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You better try faucet, signature campaign, mining or trading. After a few qoinpro it was there. Bitcointalk Newbie Offline Qoinpro I will retract and edit what I just bitcointalk above if complaints syscoinc resolved to the satisfaction of all those who lost coins. Syscoinc by SMF 1.

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And, now they are way more valuable then they were when I deposited them. Make as many referrals as you can. Thank you for your e-mail and apologies for the slow reply. Your first step in trying to make Bitcoin is to never use Qoinpro. The next step is to either purchase mining equipment or buy bitcoin with fiat and day-trade as often as you like. Qoinpro has bad support, but works.

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But this is becoming syscoinc pattern in the exchange industry, bitcointalk locking and blocking of accounts while coins qoinpro on their hot wallets for ages. For qoinpro witdrawal there was not. Intensity Full Member Offline Activity: Since I don't want anyone else to experience bitcointalk, please don't use Qoinpro. Syscoinc Member Offline Activity:

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Nahl on June 30, , Qoinpro was confirmed as a scam, try to go to gambling websites and try your luck with the faucets there. Or do trading if you have the necessary funds. Full Member Offline Activity: Qoinpro has turned scam. It used to pay earlier and yes it was based on referral system. Their method included following: Make as many referrals as you can. You dont need to use qoinpro to get bitcoins daily , it will automatically increase everyday.

Even the amount they were paying was little enough , it could not become successful. What I think could be the main reason behind it is that users rarely returned on their site generating no revenues any longer.

Powered by SMF 1. January 16, , Qoinpro June 27, , Amph Legendary Offline Activity: Nahl Legendary Offline Activity: Qoinpro June 28, , Qoinpro June 29, , I tried to sign up. Just want t ensure that it is not a scam. Hero Member Offline Posts: Are you sure it's a coin?

As far as I knew, Qoinpro was a basically daily faucet site that gives you very small amount of multiple coins. They also have a Google app that does the samething. Intensity on December 02, , May be down or a scam. I may have lost money there. December 04, , Qoinpro is a multiwallet faucet site. I joined up with them several years back because I didn't want to have to sync several blockchains to my computer at once.

It went down for a year or two trapping my funds and I assumed they were gone for good. But when the site came back up a few months ago, my funds were still in there. And, now they are way more valuable then they were when I deposited them.

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Site gave me FATAL ERROR while trying to login. May be down or a scam. I may have lost money there. Here's a poll I just posted about it to see if anyone else had problems after midnight, Sunday Dec 2, - wearebeachhouse.com ?topic=msg#msg 27 Jun if you really want to use Qoinpro you can find your answer here https://bitcointalk. to/wearebeachhouse.com?topic= but i agree with the other using Qoinpro is wasting time you can get more from faucet or enrolling signature campaign. 4 Jul QoinPro is one of the crypto currency faucets which are called scams by some, but the actual scam/legitimate status of which is difficult to define. The description which fits this operation best is arguably one provided by one of the bitcointalk posters, who chimed in on the thread about QoinPro. He called it a.

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