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Hashocean are for newbs ileathan: RadiumInHuman, isnt that bitcointalk bots flower At present, according to Bitcoincloudmining. Sensorium, I don't see that happening but if you do, buy up all hashocean sc lennontime: PumpinDumpin, tell it power8: JingleO, ah, got some bags, I hear you there, well when you get someone else to carry them for you, come on flower and join the team. We like to call it bitcointalk centipede crypto if you will.

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What coin can I buy low right now Include the transaction id, amount sent, and from where it was sent. Hot today, dead by lunchtime PureLogic: LordBeer you staring at a pint? Hellacopter Hero Member Offline Activity:

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This is the kind of information I am looking for: Reminder that dogecoin did hit mil market cap on the peak hashocean its bubble, could be even same group flower XEM lol, same story - price rising about 10x TheWaySheGoes: Brawndo, hashocean guess it will go flower to. Interference, if hashocean look at explorer flower will see that many services use bitcointalkpolo as well wausboot: I'm not investing my hard bitcointalk bitcoins into his bad habits PureLogic: PureLogic, bitcointalk u said u had like 17 rep but then like distributed likewats the conversion knewnotto: I'm still planing to buy some of your shares, but i want to build ileathan:

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Hashocean bitcointalk flower

Fixing GPU Sag 😨

But the most of scammers that I met is were those people who hacked profile of my friend on Facebook and was writing kinda from her or his name, and dialogue was going fast to asking some money from me, like something happen. And I got that it is just scam cause this money asking were from those people from my friends list to whom in daily life I say just "hello". People now a days who are so desperate of earning money. So some other are taking advantage to them. Even me was victim of scammers.

You can you suggest how can I prevent from scammers.. Blockchain's first intelligent social marketing platform If anyone ask for username and password that means business is not clear, nobody ever ask for password. But that is not the only way to recognize potential scammer, before you do something try to ask someone else about existing service. Never invest money in something that promise incredible things, anything that seems to good take with suspicion, be careful with new and not tested sites.

Scammers are smart people, they always invent new ways to trick people to give them money, there is no good advice how to spot them, only sure thing is to watch what are you doing, and doubt in everything.

Don't give trust so easily and before you test someone or something. Easy for ico coins, only invest ico coins with: Full Member Offline Activity: Mzie on August 16, , I heard this saying somewhere, "When something looks too good to be true, it probably is. I vote for the forth option because it is like this the majority of the scams are pulled out. We all know how many scams of cloud mining section fell down not that long time ago and they had one thing in common. They didn't show their data of mining and they all put fake addresses to their websites and fake phone numbers or even secretary machines which kept you hanging in there.

Another thing that can spoil a scam is if its too good to be true then probably it is. I joined the forum today because this is about the only thread that I can find on it and I wanted some actual testimony of someone having a bad experience.

I just found a thread talking about HashNest being the only legit cloud miner, and then others saying that there is no legit cloud miner…. This is the kind of information I am looking for: HashOcean seems to have a lot of these factors, I will be looking for a different investment.

Can you link the review? Because I want to see how someone can prove a previous group splintered off to make this site. You already figured it out. Our own operations through the GHX thread for a couple months has already shown this. Always look for transparency. Keep in mind this is usually how a type of theater is performed to entice others to get involved into a site. Whether it is legit or not.

CryptoDev, Yes, but he is a genius, no matter what happened with ethereum. He is unbelievably smart. Huobi is now leading the BTC price rise. Last time this happened we hit Boid, thats just a ddos attack though right? Its not too much of a biggie JackDa: RIP in dumb contracts eth Koyaanisqatsi: MmmOk, it's absolutely different. I find XEM interesting. Help by Japan financial company I believe Banhammer: JackDa banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Wizwa.

Wizwa, can you help with a deposit that hasn't been credited to my account.? Im the guy playing the violin on the ETHtanic mdel: FCT is the under the radar Tech at the moment ileathan: This is what happens when you rush. We all getting hammered today boiz!!! XEM buy support back above tempus Thor giveth and Thor taketh SiskoYU: XEM is building a rocket redbeard: XEM total coin growing on market Wizwa: DevastationDaddy, Do you have a tx id you can see on a block explorer?

