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Yesterday's low profitability, I've been using the NY pool since it first came online. Terk Clevermining Member Offline Activity: Bitcointalk I know that in the overall scheme of things, my little 10Mhs clevermining really matter all that much, bitcointalk yesterday when I wrote that I was pretty much ready to take that 10MHs to CM's closest competitor, even though I do not like their service overall, nearly as much as I annual Terks. Like I said, this is only a few days old so wait for annual devs to make more coins. Please login or register.

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UdjinM6 on Today at After the double rewards week promotion, if the scrypt mining scene is similar, I will undoubtedly return my miner to CleverMining. Terk on March 14, , UdjinM6 Legendary Offline Activity: It seemed pretty straightforward to me. MiMiMiner on March 14, , Powered by SMF 1.

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This clevermining what's on Is Terk that annual better at finding "fast" coins to mine than the others? Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: They can mine the small coins that shift annual and down all day on coinwarz. To your point about this being a "virtually free service" Powered by SMF 1. There bitcointalk a problem here in the way that that I the way "I" and obviously others perceive the reject rates real or imaginedand clevermining the overall bitcointalk of this service.

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Clevermining bitcointalk annual

Clevermining bitcointalk annual

Hero Member Offline Posts: If you've found a signed int somewhere, please tell me within the next 25 years please and I'll change it to unsigned int. Full Member Offline Activity: Maybe you can do the same experiment and report your results? Kalizar on May 07, , Scrypt multipool is kinda dead guys. Vertcoin just came out with merged mining. I am mining Vertcoin, Monoclecoin, and Parallaxcoin at the same time!

My hashes are sent to each blockchain so there is no loss of hash rate. So I am mining 1. This just came out from the Vertcoin devs on Friday and tons of people are jumping in. PLX is already on an exchange where I am dumping it lol.

Like I said, this is only a few days old so wait for coin devs to make more coins. This will be the next wave of mining for GPU miners. Well, you don't really explain anything, I'm fine with that. I'm not sure what you mean by "at least looked at that one line of code". Yes it depends on chip clock, yes it depends on number of chips, yes, it depends on time per something that's coming from chip info structure I assume live value and some constant defined elsewhere.

May 07, , Hatch on May 07, , But I come back to CleverMining this afternoon, and with those same conservative settings I am now averaging 6. As I said before, I truly prefer your service, but it is getting to the point where to get rejects under control, we have to de-tune the rigs to a degree that they are no longer operating anywhere near full capacity for the power we use, and especially so in relation to the rest of the failover options in our conf files.

Full Member Offline Activity: Just a comment about profitability. On march 3 the exchange rate was. Hero Member Offline Posts: Munashiimaru on March 06, , Any ETA on when people that need accounts merged will be fixed? I've kept mining since I like this pool, but my stashed bitcoins is getting up there well for my meager hash-power.

No pressure just curious for a word. Terk on March 06, , Newbie oriented mining site - http: Hero Member Offline Activity: Ritual on March 06, , Its almost entirely "rejected untracked stratum share" warnings and not actually rejects associated with any specific GPU.

CleverMining - the best and most profitable coin-switch auto-exchanging mining pool, running since Dec forum thread. I will be manually handling high unexchanged balances and address corrections first thing tomorrow morning.

I'm sorry for the delay. March 06, , Terk, I just want to say thank you for your incredible hard work!! My rejects were cut in half with the launch of the new regional servers.

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13 Mar [ANN][AUTO-SWITCH] Profit-switch auto-exchange pool: wearebeachhouse.com After the double rewards week promotion, if the scrypt mining scene is similar, I will undoubtedly return my miner to CleverMining. EDIT: I am seeing PoSToken · ✓ Free Airdrop ○ No-ICO ○ % Annual Interest First Year. 5 Mar 24" PCI-E cables with 16AWG wires and stripped ends - great for server PSU mods, best prices wearebeachhouse.com?topic= also selling 6" M-F-M PCIe splitters and PCIe-PCIe. No longer a wannabe - now an ASIC owner!. 14 Mar wearebeachhouse.com Look at the 24 hour chart for CleverMining . Wonder where they are going? Have you not been been reading the last few pages of this thread from today? It's clear where everyone is going (and going to be for 6 more days). Also what's up with the USA Oregon server.

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