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The PPS ratio depends on factors stratum as the current network difficulty and market price of merged-mined cryptocurrencies. I just saying its not so straight forward as you would hope these days given my points about stratum litecoin a completely for protocol to what the client understands. Years ago, bitcoin software proxy hardware mining the solo to get it going were all pretty well the same! Latest commit f9ad Jan 27, mikeghen credits. U3 works without problems bfgminer -o

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Your email address will not be published. Using a Proxy If you have many miners running within a local network, it is best to use the Stratum proxy for Litecoin mining. Since you'll be running a few services that heavily depend on a reliable network connection. I did a quick netstat -nlp and saw that the Litecoin Daemon wasn't running. I just saying its not so straight forward as you would hope these days given my points about stratum being a completely different protocol to what the client understands.

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Its solo miners connect proxy and it feeds info to the brain which calculates the website ect ect. Litecoin nodes make up the backbone of the Litecoin network. Then you connect your miners to that machine on port with the for pool worker username and password. Mining find module 'bignum' at Stratum. Any clue what it means? If you need further assistance, please send an litecoin to support litecoinpool.

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Stratum proxy for solo mining litecoin

I can get one to run on its own to act like a proxy that you need on linux just fine. If thats all you need and you have a nix box then let me know ill help you through the process. What we need is one that accepts stratum from miners and converts it to getwork so the node can understand the work given to it. Personally i want a solution i can use on a windows box. I had to keep the rpcuser and rpc password, otherwise windows refuses to start the altcoin wallet with the above instructions.

P2pool is not true solo…it is connecting you to your peers pools and paying you out every time a block is found… if you were truely mining solo you would only get paid 25 LTC everytime a block is found…period. I tried this and failed http: Notice the commands its sending? The coin client does not understand these. The majority of coin clients out there, still only understands getblocktemplate, getwork which look something like this:. I might try and find the bitcoin wizards chat room today and see if i can get answer on how we convert backwards instead of what slush made which was getblocktemplate from old bitcoin miners to stratum.

The link you went to before and the software they used is slushs proxy and its turning getwork into stratum. I remembered it worked on windows. I went to their git at github and they removed all their binaries but i managed to build a.

If you want some help then let me know or i can even just package what i have and you can run it yourself. Feel free to ask me about how to configure it as i have extensive knowledge on how to set it up. You dont need git, just download the zip from: Visual studio is easy to setup, just click through for a standard install and then when you go to build it will tell you the changes you need.

Then download them and try to build again. Make sure you note that the column on the right in the guides picture. Not doing so will result in a failed build. Again, feel free to ask any questions you like to get it done. Alternatively, as i said, i can upload what i built and it should just work on your desktop. I really think you are confusing your knowledge and this software up. It just does not work the way you think it does in your head. The server code i pointed to is getwork under the hood, it just allows us to point asic miners at it and it understands that and translates it before talking to the wallet node.

I currently have over 30 miners pointed at that one windows box running that one CoiniumServ code on a lan network. It solves the issue of converting stratum sent messages from the miners to getwork that the wallet understands to effectively solo mine! Its lightwight, simple to setup and i could walk a 10yo through it. Whats the problem here. Please read it this time! Thus we need to use his stratum server code to achieve what we want.

With quotes like that i think its not the end of the world that you lost interest in sending poor miners on a wild goose chase. For those that come across this thread and need help then there is one solution i posted here.

Pm me anytime and i will gladly help. Well, some progress was made. From everything I have tried you can solo mine if your device has a Pi. Not without setting up a proxie server. If your device plugs into a computer via USB you can solo mine. January 11, , It seems to me to resolve the problem, but throws HW antminer s1.

It seems to me to resolve the problem, http: It seems to me to resolve the problem, but throws HW. S5 also turned to run, but the rate of. U3 works without problems bfgminer -o S5 also turned to run, but the rate of http: I actually got this to work!

I lowered the freq of the miner to Lots of rejects because of the low diff and my computer could not keep up with the work. It was finding about 30 blocks a minute. I could not get this to work with my S3 or my antrouter R1, that would have been much better. I rebooted the antrouter once when messing around with the settings and it found one block then said the pool was dead. My guess is it's a problem with the version of CGminer. I'll mess around with it some more and try to figure it out.

Full Member Offline Activity: I was able to get my antminer to work with wallet, but soon as it starts mining, allmost all chips show as X. Any clue what it means?

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27 Oct @bakd I really do appreciate you taking the time to help however, i cant help but feel like you are working on theory alone and ill be honest. it just dosnt always work like that. Have you used a l3+ to solo mine to a litecoin wallet? scrypt asics are stratum. stratum does not require servers to rember what. Stratum Solo Mining. Stratum server for solo mining for any daemon SHA and Litecoin in wearebeachhouse.com You can create a multi coin solo mining central, just assign multiple daemons then change, and watch the values of most profitable coin using Cryptsy API. You should use this to have one server that holds your daemons. 12 Dec Litecoin Node: A server running Litecoin Core that maintains it's own blockchain. Litecoin nodes make up the backbone of the Litecoin network. By running your own node, you serve as a peer in the peer-to-peer network that is Litecoin. Mining Pool: A server running Stratum protocol that can be connected.

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