TheWaySheGoes, how did you know? Brawndo, we'll see what happens. I would really love ethereum being saved as i like the core concept not holding anything now , but i am not hopefull at all.

BrexitVendetta, money doesn't start with a K bruh cryptobanana: Do you get paid to moderate wizwa? Koyaanisqatsi has awarded mmouse 50 marks refueling the hammer DevastationDaddy: Wizwa, yes bfd35de65df07ae67c16b7abeceeaf45f6 deepmined: BrexitVendetta, yo kash igboman: BrexitVendetta, so close LitStove: Poloniex is so beautiful CryptoNeverSleeps: Kinda good to be back: Say lisk with a lisp ileathan: DevastationDaddy, Please file a support ticket at https: Include the transaction id, amount sent, and from where it was sent.

MAID needs to move Blackberry: I sincerely hope eth holders will chug a glass of humility and cut their losses. Otherwise, it is likely there investment will go to shorts, including me. LitStove, yes but it is centralized: TheWaySheGoes, i been qaiting for yhis to buy cheap ETH skyrockets after Semptember igboman: Look I Steal Koins lol martin.

Green trade history on Xem: XEM market cap is going to pass litecoin o. Wizwa, how much can you make being a moderator? XEM is climbing up: D welcome back to troll muai thai Brawndo: He should be independant.

Lately Its Seeming Krappy vili. Wizwa, didnt see if you answered about raising withdrawal limits skype conv RoxN: Wizwa, how to become one?

CryptoNeverSleeps has awarded Spaz marks a few marks to survive in case the Brexit happens! Idokrauss, Rest assured that support will get to it as soon as they can - we appreciate your patience KontraK: Sorry what's news on ETH?

Brawndo, vitalik figure was never good for ethereum. By being public he is somekind of centralization. That is why satoshi will always be anonymous TheWaySheGoes: KontraK, its cheap and trusty Wizwa: CryptoDev, Keep an eye on Notices for any future postings Koyaanisqatsi: KontraK, right around 68k sebaas: Stop links spambots emoji: XEM choo choo surf23er: XEM pooo poooo shorts: Emanatesuccess, 10 inches IamTroll: XEM moo moo Wizwa: XEM 3k satoshi easy igboman: BrexitVendetta, Still crashes Wizwa: No way, xem wants to go up Disposal: Wizwa, can you see anything from that?

CryptoNeverSleeps, ghent my frend sebaas: DevastationDaddy, Support should be able to assist with that ileathan: Please file a support ticket at https: XEM wall evaporating lol miau: We trust in japoanese tech except nuclear!

Want to see who is king of the reputation charts? Sovanik, yeah, need to rip the bandaid miau: BrexitVendetta, lisk to the moon? CryptoNeverSleeps, do they mail you the gold BrexitVendetta: Say shwack, shwack, shwack, 3 times fast and you sound like an awesome comic book hero in a fight DevastationDaddy: It's quite frustrating having funds tied up when I had some investment opportunities pass by. I'll log a ticket miau: TheWaySheGoes, your vote means nothing, ethereum is centrally controlled, no better than ripple in that sense Wizwa: Wizwa, another 5 years for me to get on that list lol TheWaySheGoes: Hyena, thats extreme and not true CryptoNeverSleeps: I know Bitstamp sends you the gold but TheWaySheGoes, who gets to decide what's extreme?

DevastationDaddy, I certainly appreciate that - thank you for understanding LumpyHaggins: So there may or may not be some DGB news re China this week.

I see it is gathering some interest Wizwa: Whats a pocket full of lisks worth Sovanik: Less than a compact disk TheWaySheGoes: XEM will settle arround 3k.. Wizwa, its 37 outside Vaultoro looks like the real deal. I may give it a try with a small amount. Atroci, im ok with a HF IamTroll: CryptoNeverSleeps, well maby you have good prices around there Unrasiert Just have some empathy, maybe.

LordBeer, you better diversify. Eth volume up thunderwolf: TheWaySheGoes, one way or another emoji: At what price will capitulation be triggered? We would melt in the UK at that temperature IamTroll: CryptoNeverSleeps, so no other work goes in than just buying the coin Boid: There is a lot more of it than you think.

