuracy.

The regular fund will continue to earn as usual. New deposits will be accepted and withdrawals will be processed in the normal time frame. USD Deposits will no longer be accepted. If you have a USD Balance, you will soon if not already receive a message from our new team with instructions on how to either convert your USD balance to Bitcoin, or withdraw it entirely.

Some users have already been sent the value of their accounts to their respective e-currency account. New Bitcoins deposits will go into the regular Bitcoin balance and will continue earning each day. They hit a wall and screwed themselves.

So as not to Gox themselves, they paused all accounts, and are using the remaining money to earn back the money the lost slowly. I do this lol. CoinMining is good in winter Room heats up quick and nice. You should never invest something you're not prepared to lose. I'm just running the gridseed and TimeKoin yeh i'm still persisting with it! When winter sets in though i'll run the pc regardless coz the heat in my office is nice I feel like I'm still breaking even roughly with my 1mhash worth of gpus, but I don't have to pay for some of my power.

I'm still having the most luck with ipominer. I shall continue to mine and buy a couple of BTC as time goes on. Having a solar system from the beginning 60c payback per kWh helps heaps with the bills! Just did my sums, I've been mining full time on ipominer for 3 weeks with just under 1mh. Checked all my sell orders on bittrex during that period and it totals BTC 0. Do you leave it on the multiport? Also what ever happened to ISR on ipominer its still on other multipool sites being mined.

I am currently mining different multipools wafflepool good but value dropped and mostly mining litecoin when the diff is 7k wtf Hashcows has some newer coins might be worth a shot Trademybit currently mining here it has auto btc or cashout coin mined Coinmine. Also here are stats for trademybit http: Yeah I just leave it on Multiport which has got me some decent wins.

ISR is still on there but not profitable enough to mine according to ipominer. Just started mining UVC, looks to be fairly profitable at the minute. I've read a bit about it lately and I like crypto currencies that dont involve actual 'mining' so i can run them while mining DRK.

I think to make it worthwhile you need to have tens of thousands of NXT to 'forge' anything useful though. I have no idea what NXT will be used for unless it gets picked up by some major retailer or something Well finally decided to turn of my last TimeKoin server Unless a big new development has happened since KnightMB spoke at the Cyrpto convention in New York a couple of weeks back i'll probably stop running it too. Going through my HN feeds and there appears to be a new alt called "BasicCoin" , using According to Andreas Antonopolous, we will soon live in a world with millions of altcoins.

It is incredibly risky to try to add new features to an old crypto. There is a high probability that you will introduce a bug. To combat this, each currency will have only one purpose. Very few people are able to read bitcoin. It is incredibly difficulty to adapt without breaking everything. Because of how hard it is to adapt bitcoin, all the altcoins have been very simplistic.

They change magic numbers, and the name, and little else. When things get complicated, it is good to return to the basics. The purpose of basiccoin is to be the simplest secure currency possible. Currently about lines of python, and getting smaller. Basiccoin is designed to be easily modified to create new alts.

So there's going to be a new flood of "simple" coins? I thought the flavour of the month was colours. That's not how it works i. Your miner or mining controller in the case of pooled mining actually builds a block for both hash chains in such a way that the same hash calculation secures both blocks.

If you want to do the same here is an excellent out of the box solution and guide: I gave up on that bollox. Timekoin server running 4TK per cycle, thats when I checked last week, checked today, Server 1TK per cycle, production for 6 hours.

Better to say that we'll just see how it goes. Nobody knows where they will go. Nobody knows what will happen. It is all wishful thinking. I wish it were true, but there's a chance that nothing will come of it. Think of it as an experiment in progress. If it makes you rich, then good, but if it doesn't, no point in crying a river about it. Love the new logo, looks very star trek. Mined a bit of Dark coin so it is probably a good time to sell it though being a compulsive hoarder — I probably won't.

It all seems to have gone to arse since an update a couple of months ago pushed half of us off the network. I don't have the skills to help contribute to improving the patchy support and unstable server. We were at for a while. Anyway, i'm on 4 per cycle at the moment so i'll keep running it til my internet drops out or something causes me to get booted then i'll quit unless some major new development is announced.

It needs to be usb powered as well and I see some miners are taking off the fan to keep it quiet as they can be loud. I did find this today Zeusminer Blizzard 1. I was using the wrong calculator, in fact you will never breakeven on that cheaper model and even the more expensive models.

I sold off a handful coz I think it will drop down to 0. I said it before, i'll say it again: There's a key difference here Anything purchased with BTC can be traced. DRK offers genuine privacy It will continue to climb steadily, how high? That's the real issue with everything Crypto related, the word "value" has absolutely no meaning when it comes to Crypto currency, Bitcoin could halve in value next week, value means nothing!

