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How to spot a good coin. I am with spoetnik on this topic. Which shows YOUR stupidity. Please login or register. What happened to Quark? Hero Member Offline Posts: Well whatever the fuck he was

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Over the years it's been a lucky coin for me, both mining and trading! In the process you morphed crypto into a scam scene.. Operator of PoolofD32th family of pools. Seems like DI has back his seat on Quark. Looks like the trend towards Quantum cryptography is moving fast. Full Member Offline Activity:

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ASIC is for girls and kids. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: Over the years it's been a lucky coin digital me, both mining and coin Seems like DI has back his goods on Quark. Mostly due to craptsy being such a shithole. And that is just a small portion bitcointalk communication topics we mostly like quark with specific people but what could become disasters when exposed.

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[ANN] [QRK] Quark | POW/POS | - New Self Moderated Thread

Quark coin bitcointalk digital goods

Test persons will get free PGPC to use for testing the application More to come depending on test result after first 6 months being live. Select the Masternode tab from the left hand side menu Then select My Master Nodes Then press create Insert your alias name as requested insert your ip address along with the port as requested ie Hero Member Offline Posts: PGPcoin on November 10, , Full Member Offline Activity: Hero Member Offline Activity: I don't get the Snowden thing.

The only thing I became aware of is that governments can't be trusted and need to be controlled by the people. How much of a premine? Full Member Online Activity: Can be tested with: Operator of PoolofD32th family of pools. Long ago you started to force the dev's to tinker with the code non stop. If they don't keep screwing around with the code and adding some crap to it you declare it dead.

Which shows YOUR stupidity. You all do that because you were told a bunch of stupid bullshit when you showed up here.. How to spot a good coin. Apparently a "good" coin is one that is constantly getting "updated" Or one that has a "White Paper" or one that has a "Road Map of features" Is it a currency?

Then go use it. What is it you are waiting for? You were all on it for profits. And when this happens you leave it for dead once you see the hype die down.

Then you can blame the dev, the road map, the white paper or anything else you can think of.. You see how the system is rigged by design? Because it will be left for dead regardless of who pumped it or the dev is still around etc. You all really do spew bullshit non stop. How do i know?

The Doge coin dev said publicly long ago he abandoned the Doge coin project because the community faield to support the coin.. What happened to Quark? Because all you people do is jump from shit coin to shit coin.. Year in and year out.. In the process you morphed crypto into a scam scene.. So you can side step the hassle of mining coins and jump straight to the Poloniex or Cryptsy trading for profits bullshit I could understand the first post or two being reserved by specific QRK projects but as it stands now it's just a whole page posts to reserve what exactly?

Hero Member Offline Activity: D but the logo.. Is this a revival of an old coin by a new team? I remember QRK was highly regarded a few years ago. Waiting to learn more as you update this page. Good to see the new thread. Let's hope this coin can be what it always should have been. The Quark family trying to make Quark look good and delete any negativ facts about that Coin? Seems like DI has back his seat on Quark.

Thule on July 24, , If you could please list what would be the best approach to participate? How community can contribute? July 25, ,

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Neisklar's Quark version of CPU Miner (source code): wearebeachhouse.com quarkcoin-cpuminer. Original release Smolen's GPU miner thread - https:// wearebeachhouse.com?topic= Pools .. The Quark family trying to make Quark look good and delete any negativ facts about that Coin?. The dev who refused to realize that his right hand man "digital industry" was a complete and total scam artist, who actually worked against Quark for his own ( and friends) purposes (i.e., selling to get more bitcoin) Best hope for this coin ( which *had* great potential!) is to start from scratch, Quark , with. 10 Sep just wondering if Quark was still being mined and used, i have a stack of them and remember them from the early wearebeachhouse.com Honestly when it release before its not a good coin ever. so better to dont expect about that altcoin. Better to go in legit coins stead.

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