Plutonium though, that's rare. Wizwa, its gonna get hotter WuTangForever: Disposal, bf will have his ucc soon.. PumpinDumpin, i don't know about that. CryptoNeverSleeps, or token i should say? HF might show people stability thunderwolf: Disposal, him and accountant LordBeer, It rains here all the time - wish we had a little more sun cybersailor: Until rocks of bottom XEM hit.

Boid, they not it's coming and thing a group hug can fix it lol felipetio I haven't tried yet, so I don't know how it works. That's why I asked here: We really don't know how successful the ancients were at extracting gold from ready sources. Wizwa, i would rust. Wizwa, where if you dont mind? FCT is legit, a great buy hold scrillMurray: RoxN, in rust we trust Trout: Does every exchange with the freshdesk take up to 24 hours?

Disposal, best check with your accountant.. How much Doge do I need in order factom Trout: I'm sure the totals aren't super accurate. BrexitVendetta, dont scratch the bubble or it will We're talking one issue after another. CryptoNeverSleeps, hmmm ok i will try it too Koyaanisqatsi: But if you put it to vote, you should keep that decision.

Not just forget about it miau: LordBeer, in rust we trust ya CryptoL0g1c: CryptoNeverSleeps, Usually but it can take longer at times. Atroci, all this voting is the problem Disposal: ETzKoyaanisqatsi, with all the pumping NAUT through the roof!! Wizwa, thank you, same in vancouver but i like rain lol shorts: Naut another pump TheWaySheGoes: Atroci, we need leadership that knows the product and knows how to enhance it Malooka: Why fork period why cant they just let the machines keep working clearly they dotn know tf is goen on Disposal, well we have all mining equipment and stuff..

If you want rare, the entire amount every produced would barely fill a broom closet and it costs 1,, USD per gram. That is a signal to market makers, jcmbtc: I can see XEM going sky high from here!

There's plenty of monetary reason to be down on ETH right now. TheWaySheGoes, that would be great. How can we find that leadership? At 18 it is still very much expensive.

Does China even care about hacks? XEM is gonna be number 1 shorts: Atroci, its gotta fall into the hands of the best eth devs RoxN: I would totally buy a crypto pegged to plutonium, it would be the bomb! XEM is nothing but hot air. I found no substance justifying this current hype tmckinlay PumpinDumpin, i c what u did there!

XEM is gonna be worth dollars soon sendthat: RoxN, buy 1 get 1 free deepmined: Malooka, do enlighten me barrakunta: XEM is a classic scamcoin bubble, with the double-to its going only down from here ileathan: RoxN, klinkt als katy B Malooka: Do your own research. Those big names are just that. LordBeer, i hope you dont look like someone who's only eating pizza and drking beer CryptoNeverSleeps: It has some legs right?

RoxN, so what are u doing? I still have hope for eth BrexitVendetta: CryptoNeverSleeps, it's not legless as eth lol barrakunta: CryptoNeverSleeps, probably not, no. As a coin it offers nothing compelling that isn't being done by other coins better already. XEM no scamcoin but the actual price is a bubble created by locust trade group they gona ride the PnD and then move to other coin ileathan: If ETH doesnt go back up after fork I will eat my sock ileathan: LordBeer, how'd you know?

I want some digits behind my ETHs miau: Terror attack at Turkish airport LordBeer: XEM already had its moment, pump and dumpers are exiting now, price will return to around sats Sovanik: Firetoe, anything you'll add to it for extra taste or just eating it raw? Malooka, yep fucccking assholes escLaVida: Firetoe, be careful, eth is highly manipulated, it could go anywhere xd PumpinDumpin: Figured I'll get in early this time.

LordBeer, he's probably a cba pro though Mugiwara: Wizwa, How goes it? Mr xem pump group, fill me in on the next target lol ileathan: PumpinDumpin, is PND pump and dump? Sovanik, Tomato Sauce please Horus: Trout, only you bb surf23er: RoxN, i hold my short since a week and maybe another cause everything looks like total comedown warmitup: Horus, Very well thank you - how are you? PumpinDumpin, dont talk about pump and dump groups in the trollbox or my bots will spam the mods to ban you.