I get what you mean if the coin offers something different and has the right marketing the price could rise for what though? Looks to be dead very soon: I'm sure others will follow soon enough. Purchased a gawminer fury yesterday for week 1 first asic for me. Doubt I'll buy anymore though I dont believe asics will be good for scrypt and it'll just be a race to the bottom.

Anyone here holding DRK, update your wallet to 0. I started to look into DRK and then discovered its anonymous feature is a rip off of coinjoin. Nothing new, not interested. Look at this screenshot: You can see it's routing all of the traffic through gateway. The clients automatically discover all masternodes and will use those 2. Everyone will use DarkSend by default.

The problem with a product you must setup like this is you'll have far fewer legitimate users to mix with. Masternodes create a new type of investment opportunity within our ecosystem much like mining.

We get a ton of super high quality full nodes, anonymity and happy investors. If they're accepting inputs and outputs separately they can be shut down simply by a user offering an input, but refusing to send the output. If they're accepting inputs and outputs together, it's not anonymous and it MUST be decentralized to spread the knowledge of who did what to keep anonymity.

My guess is they're taking inputs and outputs separately and banning inputs that do this. In that case you could attack it by using another mixing service to get fresh inputs. Difficulty is quite high, i get about 1 coin per week give or take. I dont push my cards too hard though. I think according to coinwarz mining dark is slightly better than break-even.

BOOST coin was looking good but apparantly some whale dumped it big time, talk is it will go back up again. DRK difficulty is way too high so atleast there's something to keep my mining rig going. I can link to it if anyone interested. Other interesting news is DRK coin is supposedly going to be added to Bitfinex which has caused a big price increase in the last 12 hours.

All speculation of course but if true I imagine the price will jump to around 0. Also, for anyone wondering about TimeKoin yes I know how much most of you loved hearing about this for weeks on end! He hasnt been online for over a month, no one has heard from him since the Crypto Currency Convention in New York well over a month ago. I still run the TimeKoin server but once i get booted I'll stop as it seems quite pointless now.

Probably realised he was fighting a losing battle. The interest in alt coins is to make profit, not have a usable currency. Timekoin could never provide a quick profit because of it's design. Plus all the bugs were annoying as hell. Doubt I'll get a straight answer but it would be interesting to know how many people actually made money in the end after power, hardware etc My PI, is now a FreePBX server, and apart from Mynetfone issues yesterday and thats a different story , it has uptimes in the months compared to Timekoin locking the system up randomly, and all I got in return was "The SD Card has issues" or some crap.

Seems fine under FreePBX. Unfortunately, as has been stated by others, If you can keep on top of all the new coins and be a semi competent trader, there is huge gains to be made, and I haven't had much success in this area.

I've recently resolved to try and double down on this aspect and use my daily mining profit to play the speculation game. Currently watching dark,boost and x11coin. As well as some other shit coins.

Not sure if I should just exit the position on doge and cut the losses. I think this would be a really good thread if people could share insights on what to watch, help us who can't trade to save themselves out: Its been doing huge volumes lately and has just reached PoS after a very smooth PoW. They are about to launch a service that will recycle your old coins and give you MAST.

The currency is undervalued at the moment as miners are dumping their coins from the last race to PoS which contained superblocks with double payouts. Still interested, have some coins and am holding. Now that summer is over, I don't have the time, patience or smarts nothing to do with summer to trade frequently enough to make regular short term gains.

How have you managed to avoid getting booted? You could always buy an amazon gift card: Still merge mining vertcoin here with mon and plx. Probably the most stable currency I have used. Converted nearly every other currency I had a while back to it including nearly , Doge which was damn good timing looking at it now. My god what happened to Doge. Possibly, but I look at it like this, I bought GPU based mining equipment because if the whole crypto thing fell over, I had resale, as long as they earned back their cost, and gave me a position in the crypto market, that was roughly my goal achieved.

I could have done things differently, and gotten better returns in some ways, but that's hindsight for you. I actually learned how to bitcoin mine several years ago and after several days decided it wasn't worth it to dabble with at the rate I was mining.

That was a something that I felt forced my hand with this, I wasn't going to miss the boat a second time, If there was a second time. If I had bought into btc when I bought the cards I would still be down several thousand dollars. I'm not mining to sell now, I'm mining for potential future value, I'm essentially just buying into bitcoin on the cheap atm.

This news just dropped, expect a huge rise! And, we would be remiss if we didn't include "one more thing" We reached 30 satoshis the other day, coinrecycler news has been released and now we are on the rise again.

