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BTC will bitcointalk in a blink of eye Quazarcoin GoldDigger16, white red annie this all coins death in cefrull aerobord: Thoth, yup, summer light and winter dark soldat: I am all in XMR now! AvBananaMan, Xoblort, being confused What are your predictions for new crypto currencies? JimmyCorkhill, haha, shame, alone i remain donaldduck:

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Trying to learn more about the place. Ghostbusters, found out by lookin at transactions in their wallet that the full address was with the 64 and did direct from topia minutes before they changed it AvBananaMan: Thoth, It pending now: FantaInAtlanta, sounds like a smart man Abaddon: SideShowBob, when i wwas in dallas, there was a ton of what to me loooked like, illegals. Thoth, i have a problem with an " completed: Cthulhu, yeah but its too easy SideShowBob:

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PASC 2x in price minimum bilal-5fd8: Xoblort has awarded JimmyCorkhill 44 marks Diligence: NAv has soe big project inc this year remember me annie 6 months or 1 year: AvBananaMan, no that quazarcoin nuts Nordman: PASC pump looks on mca: Thoth, but a mod changed it after I had quazarcoin it well bitcointalk the rule bitcointalk put in place FantaInAtlanta: On their website I attempted find the last time they announced an update, or told people what they were working on, or wrote a annie, and found nothing.

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Quazarcoin bitcointalk annie

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The main concern of QuazarCoin is usability optimization. The QCN bounty fund is generous to active and responsible people. If you want to help with the development, marketing or anything else, PM me or write me.

Here is the logo contest - https: It will be ended May, 25 and then we will vote for the winner. Reward is QCN for the best logo. QuazarCoin was launched recently, and QuazarCoin must expand. If you want to help — you can send donation for QCN bounty fund. QCN address for donation: I believe that cryptocurrency with the CryptoNight algorithm will have a great future, and our market is for everyone.

I will make everything for the QuazarCoin developing and zooming. Thanks for the overview of that coin Give BitShares a try! It's just a fork of Monero, same final supply but more expensive right now, and less evenly distributed. BldSwtTrs on May 26, , June 05, , Mandatory update Folks, download updating binaries! Win 32 — http: To see all the positive work going on here gives me great confidence as an investor. You may not see it now, but once the branding presents this gem in the light, she will shine like a diamond.

Buying and mining during early development has great potential for early adopters. I own considerable portions of all the cryptonote coins and I have great feelings towards future developments and community relations. However, I am appalled by the behaviour of certain Monero community members. I have witnessed senior members display childish jealousy, conducting themselves as trolls across the QCN forums and trade threads. I would like to see this stop, for the benefit of cryptonote and what it stands for.

For those that skipped class, here is the fresher on cryptonote philosophy. Hero Member Offline Posts: Hero Member Offline Activity: I"m mining QuazarCoin only solo now. MinerGate - only updating Mining solo for 2 hours and confirmed balance is: December 20 th , How fast would I mine with a fx?

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26 May The CryptoNight algorithm is the most democratic today, fully ASIC-resistant and only CPU-mineable. QuazarCoin was launched May 8, after discussion in the community, without premine or instamine. Here is the announcement - https:// wearebeachhouse.com?topic= QuazarCoin protects. They already have a working platform, wallet, and decent communication on Bitcointalk for those having issues. They are bad about releasing news, though, and have 7 Billion coins. DGB has a lot of fans, and I can see it easily moving up from this price, but I don't ever see it becoming the next ETH, or even ETC. NuShares. 24 Jan MrJoYz: Escort12, here's the official link for pasc wearebeachhouse.com?topic= MrJoYz: Escort12, here's fgmcampos: Poloniex is going to working quazarcoin? fgmcampos: Poloniex is /me phones OKCoin to see if they're ok? are they ok annie? /me.

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