Wizwa, good thanks, little tired but keepin busy coinsatan: Horus, Hello, what's up! As far as ETH is concerned, it was always a risky project due to its untested tech. Now the vulnerabilities are starting to show left right and centre. Horus, hi its lion Horus: Who can tell me about counterparty? Horus, Great ;D Emanatesuccess: Why I need wait soo long for ticket reply: RobertPulsen, oh the cool one! Chinese morning pump seems failed for btc 16e: Horus, good brother hbu surf23er: Making the right moves this month: Wizwa, 9 h Wizwa: Strawberry, Howdy ;D MrJames: Horus, Pac made many ppl act tough for nothing imo he would be ashamed if he knew how many ppl act ' ganster' bc of him Horus: Horus, I got a tatoo of horus and anubis tmckinlay I have been waiting for eth to drop for a week MrJames, agreed, people take him out of context.

Pac knew the real problem and wanted to help his people Strawberry: Wizwa, mad market moves all over the shop coinwide: RoxN for a rebuy i will think twice - will see some security improvements before or a really low price Malooka: Horus is a Cryptsy criminal Horus: Mugiwara, btc the king etosoiom: Reminder that dogecoin did hit mil market cap on the peak of its bubble,, could be even same group pumping XEM lol, same story - price rising about 10x TheWaySheGoes: RobertPulsen, good thanks, keepin busy Wizwa: Str will return on - Wizwa: Strawberry, I see ;D RoxN: XEM is a japanese scam coin coinwide: Always bet on blackcoin.

Malooka, never forget Malooka is a derp who wouldnt follow kyc law barrakunta: BrexitVendetta, no, XEM is legit. XEM bye lisk hello: Horus, I didn't have to. So Xem is scam or legit bl4ck: Wizwa, this time kill my arbit profit: RoxN, let's see how far it comes 4kmhd: Am I the only one who doesn't see SC jumping up like everyone else is seeing sofaking: BrexitVendetta, high tech coin Wizwa, how about a discount on crypto for Brits now that the pound's gone down?

Any news on siacoin?? Strawberry, legit scam tvmaster: I've noticed a lot of regulars have disappeared after the DAO was exploited Wizwa: Mugiwara, wait for BTC rise wawin: Mugiwara,On the way Horus: Malooka, Thats limit if you dont set a flag off.

You think flagged parties have withdrawal limits? Naut best price from out Mugiwara: They relesed a tweet escLaVida: JingleO, they had to get real jobs JingleO: I enjoyed the company of many of them. Hope they didn't get hit bad tmckinlay Wizwa, to much spam words steve.

Dont be the last one holding the New Scam Movement coin , you could be waiting 10 years to sell it at todays alltimehigh Wizwa: Malooka, youre clueless CryptoDev: All the XEM news releases can be easily debunked with rudimentary fact checking.

But that never stopped a pump scam. ETH should be dropping soon, right? But if it's a hit, it's a HUGE opportunity to buy in right now. Strawberry, just some big names being linked to it. There's no clear link. All it takes is names. Wizwa, That's the way we trolls like it ;- Strawberry: Sia taking its time with this 1.

TheWaySheGoes, Or the more likely situation is a new floor until halving occurs. PumpinDumpin, all these news made me lol.

D thank you sebwebdesigner: Mugiwara, no s Jose Naut scam pump out TheWaySheGoes: Sovanik, i dont think so, maybe.. Strawberry, only 68 mil currently in trade on here and a very small amount on Bittrex. This is like the longest developing Judas swing on XEM skycaptain: Strawberry, number fixed, pre distributed so called egalitairan decnentralized currency: Strawberry, who cares just do wat eeverybody else is doinng!!!

What will he decide? Strawberry, XEM has 9 billion coins and people think it's going to 10 dollars haha power8: Horus, thank you, sub is there too just make ot full parwok: Mugiwara, i don now Wizwa: Some rely on charts, others rely on Trolls. I hopped on the XEM train at and hopped out of it by panic selling at MAID is setting up for a nice run soon Strawberry: Mugiwara, ni comprende PumpinDumpin: Was surprised to see NBT rise, guess they turned the peg back on???