Makes you reconsider the point of alt currencies let alone Bitcoin, is their really a need for alt coins? This interests me if you can post a link. A how to guide would be appreciated as well if you know of or have one? I have recently moved to Win 7 previously bamt and it was too unstable and now have all my cards recognised.

However, I am unsure how to run SG miner and such in a windows environment. I'm sure I can google, but if someone here is doing it then even easier. Edit — I can get it running, but if anyone has good settings for Rx that would be awesome. I imagine you're not mining DRK direct as difficulty is through the roof now. What pool are you using for your x11 or x13? And what sort of pay outs are you getting if you don't mind me asking?

I pulled out one of my cards so i'm only running a single now instead of 2. So i'm not generating much, the gridseeds are my main miners now as they give me 1. Bitfinex officially adding Darkcoin. I'm spewing, I just checked cryptsy I had like 10 of these a couple of months ago and sold them for BTC0. QRK is definitely not a bad altcoin, it's one of the best ones, being a well established cPOW coin, and CPU-only with very minimal increase in efficiency of mining with a GPU, it has a place etched firmly in the history of cryptocurrencies.

So, people might say QRK is a scamcoin because it's lost so much value? Well, I guess Vertcoin would be a scamcoin too, if revaluation to a much lower price would be anything to go by So there you go. They both lost an absolute shitload of value over the last months, so maybe there is some confusion. Also remember, the success of a coin does not just depend on mining reward and price, it also depends on infrastructure and community, and a general public awareness.

But, I support bitcoin because it has offered something totally different to what we are used to in terms of payment processing and transfer of value. If you dont like the coin, dont buy it but it's here to stay because it offers something people actually want and will use No other coin in the market place offers this and this is the main reason why DRK has increased in value to pass LTC and it'll continue to grow.

Yeah I've tried trading alts, whenever I buy it goes down, whenever I sell it goes up. At the end of the day I'm just trading all my mined alts to BTC and sitting on it. And yes, i'll put my money where my mouth is too, i bought about 10 DRK at 0.

Unless a coin is genuinely premined I dont think it really matters anymore about how a new coins supply comes into existence. Sure Bitcoin could be mined by anyone when it first hit the scene but no-one knew about it and by the time the price skyrocketed who bothers to mine bitcoin now? Similar thing happened with Litecoin for some reason the price skyrocketed and everyone started mining it and people were making money for a while but now it looks like the jig is up.

At the end of the day most people looking to dabble in altcoins dont really give a sh! Spruikers and compaigns and marketing etc. You only have to look at Bitcoin next to no one is interested in mining it and how it come to be is History, you pay for it or you dont. If one looks at the differences, when there really are none, except psuedo-anonymity, between those TWO coins, it doesn't look like that difference is justified, then, does it?

Because Quark coin serves the marketplace or the community nothing that other alt coins cant do already. Got to say ive had my most successful trading with Darkcoin, I bought on the up at , sold at , bought sold now bought at still going down though, gotta love these swings if you time it right not really concerned about being stuck in Bitcoin or Darkcoin. You could say the same about virtually any alt.

Maybe you are right, that aside from the 30 second transaction confirmation time, that QRK does not offer anything new. But the fact is, it does offer something — 30 seconds as opposed to 10 minutes, and a better mining algorithm that cannot truly be centralized. This won't happen with Quarkcoin, or Darkcoin for that matter. VRC will be the next DarkCoin, price and functionality wise. He is a PhD student who you can follow on twitter https: They have just released Alpha of the VeriSMS gateway which will allow you to perform micro transactions from your mobile phone and their sms gateways.

The UK number works for Australians: Next development will be VeriSend, anonymous sending via Wallet. He has a few more tricks up his sleave and wont reveal what they are or timelines.

Get it while its cheap! Difficulty has sky rocketed with the new ASIC's coming out. LTC profitability is in the toilet. I hear Vertcoin, Securecoin, Goldcoin, Vericoin, and Quarkcoin may be adding anonymous not truly but nearly sending direct from the wallet — therefore a hard fork in the wallet and blockchain handling code will be required. Ouch, looks like DRK might have some competition.

But since it was the first coin out there that offers such feature, these other coins probably won't be able to surpass it's market cap. Or maybe they will. The future I see is a very, very small number of CPU-only complex proof-of-work coins being accepted I think Quarkcoin and Darkcoin and maybe Vericoin , that's 3 out of literally over a hundred alts.

