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Littleshop on Newspaper 08, DeathAndTaxes on January 13,bitcointalk Bobnova Full Member Offline Activity: Before eligius were able to respond everyone has been extra busy as bitcointalk all knowthey threatened putting a BTC eligius on hacking Eligius. A template is the entire list of transactions newspaper to hash out the block. We're on the same side!

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But, once they were caught, I put a filter in place to block them from the payout queue similar to the block on known MtGox addresses. To the hell with this sinner. Support the two platforms essential to protecting the identities of whistleblowers. Luke-Jr Legendary Offline Activity: If I ever experience the misfortune of a real intrusion, I declare I have been honest about the way I have managed the keys in Casascius Coins. I got this topic covered in a youtube video and steem article. I just asked a question in the eligius thread on bitcointalk, and the owner of seems completely out of touch with the current.

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If the information is not there there is no way to get past noob-hood. So another unsupported claim to "support" your unsupported claim. Hektur Eligius Offline Activity: To do newspaper to eligius and BTC guild bitcointalk 2 months would not make sense unless they could profit elsewhere. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: Get more trading ideas from dbt AussieHash on June 13,

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Eligius bitcointalk newspaper

Eligius bitcointalk newspaper

Goat on January 06, , He's preventing anyone from getting blocks or performing transactions and has no incentive to stop, so it's kind of dead.

He was also hinting in IRC that he might do the same to I0coin and Ixcoin and has more than enough hash power to do so, but it's possible he was joking. Hero Member Offline Activity: Schwede65 on January 06, , In the land of the stale, the man with one share is king To the hell with this sinner. Donator Legendary Offline Activity: I will personally sell every Bitcoin asset I have and invest everything into driving Luke Dash Jr's involvement in Bitcoin into the ground if he is a part of it publicly, with as much bad press as I can possibly muster, just to see him go down unless ties are cut with him.

DeathAndTaxes on January 06, , Why not make some innovation in alternative blockchains? Make them take off! You know, I am surprised we don't just code into Bitcoin to shut down if faced with a need to reorg more than 5 blocks, rather than accepting an attack chain.

Then all an attacker can do is temporarily DoS a chain - far less disruptive than rolling back transactions. Companies claiming they got hacked and lost your coins sounds like fraud so perfect it could be called fashionable. I never believe them. If I ever experience the misfortune of a real intrusion, I declare I have been honest about the way I have managed the keys in Casascius Coins. I maintain no ability to recover or reproduce the keys, not even under limitless duress or total intrusion.

Remember that trusting strangers with your coins without any recourse is, as a matter of principle, not a best practice. Don't keep coins online. Use paper or hardware wallets instead. See the tail end of this thread for other views on the "attack.

Moderator Legendary Offline Activity: Attacking a chain is perhaps lame, but I dont see it as a crime. If its true however, Luke used the participants of his pool's hashing power to carry out the attack, that would be serious indeed. No one should entrust his hashing power to a pool operator that uses it at will for any purpose he sees fit.

Its no different than deepbit deciding to attack bitcoin for a laugh. Bleutrade dollars in one place talking - Dudes, hooray, Bitcoin against us just one, but we are growing in numbers! Full Member Offline Activity: He's simply mining all the blocks and not processing more transactions. SAC on January 07, , Bobnova on January 07, , DeathAndTaxes on January 07, , We're on the same side! What's been done is done. Let us hash our way forward, and just keep an eye out for shady dealings.

Looking for a quick easy mining solution? Holliday on January 07, , That said, pools are the bane of Bitcoin and anyone mining in them can only blame themselves for misuse of their hashing power. We have the technology to mine with the benefits of a pool without the drawbacks. Maybe it's time to put the decentralization back into Bitcoin mining?

So another unsupported claim to "support" your unsupported claim. P4man on January 07, , Merged mining only means eglesius pool members wouldnt have been penalized by luke's actions, as in, they wouldnt have suffered BTC or NMC losses. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: Should correct itself shortly. Hero Member Offline Posts: Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer.

Hero Member Offline Activity: Full Member Offline Activity: Looks like the shares are still working. I truly feel for Wizkid he works hard keeping this running. Don't feed the trolls. While withholding attacks are detectable, they are not possible to prevent: Since the attacker does not gain any direct benefit by performing the attack it is usually assumed to not be a serious risk.

My guess is that they never expected to get caught and suffer income loss as a result of their attack. But, once they were caught, I put a filter in place to block them from the payout queue similar to the block on known MtGox addresses. When they noticed, weeks later, they contacted us complaining. We asked them to sign messages to verify they were in fact in control of the addresses in question including asking them to include a real name and location in the signed message, refusing to discuss it until they had done so.

They eventually responded around the Memorial Day US holiday weekend. Before we were able to respond everyone has been extra busy as you all know , they threatened putting a BTC bounty on hacking Eligius. Suffice it to say, communications with the attacker have been less than productive.

This is still my intention, as I have no real inclination to yield to the demands and threats made by this attacker who has cost all of us quite a bit. It has unofficially been decided that if it came down to it, Eligius would shut down before being forced to pay any attacker of any kind any amount whatsoever.

In any case, I wanted to make sure I posted the details of this before the attacker attempts to take the public FUD route, and possibly get some constructive opinions on how to actually proceed with this. I will be posting all details we have about this soon. Rest assured that there is no need to be concerned about their threats.

Eligius is the second oldest mining pool and is also one of the few remaining pools which has never had any loss of bitcoin from any type of hack.

The reason there have been no successful hacks is because we take security very seriously. There really are no possible methods for such an attack with Eligius. While I won't reveal any of the specific security measures in place, even if an attacker were to somehow compromise any or even every single Eligius server, keep in mind that there are no funds stored on any online machine for them to steal anyway.

Other data is protected and verified by remote machines as well. The pool will simply be cut off from the world pending my personal review if anything important were actually manipulated.

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Estimated Change:is +% and in thirty minutes it has gone from to Now five minutes later it is down to The number that should be instead the has not changed "yet" Round Luck: %?? Anyone else noticed that?. #TradePlayz #ICO #cryptocurrency #blockchain #bitcointalk #investing #cryptocurrencynews #newapp #gaming #mobilegames #ethereum #bitcoin #litecoin #ripple #bloomberg #ICOalert #forbes #fortune #businessinsider #tech #techstartup #wearebeachhouse.com @TradePlayz ICO. Lets Talk Bitcoin; Podcasts; Blog; U.S.-based Eligius, blocks that would trigger a raise of the block-size limit in Bitcoin XT. Bitcoin Magazine reached. See the Eligius thread on BitcoinTalk for details for now. Thank you for your patience! Announcements: My Eligius page is now live, and some options are implemented .

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