JuicyFruit, maids never gonna go back up lol BilboGaggins: Where's the XEM buyers? Mugiwara, never say never! Mugiwara, jij zijn suit-afrikaans? Strawberry, Suckers think EXM is the new bitcoin! A few whales already cashed out euler: The most tame 10, volume coin. ValentinJesse, ill buy sc sat each x CryptoDev: Strawberry, it will probably be a penny stock of crypto world maybe? ValentinJesse, a few wales will cash in imo Mugiwara: MrBates, I hope too MrBates, why when you will probably be able to buy at under 50sat weeks from now?

Mugiwara, getver joOOngeeuuUUj, maaaskantje dan?? Strawberry, XEM has 9 billion coins and people think it's going to 10 dollars haha How many fake dollars are there in circulation?? Wizwa, Hey I'm about to get legit involved in a cryptocoin and I may need to change my name again. Is that going to be doable? How many Ethers for an XEM rogimakovey: ValentinJesse, because I don't like thinking about the halving atm lol sofaking: Boid, i hope so, but will it drop? Xem at sat tomorrow People saying good things about SC, I just see it dropping Strawberry: Costaric, its not going that high impossible lol surf23er: Costaric, No clue CryptoDev: XEM has nine billion coins but there is no inflation.

That is all there will ever be. XCP 50K on bittrex Boid: CryptoDev, I think it will be idk if that far: Strawberry, just read up on XEM, been around for a few years now. Not like it popped up out of nowhere. CryptoDev, but xem has better technology 4kmhd: I traded my eth for BTS, come at me Mugiwara: CryptoDev, dev for which coin if you dont mind Strawberry: PumpinDumpin, That is fine Malooka: Horus, you're a thief and call me names to hide your crimes.

Is SC dumping or what????? XEM is funded by a pizza parlour barrakunta: Mugiwara, probably within the next day JeremyLB2B: I am brexiting ETH lol rogimakovey: BrexitVendetta, xem is funded by japanese bank ssully Sc perplexing today myhometalk: BrexitVendetta, i thought it was the sweet ending japanese spa Garysandwich: I took some profits and put the rest of my Sia in cold storage.

Wizwa, thanks, this name is funny but not very professional. MrBates, actually most aren't only few are deepmined: Boid, lol i think it will take another hit soon before halving warmitup: Cause we need pizzas too: Malooka, how much did you lose in cryptsy if you dont mind me asking?

XEM has just 12 btc to reach ?? XEM double in hours Strawberry: Malooka, Wizwa, can you ask this guy to stop? He keeps going on although Ive explain ed what his issue was, I dont even work there anymore DownTrendPump: PumpinDumpin, lol - I guess MrBates: Horus, oooh daddy, make him stop, he's telling people the truth about me.

What a bitch you are. ETH will back when u sleep ForestDump: Come on lisk crank up dem enginess! CryptoNeverSleeps, unless soros is shorting hard i would say the current prices dont support any suggestion of pizza shortage surf23er: It's like earlier today a whale comes out to get cheaper sia gantleman: XCP look see on bittrex 50k lol Mugiwara: Guys is siacoin gonna rocket or crash???

Horus, Malooka, Lets play nice please cybersailor: The XEM hype is wild. Malooka, around 1,5 to 2 for me as well plain:

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2 Jul One website called “HashOceanS” has appeared, offering a similar cloud mining experience. The so-called member of the original HashOcean team says they are not associated with any of these mock websites and tells customers to be careful. The team member writes via wearebeachhouse.com: “The company. Randomly browsing around the net and I come across this site. https://hashocean .com/ Apparently they have: 5 data centers users 18 GH scrypt ( according to their video on the home page) Watched the video . 14 Aug Ironically, in my experience most scammers I have met with have been bad liars. I found asking questions and trying to fully understand what the users said in the offers eventually led to rather precise conclusions. Scammers often fall in paradoxes of their own lies. In addition, all above mentioned factors.

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