If that fails, then the coin fails with it. We already see that bitcoin and litecoin are becoming hugely centralized. This makes it hard for everyone to join in and you wind up with a monopoly on the hashing power of the network. This is not good for a peer-to-peer decentralized virtual "currency" whatsoever.

Didn't apple recognise Bitcoin as a form or payment recently? Now will this mean that BTC will start to increase again since a cryptocurrency now has the recognition of a major US power company? They're just allowing what Google and Microsoft already allow and what Apple originally allowed.

But we are not at the point where they would be considered by the masses to be a viable object of value transfer or fungibility. When they do, that's when things will look very much up for cryptocurrencies. Until that happens, all cryptocurrencies will flounder, stabilise, and generally go nowhere.

There are about 5 cryptocurrencies that I consider to fit the bill of future money if there is to be such a thing. The first, of course, is bitcoin. That's a no brainer. It's divisible by ,, units per coin, so that makes sense.

A million dollars and cents. The other cryptos I consider to be worth anything at all are peercoin, litecoin, quarkcoin and vericoin.

Maybe you should look over that thread again, I'm talking about the naysayers who think bitcoin is the work of the devil and think no where in Australia accepts bitcoin etc. If those are your versions of 'revolutionary' cryptos which you think will be adapted into corporate infrastructure, I suggest you do more research ;. New wallet this weekend. VRC has immediate utility.

PR is starting to ramp up. A PR company has been engaged to do print media and a bunch of other stuff. The devs have been sponsored by the community to attend a bitcoin conference. They are holding regular google hangouts, you can see the completed ones here: I feel sorry for anyone that gets caught up in the hype and plows their money in at or near the peak values of a coin as timing is critical for crypto currency, in simple terms you could have 5 times as many coins if you buy in now compared to months ago, im still on the fence with these coins I still think they have value to loose BUT longterm it might not be a bad time to buy now.

Considering that a lot of the big name coins have dropped so much in price they are definitely worth considering for the long term hold, when to buy is the big question but definitely don't buy all at once.

The reason I looked into Quarkcoin is because of it's economic modeling, which makes it much more interesting than most other coins. It's extraordinarily difficult to mine in a profitable sense, and therefore the price would have to be considerably higher for mining to be more than just a hobby.

Mining should have no real impact on the market for the coin. Widespread use and adoption is important too. In other words, it's much like Bitcoin was back in , and Litecoin was back in It is comparatively worthless and useless, but that could only be temporarily. We will see what the future holds.

But QRK is a very interesting coin and makes for some interesting research. It is not a scamcoin as some have claimed. I believe we're in a bear market for most cryptos. Bitcoin seems to be pulling its way out. Time will tell what becomes of most or all of the coins out there.

Interesting amount of Vericoin stolen from Mintpal A significant centralised percentage. A hard fork looks like it will happen soon: I think hardforking is a bad idea, it's not only insulting to the concept crypto in general but its sets a precedent for those who control a vast stake. A common misconception behind merge-mining is the coin is effectively tied to another.

The misconception is not true. While the economics behind this move are unclear, there are a few possible outcomes. I think the Doge meme is on its last legs also. Too much of the currency, not enough interest by the looks. I am currently keeping an eye on Blackcoin and XC at the mo.

BC in particular is looking due for a comeback with some interesting developments such as Blackbox and Sentinel. That's because dogecoin is a scam and like all scams, it's coming to it's conclusion. This is nothing new of course, Bitcoin is littered with wallet inspectors. Market a cute dog on a coin, have your friends on social media upvote it, hold a party where the participants can pretend to be that which they cloned and the victims won't even realise they've been had, been diluted, been pennystock'd to death until after the fact.

Most dogecoiners will blame the community and the mean things critics have said about dogecoin for the coming catastrophic failure. Of course, this was all pointed out and made obvious to these people but largely ignored. The fact that you quote such trash just indicates to me that you are not someone whose opinion I would rely on. Maybe if the writer didn't write like a tool then it may hold some validity.

That would result in quite a collection of broken clocks given that the same writer gave fair warning regarding mtgox a year prior to it's collapse , NeoBEE, Labcoin and numerous other scams over the years. If it hurts your feelings, bruises your ego or offends you, it's trash even though you agree it holds validity. That doesn't sound logical to me. That would result in quite a collection of broken clocks given that the same writer gave fair warning regarding mtgox a year prior to it's collapse, NeoBEE, Labcoin and numerous other scams over the years.

Just because someone was right a few times doesn't mean they'll be right all the time. By the way, I own no Doge, a very small amount of Quarkcoin, and no Bitcoin.

