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If you plan on buying a mining system today you are already way to late it miner and you might bitcoin better off using that money to buy the alt coin of your liking. This is so sci-fi. What software and pool do you recomend? He has two videos on improving your firepro on a Currently miner Claymore on bitcoin Sapphire Firepro Nitro Do you tried the Genoil Miner with older drivers? You can dive deep into w7000 on each w7000, but I was trying to show what you get with the latest drivers with stock settings with the exception on a couple cards!

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Every card is unique in what settings it can tolerate without getting results garbled or rejected or flat lining the card…. All you mining assholes are driving up prices for people trying to use them as intended, for video games! It makes customers happy. You signed out in another tab or window. I am on windows

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Miner about firepro a mining rig. This means you need to open a terminal cmd. I mine with mostly w7000 and I run them around I bitcoin with ethereum mining a bit. Maven will download the rest of the dependencies.

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Mining on professional cards - Achieved Hashrates : EtherMining

Drop your GPU overclock down to 0 again. It's not worth the power and heat increase. Something not right about your K rate. I didn't do anything special to them so dunno what to tell you. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post.

EtherMining subscribe unsubscribe 35, readers 2, users here now Please read the wiki before posting new user questions.

Join our Discord Server: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. EtherMining submitted 8 months ago by Vermillionbird. K 4gb core Maxwell: DiabloMiner uses launch4j to build Windows binaries. DiabloMiner's git repo does not contian binaries, so if you want to build DiabloMiner from source, heed the above warning and run mvn package.

For solo mining, your host is localhost your port is , and your username and password is what you set in your bitcoind's bitcoin. DiabloMiner supports unlimited pools and will switch to the next pool on connection failure and return to the first pool every 60 minutes. It is recommended you use the default settings, however if your desktop is lagging badly try adding -f , -f , or -f OpenCL miner for Bitcoin https: Permalink Failed to load latest commit information.

Do not create issues about this program being broken because it will not be fixed by the original developers.

If you want to fix it, you're welcome to fork it. I did it at stock everything, so just use the latest version of Windows 10 with all the online updates. I have dual R9 X2 on a motherboard that have crossfire capabilities but is not compatible with dual-core gpu.

What motherboard do you recomend with ryzen , dual-core gpu support and at least 5 o 6 slots for installing more gpus? Anyone here willing to help me out in getting started? Should I be plugging direct into the gpu hdmi output? Does it matter which of the 6 cards I plug into? I have another question, maybe you guys can help me.

How do I know how much graphics card tolerates mobo? It would be interesting to know the real mining performance of these cards, to find out which ones are better for mining. I mine with mostly x and I run them around Depends on the memory. What exact GPU do you have and which memory vendor? Generally, core clock can be or so without performance hit. Memory as tight strips as possible with maximum possible memory clock to minimize timings.

Sorry, I meant which exact graphics card, not which exact GPU. The exact model is relevant, as well as the memory used. How high you want to clock the memory depends on how long you expect to mine. We had cards that broke after a couple of months of mining, due to the stress on the memory. I forgot to mention each card only uses about W. If you have a Platinum Power Supply you are set. Hi there, would be keen to pick you brain about mining, I able able to get the in my country, trying to figure out if it is worth getting into and the best set up.

Unless you want to do something else with the system or CPU mining another coin, but even then, returns will be relatively low. Mix and match as best as your budget can handle. He has two videos on improving your hastrate on a The driver version is the most important. I have a Question: Is really performance differences?. The fact AMD cards do better at mining was just random chance! AMD performance has always been better, because of the two different paths they took.

All of our rates were done on the listed cards, drivers and Claymore v9. Claymore has been updated to v9. Is there a card you are having troubles with? Currently running Claymore, but not sure what Blake is. Not sure if these hash rates are real. That is really good! Do you have a link to that vBIOS?

Depends on how you connect to the internet. If the power outage is network wide it is likely your ISP is going to be down too. Obviously the newer radeon cards are better at mining per watt, but with the prices they are being hocked for on eBay…. Yes — the nVidia boards hardly use any power, hardly give off any heat… Maybe the overall development and tech support are better for the Radeon GPUs?

I am using gtx windforce oc. How can I increase this. I am on windows Msi za sli mobo. Read more at http: If so, please correct, and try put in place procedure that do NOT make major errors, like I believe you did here. How did you connect 7 graphics card to one PSU? They look like they only have 6 8 pin connectors on the PSU. As mentioned in the PSU section: Total System power use would have gone a long way to help further differentiate these results. It is a very important step for a few reasons: Cooler Cards run quietly, which is important if it is in your home or office.

The Lifespan of fans lasts longer. Every card is unique in what settings it can tolerate without getting results garbled or rejected or flat lining the card…. I am surprised when you say that GTX are bad miner. Thanks for the additional info and hopefully that will help folks. I admit that I only tried GeForce You can dive deep into optimizations on each card, but I was trying to show what you get with the latest drivers with stock settings with the exception on a couple cards!

Do you have more detailed instructions on how you did this? First go on guru 3D to download driver uninstalled and clean up your mc from all previous nvidia drivers. Then install ethminer and mine using open cl not cuda.

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN BLACK, , desktop, , USD, W. AMD Radeon R9 MX, , notebook, , −, W. NVIDIA Quadro M, , workstation, , USD, W. AMD Radeon R9 , , desktop, , −, W. AMD FirePro W, , workstation. Im selling off most of my unused cards. Im local to I highly prefer bitcoin or cash as I really dont want to move thousands through my paypal. I have a access to a few rigs that house Quadro K's, a K and an AMD W Using Win 10, QTMiner for the W and Genoils for the.

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