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If you have a fairly powerful computer that is almost charts online, you can help the network by running Bitcoin Core. Almost all Bitcoin wallets rely on Bitcoin Core in one way or dwollam. Please understand that we process multiple MOs per day. Get a life and stop with camp BS complaints. Returns a new Finance CampBX.

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Russia plays a huge role in the Bitcoin sphere and I have no problem with Russians but I was not at ease. Campbx bitcoin Their Dwolla integration is streamlined both in and out. Not much left in USA that doesn't get constant complaints here now. I do notice a bit of difference in increase response time when there is a significant price change, assuming that the site is experiencing a high volume of trades. Be aware that Twitter, etc. Both Coinbase and CampBX have a lengthy verification process that takes weeks to complete.

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New charts are welcome to announce their services for Bitcoin, but after those have been announced they dwollam no longer news and should not be re-posted. No compilations of free Bitcoin sites. One of the problems wasMt. They seem to me to be a legit business that charts depositswithdrawals in a timely. Your support has always been dwollam and I think most of your problems came from Dwolla being dicks. Scratch CampBX off my list camp. The funds already camp will be spent on some sort bitcoin advertising, as bitcoin.

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Bitcoin charts camp bx dwollam

Bitcoin charts camp bx dwollam

Maybe I can send this to CampBX to finally get my money? This is my first transaction with CampBX, and I really feel defrauded. On the date Nov. I don't have to do the math for you to prove how badly I got fleeced The full deposit amount has been posted to my account. Thank you for finally clearing up this issue.

Now, my only question is could you take that full deposit amount and exchange it for the Bitcoins that I should have been able to purchase on the 13th? If you exchange my deposit for approximately 2. The post office said they would mail it to me in business days. Ah, that's frustrating to hear. I was looking into CampBX, but I don't know now. Good luck getting it resolved. Scratch CampBX off my list then. Not much left in USA that doesn't get constant complaints here now.

Folks be smart with your money, there is a reason their trading volume is so small. I had high hopes several months ago, but would not recommend anyone send your money there.

Many people, including me, have bad experiences with CampBX's support. They like to ignore and close unresolved tickets in addition to handling inquiries horribly. Seeing these stories make me wary of who I am going to continue doing business with since I play on a lot of exchanges. If I knew the price would have skyrocketed, then I would've bought in way earlier.

I know it sucks, I've been there with delayed MO and wire transfer times. Sure, it's lost gains, but the price coulda swung the other way and I would be able to obtain more coins. I'm sorry for your troubles and loss of gain, however it isn't truly fair to make CampBX fork over your lost investment.

I could see making a fair deal and giving you a little extra than what you can buy now, but I highly doubt they or any company would do so.

Dear Throwaway, we are not refusing to change the money order, however we need a scanned image of MO to address any deposit issue as standard procedure. Once we confirm scanned images with bank records, any shortfall would be resolved immediately. Since then weeks later , I still haven't heard back, even after updating my ticket last week, and am involving the police at this point.

There is absolutely no excuse for this behavior and you damn well know it. These guys just don't get it or just don't care about the consequences for fraud this is way past the point of incompetence. On top of the bad experiences you have had there are many more, for example, many of us had coins locked for months and months. Don't forget that they have to protect themselves from getting scammed, so they can't give everyone instant btc. Buy via coinbase first then transfer w bitcoins and play.

I bought my first litecoins there yesterday doing this. Seriously, though, btc-e has a questionable reputation, as well, and moving money into btc-e is non-trivial for an American.

We have locked accounts only for valid reasons like hacking or fraud attempts, or requests by Dwolla team. We do not provide support over phone as it is really difficult to track communication made over phone calls.

Helpdesk ticket system is the best way of resolving customer issues. Dwolla requested that you lock my coins for 3 months without any notification to me?

Did Dwolla also request that you not respond to my support tickets that were put in as far back as August? Did Dwolla request that too? That's nice, my mistake. Should have flown down to ATL, perhaps customer support would be provided face to face? I have never been upset with a company in my life, or even felt a need to use hateful words when dealing with one, but seriously. Your support has always been reasonable and I think most of your problems came from Dwolla being dicks. I'm also happy with campbx.