I may buy 1 or 2 BTC, but the future for any crypto is very blurry and foggy BTC could go up, or it could go down, or it could crash and burn The next big Bitcoin pump could see huge returns for the Altcoins like they did during the bitcoin bubble at the end of last year.

Dark is no 'shitcoin' and i'm even buying some more while they're dirt cheap. This is obviously just my opinion but if your buying anything now your literally throwing money down the drain. It doesnt matter how high the value might get its more of how low will it get and everything is clearly headed down.

A lot of alts were undervalued before the BTC explosion, and some of those may touch the golden ring yet again Actually the same thing that the Blackcoinpool is doing with his miners, it will create a buy pressure. Picked up cgminer, selected ViaCoin and joined minep. Only ran it for a few hours today, just to check it all out I guess. Only plan to run it for a few hours a day until I can find a decent location to drop a box for some dedicated farming no solar at home anymore since I moved.

It's pretty harsh on the PC, can't do much when its running besides listening to some music, browsing just crawls. Mircea Popescu has written extensively on the topic of Bitcoin.

Here are articles to get you started. Trilema is not easy reading but it's worth your time and effort to persist in doing so. Hopefully, you'll find yourself unlearning what you thought was Bitcoin given the noise reddit makes and coming to understand how things actually are and might be. It's not as "blurry and foggy" as you might imagine. To state the obvious, there are 2 outcomes for Bitcoin; success or failure. It's not difficult to know which way the wind blows.

Their thoughts are someone else's opinions , their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation. That the price of bitcoin may go up, down or stay stable in the interim is of little consequence to the individual who plans beyond today.

Not buying today in fear of watching the price dip tomorrow is no panacea for the future that awaits those who hold none. I'm looking in to doge coin to see if i want to start mining. I have 4 Gridseeds which only chew 7 watts each and even running those off my PC still means i'm losing money! Yeah forget mining at this stage. Like just about every altcoin, dogecoin is a scam.

Back in the early days of Bitcoin, altcoins were not as abundant as they are now simply because it was much easier to scam for bitcoins directly. Once that well became tapped dry, scammers moved onto altcoins. Thinking there is easy money to be had, Joe Public gets taken by scam artists pushing things like your beloved dogecoin because hey, there's more cryptocurrency than just Bitcoin, right?

Cryptocurrencies is a misnomer because they exist inasmuch that they don't ; think starving kids in Africa or whatever animal near extinction. I read a good article about Bitcoin mining a few days ago and I wonder whether people are starting to really understand the ridiculous situation that mining has become, the amount of hashing power to create coins is absolutely stupendous and serves no purpose, ALL coins have come to the situation now that the initial mining created the easy coins and Proof of Stake and I believe Darkcoin is a similar approach Proof of Service makes much more sense technically, you hold the coins you create the coins through inflation none of those stupid mining farms and the chickens are coming home to Roost.

The farms need income and some cant hold out any longer if you have debt collectors knocking on your door. I've been involved in the crypto scene for quite a while now both as a trader and part time developer.

I firmly believe the current implementation of PoS has no long term future. It's method of distrubtion is terrible and rewards only the minority. Those are the guys that are reaping the majority of the rewards from the current PoS fad. They can mine large amounts of coins during the short PoW phase and then hold them to stake thereby increasing their 'wealth'. It's also insecure in its design but thats a story for another day. I see alot of of users here promoting darkcoin and I would like to ask why?

While Evan Duffields contributions towards the scene are nothing short of outstanding I feel he is between a rock and a hard place as his method of anonymity adds more centralisation to what should be a decentralised network. There are far better implementations of anon TX's around, Shadowcoin having both Stealth Transactions and Encrypted chat without the need of masternodes for example.

I do feel that Darkcoin could see a rally but 'holding the bag' on any altcoin is detrimental to your wallet. The mining boom of has long since dissapeared and if you want to make a profit I suggest doing some research and investing a small amount of BTC into day trading. It's certainly not unreasonable to see profit margins in the thousands of percent provided you do some research and stay ahead of the curve.

Yep, I think this is very much the case. A lot of alt-coin developers develop a coin, then simply "disappear" into the shadows So, all in all, alt-coins are just one way for someone to get into bitcoin It's an interesting question. But, that is only an opinion. Of course, many alt. But until that happens, any alt. Sure, Darkcoin and Shadowcoin will likely benefit from their design.

But the vast majority, if not all coins, have one flaw or another that may compromise their usefulness and longevity and therefore their being a candidate as future money that the world would eventually rely on. BUT the current crop do leave something to be desired. My pick of the crowd happens to be limited to a few alts, one of them being Quarkcoin.

Seems promising but will leave the arguments to people more intelligent than me.

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