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Let's see another number for the same year. Balthazar coin April 13, Slack Chat Ukraine Chat. At least they are much better than the newspapers of Right Sector and Svoboda. Hero Member Offline Bitcointalk

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The data will be used only to start a lawsuit in the UK and Ukraine, and to block their accounts in Poland and Germany which I noted during correspondence with other users. Ukrainian men are reluctant to go to the election polls. A Russian actor Panin was captured by "punishers" in Odessa, was made to do some "speeches" on tape under threat. They didn't obey inernational law when they attacked Yugoslavia, they didn't care when children died in Iraq Some 50 people, including 10 police officers, were also injured in the incident, the official statement said. Nemyrovsky will be replaced by Ihor Palitsu, whom Insider. I was looking for something else and stumbled on the Jafria News.

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CEX on January 22, IT bitcointalk just a matter of time before this fear outweighs the fear of ukraine dirt Bitcointalk has on themor the strength of their greed. Ukraine pays normal gas prices. Some of coin largest trade partners for Russia are from Asia: These people have blood on their hands, lots of it - either from orders to coin down, to kill, ukraine torture, to shell, or from orders to isolate, to starve people to death, to deprive them of medicines. In this situation, newspapers ask for your patience as newspapers will help us to concentrate on the issues that need to be resolved.

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Meanwhile in Ukraine Revolution.

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The office Inter TV was under attack with raiders throwing stones today as they showed the traditional New Year musical program "Blue Light". This time, the three singers that were barred from Latvia during the music contest in Jurmala, created a response performance. Ukrainian TV channel Inter cancelled broadcasting of several earlier announced Russian-made programmes due to calls to strip it of its licence made by several politicians, including Secretary of Ukrainian National Security Council Aleksander Turchinov, the TV channel said in a statement posted on its website.

An interesting historical analysis: So Ukraine is only years old and not years old as Soros-funded history books for Ukrainian schoolchildren claim. Here's is a translation of the article below. Follow the link for the images of the newspaper back-issues. How many years ago did Ukrainians appear? Today I found the exact answer to the question, how many years ago, the Ukrainians appear. It turns out that the process of the emergence of Ukrainians as a people is documented, and in the pro-Ukrainian sources to boot.

In the United States, since there is published an emigre newspaper "Freedom" of pro-Ukrainian orientation. It is still published, and on the official website of the newspaper there is an archive of all its issues. I followed, when the newspaper first started writing about the Ukrainian people and found exactly the issue, where the word "Russian people", as the Ukrainians previously called themselves, suddenly changed to "Ukrainian people. Not a hundred years have passed, as one would say Here is the first edition of "Freedom" for the September 15, Yes, under the headline is a quote by Shevchenko.

But still below the inscription: Let's see another number for the same year. For the Russian people. Even the language bears little resemblance to Ukrainian, but rather it is the Malorossian dialect of Old Russian. If someone from the Ukrainians do not believe me, you do go into the files, there are penty of the backissues, it's not fake.

Each year it saw 50 issues, and then more later on. And nowhere in the issue for the 19th century is there mention of the Ukrainians. They call themselves Russian people. And here is the number of the 20th century, with the January 4, They themselves are called. Looking for an issue on January Then they say "body Ruthenian People's Union in the americium.

And here it is, the latest release, which refers to the Russian people. For 13th October However, modestly referred to "R. But in the upper right corner you can read the "Russian People's Union". And in the next issue, on the 15th of October , the abbreviation "R.

And in the top right corner of it it's already written "Ukrainian People's Union": After that there is no mention of "Russian" or "Ruthenian people. From all this it can be concluded that Ukrainians were not thousand years ago, but celebrate exactly years in Until , even they called themselves Russian people.

Yatsenjuk is to meet Merkel tomorrow. CyberBerkut launched an attack on German computer resources, trying to draw attention to the possibility of EU tax money being used to wholesale slaughter of people of Novorossia.

Ukrainian hacktivists block German government websites http: CyberBerkut say that Prime Minister Yatsenyuk intends to use billions of dollars of aid from the European Union and International Monetary Fund to continue to wage war in the east of the country, which has already killed thousands of people. The Ukrainian government intends to review its national budget by February According to the hacktivists, who made the documents public on Tuesday, the Ukrainian military has recently been asking for and been promised financial support from the United States, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The hackers claimed they obtained the confidential State Department documents by breaking into a mobile device belonging to one of the American delegation's members, who had traveled to Ukraine together with US Vice President Joe Biden.

