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May 15, We will make coin everyone can easily participate in the interview round Q: Use Marscoin to send tips mars your favorite websites. Please spread the hashrate! How is this coin going Multiplatform Online p2pool offline wallets. Botnets mining not welcome.

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April 21, , Marscoin webpage says its 48 mil. July 27, , You're basically finding mini-blocks for a sharechain and whenever a share of this sharechain is greater or equal to the difficulty of Marscoin MRS , a block is found and the payout is immediate! Powered by SMF 1.

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February 18, p2pool, By virtue of its intrinsic algorithmic scarcity and immunity to inflation, any economic coin in the future colony will be reflected in the rising value of the mars on coin new planet. We hope to select the 1st teams mars train by end With the diff where it's at right now anyway I would just mine solo. The Pool and it's operators are not responsible for any loss of mining which mining stored on the Pool. Man, p2pool is awesome.

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Mars coin p2pool mining

Mars coin p2pool mining

AizenSou on February 03, , February 04, , Please start asking everyone you know to use the marketplace to generate interest in MarsOne funding we donated k coins to them and maybe even help fund the trip for the first colonists as the coins continue to increase in value. Right now, the coin is traded at cryptorush. And if you would like to make coins without mining, feel free to join as a digital product vendor.

Can we try to get the coin on a few more general exchanges since the bigs ones take time and a whole lot of begging. Its simple to request the coin on that exchange, just go to the contact page and ask for it to be listed. I'm a fan of this coin. What I like about MarsCoin is what it represents. This is a future use case for alt currencies. Supporting causes by voting with your dollar or coins is exactly what the future of cyrptocurrency will reflect.

If you do believe in this concept, and further believe in Mars, take a stab at this one. SummersideGuy on February 05, , February 05, , Vote for MRS Marscoin http: Anyone else failing to connect to this pool: Jeebeezebee on February 06, , Please vote for Marscoin and help us get on Mintpal exchange: Self-preservation considerations in a dangerous universe and the human exploratory spirit compel us to explore space and colonize other planets.

Mars is the planet in our solar system, which is reasonably close and provides an abundance of resources and shelter for such a colonization effort. While it would undoubtedly take a tremendous effort over many years to establish multiple settlements on Mars, we see no fundamental reason why this plan is not technologically implementable.

The main impediment is the narrow vision and the culture of political caution that now pervades the space programs of most nations. Marscoin available on mintpal. Linkeex on February 14, , Twitter Facebook Telegram Whitepaper.

MintPal - The fast and user friendly cryptocurrency exchange. Marscoin just released a new wallet upgrade: I've spoken with the devs, they are going to be speaking at the Texas Conference and might be at the New York conference for alt currencies. This is a coin that has potential, with some time and continued development there will be quite a bit of traction here.

If you have ideas to continue publicity on Marscoin, share them here! Marscoin webpage says its 48 mil. Marscoin reddit tip bot released, yeah! Marscoin is listed now on coinmarketcap coinmarketcap. February 26, , You guys need a stronger reddit presence. It inspires confidence in investors. Also you should update the website with a Mintpal, because it is a better exchange. DoctorG on March 06, , March 12, , Please spread the hashrate!

It's a decentralized mining pool network. Usually multiple nodes act as one big pool together. However, due to this fresh launch, this is the only node available at the moment. So what do you gain from this "P2Pool" then? You're basically finding mini-blocks for a sharechain and whenever a share of this sharechain is greater or equal to the difficulty of Marscoin MRS , a block is found and the payout is immediate! In the block creation code, your wallet address is implemented and the block pays directly to you.

Please, give it a try! Pool is working nicely! Seems like we are getting closer: The pool hashrate has gone way down as most have already left, but just a heads up in case you were considering mining there. With the diff where it's at right now anyway I would just mine solo. Hi, I'm running the site http: I have listed your coin already. To provide the full information for all users you can update the information here: All crypto coins in one table.

Compare price, volume and charts - http: Marscoin's presentation had a great reception yesterday at the 1st CryptoCurrencyConvention for altcoins - The guys from CryptoEvents made it all happen - a very powerful event. The talk will be up soon, here some impressions: I like this coin, but none of the pools seem to work. I haven't tried the P2P ones yet, because I don't understand the concept.

Oh well, back to Einsteinium. I want to buy , Marscoins. I will pay 6BTC per k. Must be by tomorrow only. Message me for offers. Am liking Marscoin and want to accept it with my blogstore.

Can someone help me out here? Man, marscoin is awesome. Someone contact Elon Musk. In 4 days there will be an huge announcment ;- better geht ur coins now. June be part of it. Changes and features and future plans. But i can say that its gonna be blockbusting in certain ways 1 2.

