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I remember reading somewhere that parts of the Ledger firmware are closed-source, which deterred me from buying a Ledger Nano Bitcointalk back in the day. So as you can see from the notice above, https: In fact, in cases electrum this it can be prudent to wait a while down to make sure that everything is settled. Yes, it's a big bitcointalk since the vulnerability has been reported on Github down November but electrum devs didn't electrum attention to it or maybe they just missed it? Electrum bitcointalk must upgrade to 3. Documentation The documentation is hosted on down.

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Multisig Split the permission to spend your coins between several wallets. It is not critically necessary to upgrade from 3. But i think time to move on. Time to move from Electrum January 24, , Electrum is considered as one of the best and secured wallet for bitcoin but now it made this kind of issue many investors are going to suffer with these issues. Abdussamad Legendary Offline Activity:

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Once all electrum verification electrum complete and you know that the signatures are good, you can extract the bitcointalk and follow the steps below. If somehow through sheer miracle that you can't access your wallet you can always restore from seed, and If I'm not wrong electrum will down listing your transaction history. Down modern browsers do not allow https website to http RPC access to localhost, so the attacking website commonly has to be http only bitcointalk well. Second if you visit electrum. If you had no wallet password set, then theft is trivial. Powered by SMF 1.

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Time to move from Electrum

Should I hold my BITCOIN on Bittrex or the Electrum wallet?

These are the steps I followed to get electrum running from source on my windows Verification is not a mandatory step but it is recommended you do it to ensure authenticity of the signatures. This is how I would do it: Once all the verification is complete and you know that the signatures are good, you can extract the zip and follow the steps below. In your instructions but only explains how to verify the signature.

I would like to check the electrum. What will Sigantur bring me if the. Please put the HASH in the signature! The signature is not valid for the downloads you get from the github releases page. Second if you visit electrum. You still should verify signatures like xdrpx said.

MixMAx on November 30, , Powered by SMF 1. February 02, , Unable to download Electrum November 26, , Unable to download Electrum November 30, , I've noticed that news either that was discovered by theymos. If you are studying IT or you have been into an IT course, most of your professors or instructors will say that there's no perfect system.

But what happened to electrum is that you just need to upgrade the client as suggested to 3. Electrum was vulnerable but not if you used an offline computer as cold wallet and another online watch only for the transactions. I think you can still use it this way, it is the safest option.

If you have many coins, buy a hardware wallet or for more safety use paper wallets. They are still usable. I beleive that every wallet have some kind of vulnerability.

Those who are popular among many users, like Electrum, are more exposed and hackers are always trying to find the way how to breake the protection.

But that doesn't mean that Electrum is bad wallet. Because of potential vulnerabilities is clever to use multiple wallets of multiple types. You can't never be safe enough. Everyone is entitled for an option to use any wallet. But Electrum is still safe and useful we don't need to worry on anything because even if you use other wallets, still there is risk to it if hackers would really want to hack such.

Why people still using Electrum for Bitcoin storage and transaction? I was using Electrum before because Bitcoin price was not high as now, so buying a hardware wallet was not worthy. I had some bitcoin but price of a hardware wallet was almost same as my bitcoin holding value. But now things are changed and bitcoin price increased huge, Bitcoin owners made 20 times in one year, so I expect every Bitcoin owner has money to buy a hardware wallet and it really worth it I can understand only if you are new to Bitcoin and do not have enough Bitcoin to store in a hardware wallet.

I prefer to use it this way, because I like the Electrum interface better than the "Ledger Wallet Bitcoin" and I feel that it gives me more flexibility with coin control and customised fees and "preview" which are not really available in the Ledger chrome app. The vulnerability issue has been on the ticker in the last few weeks.

I have not flocked in any problem still. But i think time to move on. For BTC i would rather choose blockchain. Whats will be the ultimate solution?

I still believe on electrum wallet. Which why I prefer to store less money in my online wallet because attack vectors are all over the internet world whether you have a strong or weak password hackers with a special type of abilities can gain easy accessed to your online wallet. Which why for me the safer tactics are first kept lesser amount of money stored in your wallet, the second download another wallet so that your bitcoin will be divided into parts and make sure the password you use for both is something you can easily remember and try writing the password in any paper.

I take from this thread that electrum is one of the better and widely used desktop type wallets. It like all wallets of its type have flaws, and are fine for smaller bitcoin amounts.

The only 3 viable absolute secure options are: Hero Member Online Activity: The person behind Electrum is ThomasV which is doing a great work to keep Electrum as safe and secure as possible. As you can read in their website Electrum is run only on donations so you should respect ThomasV work. Electrum is as safe as a hardware wallet when used properly which means to be installed in newly formatted computer.

Bugs happen to any software and as ThomasV is only human without supernatural powers he can make errors too. He fixed it in just 2 days and that is a record time. Of course everyone is free to move from Electrum but so far there is not any other wallet which is free and more secure than Electrum. Since you are worried, a hardware wallet maybe a good option for you if you have made your decision to move away from Electrum.

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Tavis Ormandy, security researcher at Google, pointed out a critical vulnerability to the Electrum team earlier today. They immediately pushed a security update. It's advisable to shut down immediately if you are running Electrum. Quote from: Theymos. A vulnerability was found in the Electrum wallet. 6 Oct The official Electrum website (wearebeachhouse.com) has been down for a while. I know there could be a maintenance or something like this anyway, I just like to know if everything is ok or some attack is happening. Time to move from Electrum. Only thing which I can suggest is to seriously consider some hardware wallet,I use my Ledger Nano S in combination with Electrum BTC-It have nice&functional interface and your private Or just sit in an outdoor cafe, and write down license plates numbers of passing cars.

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