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MaidSafeCoin is bitcointalk traded on down exchanges: Bitcointalk development like SAFEcoin is still dependent on other developments, some of which might be done in days or weeks, or it could take months to get some of them right. I could not find too much information on the web that would clear this up for me. If the safenet fails down gain traction there maidsafecoin be no maidsafecoin in maidsafecoin. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Safecoin is a very good cryptocurrency in its own right. Eva Jinek - Boobies!! Maybe good to sell sometime before that happens. It may be a token used on the Safenet at some point and it can be exchanged for another token or for a real currency. Only hunders trillion in the world are in Depts approx , and derivatives. The global currency around the world inc. That can bring great value with it, over 50 bn Iot expected by , might even be more.

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Maidsafe is one of those dream of building castle in the air bitcointalk. Everyone seems to be recommending Omniwallet, which is a bitcointalk decent web wallet, offering down side encryption, that allows the users to hold the private key. If you write some code to run on the safe network maidsafecoin does it get it's maidsafecoin from? It could also just fail completely or be anywhere in between. Then send a specific amount to those 3 addresses at the same time. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If you down know what this concept is:

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Maidsafecoin bitcointalk down

10 Facts About SAFE Network and MaidSafeCoin – Popular Bitcoin

Storage on a public blockchain has too big an overhead. It may have applications for private clusters, but there I'd rather go with SIA. What they came up with so far is rather poor, I tried it and was quite disappointed. But as a pure speculative investment it is very interesting. Should be part of every portfolio. It will be pumped up big time with every new release, big money behind it, no matter whether its useful or not.

A peaceful place, or so it looks from space. A closer look reveals the human race. StratisKing on January 15, , There ain't no Revolution like a NEMolution.

The only solution is Bitcoin's dissolution! You might want to look on Burstcoin it's far more profitable than any harddrive based crypto currency,it can easily be mine by any computer all you needis a large space of harddrive and they had a good potential in the market and their community is growing as well.

A "one day" coin. Another in the long list of one day it will be big "coins" If a coin was good it would be obvious at the start.. And you deserve to get stuck with bags. TaunSew on January 15, , StratisKing on January 16, , Maidsafe coin is one of the project I always wonder why is it in the top 10 on coinmarketcap.

Maidsafe is one of those dream of building castle in the air project. Alvin said maid will be pump in this month: Nevsky on January 16, , I was interested in maidsafe few months ago all because a lot of users are trading with it, I check it on coinmarketcap and their volume is ridiculously crazy that I'd wanna get involved.

But come to think of it, why are the people in the forum not discussing much of it. Its then that I lay away from it. I don't really see people in the forum voluntarily promoting it on their signature as well. MaidSafeCoin is probably the longest awaited crypto project up to this date. Projects like these have tendency to never be finished.

Their development progress is amazingly slow and so far, AFAIK, they didn't answer the 2 most important questions: How they will guarantee data permanence stored by users?

How SafeCoin token will actually be distributed? As transaction cost soar do we need a different mechanism such as proof of resource? Looking to sell some MAID self. If you write some code to run on the safe network where does it get it's data from?

Maidsafe is the true HODL self. Why isnt the most exciting project in the crypto world flying under the radar and not getting the attn it deserves? What does Maidsafe need to do? Second test for the safenetforum bridge self. Simulation of large scale attack safenetforum. How will current Maidsafe coins be available on the eventual prime-time SafeNetwork?

Why Safe Network could replace any blockchain with closed group consensus and data chains. Factom, Storj and Sia examples self.

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May 28, The SAFE Network is a secure data storage and communication platform, owned by users then no government or companies will be able to control it. Instead of relying on servers that are operated by companies and can be shut down or censored, so anyone can join by installing the SAFE software and. Sep 28, I have one of my “private key; withdraw” bitcoin/maidsafecoin addresses written down on paper, and put it in a ziplock bag to protect against the elements/flood. Then I can put that code into wearebeachhouse.com or wearebeachhouse.com (or a number of other options) whenever I want to withdraw—which won't be until. Jan 31, There is a crazy amount of Maidsafecoins held on Poloniex. Please move your coins to a safe wallet, preferably an offline wallet. wearebeachhouse.com - “Get Started” is where you can download Omnicore from. The downside is that it downloads the whole Bitcoin blockchain, +GB in size but that's.

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