Also the wallet doesn't appear to be downloadable anymore? Looks like a nice coin with a bright future. The wallet is a big buggy though Hopefully devs can sort this stuff out. Just found this http: The Marscoin Foundation looks like serious business. They have got some MarsOne candidates as well. One of the Marscoin development team told me that Marscoin is going to be featured in a presentation at the Mars Society Convention! So of course I wrote an article about it: Marscoin proposes a public funding model for space colonization based on a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency network, built on the Bitcoin code.

It tackles the largely unsolved funding hurdles for mankind's space exploration efforts by establishing a global, supra-national, voluntary currency that attempts to bootstrap future Mars colonies, incentivizing adoption of the digital currency as a stake in the colonies' future economy. Individuals that invest into this "joint-stock" colony funding model elevate the exchange rate of the currency, in effect providing the early stakeholders with the funding necessary for the construction of the future base.

A copy of Marscoin, which is in essence a cryptographically secured public ledger, can then be transferred to the new colony, where it becomes the backbone of the future settlement's financial system. This proposed physical transfer of all the investments made by the early adopters of Marscoin thus not only funds the new colony ahead of time, but becomes the bedrock of the planet's growing economy. By virtue of its intrinsic algorithmic scarcity and immunity to inflation, any economic growth in the future colony will be reflected in the rising value of the currency on the new planet.

As mission milestones are met, adoption rates are expected to accelerate and therefore increase the value of Marscoin. The net effect of this increasing value allows mission funding to become increasingly effective as the launch date nears. This model creates a financial incentive for the early stakeholders to achieve progress quickly and efficiently, and for an engaged and directly involved public.

Marscoin is a proof-of-concept exploring financially viable private methods in dramatically lowering the threshold for funding colonies beyond planet Earth. It directly involves the general public in space exploration as it offers tangible ownership of the project with possible future financial benefits.

That, indeed, would be cool: Will they be able 2 bring their families? We have not yet selected the training location. Like any other employee, crew members can take their family Q: If a candidate is successful to round 3, how much notice will they be given to leave their current job and enter training? Candidates will have several months: At what point will the reality TV portion of the project begin?

We expect the documentary series on the selection process to start in spring Q: How many regions for interviews This is still to be decided. We will make sure everyone can easily participate in the interview round Q: Do you already know where the first simulation outpost will be? Having discussions about potential locations, no final decision yet. We welcome proposals Q: How many of the candidates will make it to the next round?

There isn't a determined number. The actual total will depend on the number of qualified candidates among the Q: Can you offer a rough timescale for Rounds of astronaut selection? The interviews will happen this year. Round 3 early We hope to select the 1st teams to train by end New wallet client has built in chat feature - check it out: There is a new wlallet update out for Marscoin on Windows: How is this coin going I have no idea what is wrong with this wallet Marscoin featured in our article of cryptocurrencies to change the world; http: Great coin but volume very low on poloniex.

Might get delisted down the line if it doesn't increase. Here's a little sneak preview of the upcoming Marscoin trailer! Buy, Sell, Short Crypto Create Personal Index Funds. Altcoin Agent on August 16, , BanksWorstFear on August 16, , Hi Dev, What do we do when we collect coins for the colony?

Will you give it to Elon Musk? Powered by SMF 1. February 02, , Imperative Full Member Offline Activity: Amph Legendary Offline Activity: The Grinder Member Offline Activity: January 28, , January 29, , They have stated that once it becomes popular again, we are welcome to request that they list it again.

Geezup was the staff member who proposed its removal. Thanks for your patience Poloniex. Want to integrate Marscoin on your website to buy and sell? Is this coin a scam? No they are registered under corporate law in Florida as a not-for-profit. It would be a criminal code violation to do anything illegal. Marscoin's purpose is to facilitate a functional economic and research credit system for the coming Mars colony and research missions.

Of which there are several! Any sort of legitimate space type article to give it credibility? Links removed due to my suspicion they are fake faucets.

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Pool Hash Rate, , KH/s. Pool Efficiency, %. Current Active Workers, 2. Current Difficulty, Est. Next Difficulty, ( Change in Blocks). Est. Avg. Time per Round (Network), 2 minutes 59 seconds. Est. Avg. Time per Round (Pool), 1 hour 26 minutes 57 seconds. Est. Shares this. 3 Jun Findblocks disabled, new blocks will currently not show up in the frontend; Blockupdate disabled, blocks and transactions confirmations are delayed; Payouts disabled, you will not receive any coins to your offline wallet for the time being. Marscoin Pool Online again after upgrades posted 06/03/ Marscoin - Planetary Currency for Mars. Help bootstrap Mars exploration and colonization, mine and use Marscoin today.

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