I think that in addition to the Dwolla problems, CampBX needs more staff. They just need to devote more time to answering support tickets. Ignoring customers is the number one way to quickly make people unhappy, and it's easily resolved by simple communication.

Helpdesk is a fine idea, but you never responded to my ticket. Consider setting a policy to quickly and efficiently answer each and every helpdesk ticket - even if you think the problem might resolve itself. Your customers would appreciate it. I posted this as a reply to CampBX in this thread and am repeating it as a reply to the OP due to the high similarity of circumstance:. I truly wish you you the best of luck. If you don't mind, please update here as each deposit is received.

For those who keep their btc on any site besides their own local wallet, thats a tough lesson to learn. I wish the other exchanges would implement something like that. Mailing a money order means you have to wait a few days for USPS to actually deliver it assuming they don't outright lose it in transit! Expiring Bitcoin addresses is a performance requirement.

Tracking millions of BTC addresses simultaneously takes a huge toll on trade engine responsiveness. Then you're not doing it correctly. You should put the addresses in a db and scan each new block as it arrives. The alternative - looking up every address on the blockchain, which would indeed take a lot of resources. You wouldn't even use the wallet for this. When each new block comes in you parse it and loop on each trx and check output addresses.

Using the bitcoind wallet in a high volume application would be a poor coding choice. Also, in case it's not obvious you don't check the actual new block - you check the one N count behind, where N is the confirmations you need for incoming pmts. I've used this for merchant server code myself. It is way, way more efficient. You can have a billion addresses and check each new block in no time hardly. On the 7th I opened a support ticket giving the situation , asking if there was a problem with my deposit.

They seem to me to be a legit business that processes deposits , withdrawals in a timely. Liveblog live blogging ScribbleLivebitcoin 24 hours forecast: Our Google Chrome extension allows you to find any contact informationemail,.

All trading platforms offer APIs for algorithmic , rapid trading. However, installing native applications like NinjaTrader. View the current bitcoin price , important bitcoin market data to help inform your trading decisions.

I haven t used this app in forever , thus do not have the authenicator set up , want to access my account. Their help desk has been campbx no help ever. I believe they stole my bitcoin I have in. American bitcoin exchange CampBX has been having some issues dealing with distributed denial of service attacks lately. I pleaded with them to let me use it after the suspension, their response. So I m banned. Why is it that www. Returns a new Finance CampBX.

You can hold your Bitcoins in a walletcloud , , in cold storage. There is a trade off. Wallets , exchanges that are easier to use are often less secure. This is not a rule, just the current state of affairs.

The main purpose of this platform is to provide stability , security. Due to campbx its strong emphasis on security, it is audited automatically by MacAfee on regular basis. Also it has a special feature i. Google authenticator that uses two. Your buy , sell orders are matched against a parametrized database of other orders. If there are no matching orders at the price you specified, then your. Bitcoin for the Befuddled: Bitcoin trading bot focused on CampBX.

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Bitcoincharts provides real-time USD price data of the Camp BX exchange including charts, orderbook and more. Jun 28, CampBX is a robust, easy, and trusted platform to buy and sell Bitcoins for US Dollars. Dwolla Deposits Monday to Friday 9 AM - 9 PM, Weekends 10 AM - 4 PM; Dwolla Withdrawals Monday to. Apr 30, Previously Dwolla customers had to wait 31 days before they could start using CampBX. Starting May 1, new customers will be able to fund their CampBX account instantly with Dwolla and start trading Bitcoins. However these Bitcoins cannot be withdrawn for a holding period of 31 days (counted from. I sent a $ USPS Money Order to CampBX on Nov. 6th. The tracking info said it was Your chart shows that the high on the 13th was $ If you exchange my .. Your support has always been reasonable and I think most of your problems came from Dwolla being dicks. permalink; embed; save.

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