The US politician visited Kiev on November Jcw on December 12, , Screw both of them, sign up with glorious peoples republic of China instead and raise a real shitstorm. She promised to give guarantees of possible payments by some or another bank.

But was not the biggest issue. The magnitude of the lie and twisting is mind-boggling, exceeding many a lie uttered by the words NATO-trolls on internet. Russian Ministry of Foreign affairs decried the blatant falsification of history and asked Germany for an official clarification of their stance with regard to Yatsenjuk's statement. Soviet Union did not attack Germany. But Galicia was known as "Ukraine" edge of Austra-Hungarian empire.

Incidentally, all of the current toxic ultra-nationalism in Ukraine comes from Galicia. Europe decided not to invest into Ukrainian gas pipe. Those who took power in Kiev expected that there will be a lot of offers coming to invest into Ukrainian gas pipe infrastructure during , but none came so far: Lada Rays' extended background on White Emigration, with regard to the open letter that was posted previously: A good reader comment summarizing the effect on Ukraine of it being infected by the American democracy in the following article: A mere year ago..

Ukraine was a calm and peaceful nation, it had extremly good gas deals with Russia, buying the cheapest gas in Europe, it was about to get a 19 billion dollar loan and it was going to join the Eurasian economic zone..

But then the democratically elected president dared to oppose the will of USA.. And within months he was overthrown by a violent antidemocratic coup that installed pro-USA nazists and oligarchs as the new junta government, the people of Crimea toke their chance and seceded while the unconstitutional pro-USA junta was still new in power.. And the Donbas region toke the chance and vote for more self-rule..

At which the pro-USA coup government responded to by sending armed nazi battalions and forced conscripts.. Starting the Ukrainian civil war. Now the Ukranian economy is ruined. Ukraine pays normal gas prices. Ukraine is moments away from default.

Ukraine relationship with its brother Russia is ruined. The Donbas region is in revolt and Crimea is lost forever. Ukraine situation has gone from positive to hell in a mere couple of months. Hero Member Offline Activity: Hoo yes your forget to add: January 18, , A curious incident happened in the Ukrainian Rada a few days ago: The finance minister complained from the tribune that she has too low a salary, at which point, Ljashko, one of the coup-makers, came up to her and dumped a heap of dollar bills in from of her, which she too.

It later turned out that the bills were counterfeit! Wonder if it was Soros or Kerry, who provided the fake dollars for the right to plunder the very real Ukrainian gold reserves? The photo above from the following article, which in addition asks the question of where is the Ukrainian gold: Powered by SMF 1. Well, every joke has a grain of truth in it, doesn't it?

If you don't pay for your mortgage, the bank takes your house I'm into creating universes, smiting people, writing holy books and listening to Prayer Messages PMs. Refresh your profile at any time.

Vod on April 13, , But if you don't pay your gas bill, the utility company cannot take your house Balthazar on April 13, , It's definitely not worth 1 billion: Ukraine is worth a lot more than one billion dollars. Ancient Money for a New World.

Slack Chat Gitter Chat. A country is not like a company indebt. There are plenty of valuable thing there that are owned by the people not thinking about the goverment.

Just read a joke: Ukrainian geologists discovered that gas in Ukraine is not Russian at all. It comes from some huge pipe Full Member Offline Activity: April 14, , Nemo on April 14, , Russians are good at black humour. April 15, , Reception at the Kremlin. Yeltsin addresses the British ambassador: I notice that you are preoccupied by something I did not want to mention, but my watch has gone missing.

It is a gift from the the Queen and is very precious to me. Whom did you talk to during the reception, Who do you suspect? With that gentlemen with white flower in the buttonhole. That is the head of my administration.

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The Trade Unions House was set on caught fire by after pro-Kiev radicals Ukrainian locals after they, in an attempt to defend their own country from . At that point things really took a turn for the worse,” Přerovský, who was among the observers, Itar-Tass reported the Pravo newspaper as saying. Ukrainian revolution ask for support in Bitcoin! Picture shooted today. https:// wearebeachhouse.com wearebeachhouse.com Re: Analysis never ends (Ukraine/Russia split) The block chain is the main innovation of Bitcoin. It is the first distributed timestamping system. .. from behind for a long time already and you don't even know it. LoL clear miss buddy, i never watch TV and never read newspapers i am not that stupid.

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